100 thoughts on “The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  2. You should do the Iranian revolution, especially the part where the CIA overthrew the democratically elected, pro-western government in 1953 because Mohammad Mossadegh nationalized the nation's oil, which enraged the City of London, which punished them severely.

  3. Stalin:does the “A” stand for atomic or ass?

    Me: -wheezing from laughing so hard-😂😂😆😆

    Well played oversimplified well played

  4. you know people are always talking about how horible hitler was and he was but the never talk about the fact that stalin kill 9million people

  5. Am i sure i want to stop watching OverSimplified because my history teacher told me so?
    AM I EVER!

  6. Plz do the 1916 rising of Ireland 🇮🇪 it would mean the world to me as I'm irish and love when ppl know about our country thank you so much

  7. LMAO 😂 and sometimes when I’m home alone I like to put on my wife’s dresses sit in the corner and cry for hours 😂 HAHAHAHhH

  8. In Czechoslovakia it was even worse, we elected a communist party in 1948 by our own. Just because they liberated us from Germans, but we did to ourselves.

  9. Don't want to start a comment war now but,
    You put Yugoslavia in red side , but, even it was communist at the time, it was not on either side, but kept friendly relationship with west and cut diplomatic ties with Stallin. Just saying, no reason, love ur videos bye bye 🙂

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