The Cloven Sky

The Cloven Sky

Woman: The Cloven Sky. To witness took
the pallid wave… …of light toward the world,
which gave birth to dawn for the first time
down here. A star crashed down,
gorged with life, between two worlds… (Water splashing) Worthy feathers harvested
a belly bursting with promises. Little turtle ignited
the dome, forcing back yesterday’s darkness from the scarified eternal arch
in indelible cycles… …of an earth blanket
her cousin mustered up. Under a last breath
of toad. A celestial foot rested
on land to be built. (Birds chirping) And about the descendants,
the woman of the woman
became dual and masculine. (Baby cries) Breeding order and chaos… …and a
creative struggle. (Heartbeat pulsing) (Loud war cries) From the war that followed… …only a miserly
whispered memory of a sweet fragrance coats
our hands, gleaming
of a fratricidal victory. In the depth of the Azure sea smiles our
blood. The echo of our bones. Each of the names ordered by the reflection of the ineluctable skies. (Waves crashing) Great turtle,
on your back we remain… …children of the sky.

2 thoughts on “The Cloven Sky

  1. sin is behavior of humanity or beings that are grounded to earth….spirit is freed of this —————we are spirit of sky and earth ….body of earth and sky

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