The Carbonaro Effect – The Most Compact Survival Backpack (Extended Reveal) | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – The Most Compact Survival Backpack (Extended Reveal) | truTV

♪♪ We’ll be right back. Woman:
I’ve never been skiing. You’ve never
been skiing?! No.
Oh, my God. Well,
you’re missing out… I think I am.
…on the pow. Michael: You’ll be on your butt
most of the first day, but… Yeah.
…it’ll be worth it. Oh, shoot. All right. These things are
making noise again. We just got these little safety
bags from this Swiss dude. Uh-huh.
They’re, like,
for your ski boot. It’s got like
a whole survival kit.
It’s really small. You know how they, like, make
those knives that are like… Like Swiss knives.
Yeah. Yeah.
They pack this stuff
really great. And repacking is not
as good, but — there. So it’s like a full-sized
backpack strap. Whoa.
Yeah. Here, wait. Then you whip it —
I’m gonna get these. They’re better on a ski
boot, and you hit it. Yeah, and they’re… Whoa.
Isn’t that great? That came from that?
Yeah. Yeah, it, like, curls up, and then you have to keep
puffing it out on the pieces. Oh, my gosh.
Yeah. They got the best ingenuity
for that kind of stuff. Like what fabrics will be
puffy enough and… That was amazing.
Yeah. And then if you get stuck,
they got a survival blanket. Yeah.
Yeah, so — So those go…
I can’t believe they fit
all that in there. But they had these, like, demo people come in
and show us stuff. So…
But it’s really great.
Wow. Yeah.
Are you selling
a lot of those? They’re giveaways
right now…
Really? …’cause the company hasn’t —
They put — Yeah.
[ Gasps ] Those you don’t
want going off.
Wait, how did — There’s flares in there.
They pop out. They paper pop. What the heck?
Yeah. This is the thing
that was going off.
[ Gasps ] Okay.
Wait — no, no, no, no.
How did that f– No. What?
Something is really — How did that
fit in there? These fit in there.
That they just compact down. That’s, like, a thing,
if you want. This is —
A survival kit. A whistle. Yeah. And these coats
are great, ’cause it’s really,
really thin. And then, there’s
a release tab here, and this part
had to go into it. There, but they keep
that down for safety. Let me pull — Op! There it is. Ow.
It’s still a little hot. But then that
hardens quickly. Whoa. It’s still a little floppy,
but it’s — Isn’t that sick? This is the most amazing thing
I’ve ever seen. Yeah. I have an instruction book
in the back — shows how they — ’cause you can’t put it
back in, obviously.
Right. This is so incredible. ♪♪ I don’t know how… ♪♪ So, all this
fit into that? What’s that?
All this fit into that? I’ve never seen
plastic like this.
Right. That can… Yeah, this stuff, too. I’ve never seen
plastic like this.
Right. That can… It’s a vinyl,
but even the bag, you know,
they say it would melt. Look, even the paint
is even, like, weird. Yeah, I noticed that.
It’s starting to,
like, smear a little. ‘Cause it should be —
it should be kept cold. What is this?
What is it? I have no idea. Eggs?
Eggs. All right… There are like
legit eggs. How?
I don’t know.
That, I don’t know. Can I take a picture
of all this stuff?
Yeah! Dude, this is… What is this?
Oh, shoot!
[ Chicken clucks ] Are you kidding me? Come on.
That’s a joke.
Wait. [ Chuckles ] Stop it. How the heck
did that just happen? [ Laughs ]
Come on. Wait.
Is this like
a hidden-camera magic TV show that you’re on right now? Is it?
[ Laughs ] My name’s Michael Carbonaro.
I’m a magician. What’s your name?
Andy. Andy, you are the best.
[ Laughs ] Did I get you
up until the chicken? Oh, my God.
[ Laughs ] Andy, you were so fun, and
thank you for being so sincere. Oh, my God. I was having a hard
time. That was pretty amazing. How did you
do all that? Wait, are we on a show,
or…? We are on a TV show, yes.
There’s a camera right here. Oh, God.
This is so embarrassing. No, don’t be embarrassed.
Wasn’t it good? Yeah.
You were great. I try to make people wonder if,
like, maybe some technology is possible. I try to make people wonder if,
like, maybe some technology And then how far did we go till
you were like, “Okay, give me a great [clucks].” That was —
I love marketing and
advertising, so I’m like… so maybe this is real.
Maybe this is real. What show is this?
This is called
“The Carbonaro Effect.” Carbonaro.
I’m Michael Carbonaro. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Andy. [ Laughs ]
This is so weird.
This is Delilah. Oh, God.
And Delilah won’t tell us
how the trick works. She’s the only one
who knows the secret. Isn’t that right,
Delilah? [ Clucks ]
Oh, my God.

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  1. Haha I caught it! I slowed it down at the point he smacked it under the counter when he grabbed the larger bag under there apparently. Maybe that was too easy. I don't usually catch how they do it.

    Oh and there must be a trap door on the counter to be pulling all that stuff out of the bag

  2. Everyone knows “Candid Camera” after 25 years. Nobody knows what the Carbano effect is. Quit using that stupid line.

  3. Not gonna lie but some of these people on this show are so stupid, instantly i would go am i on a tv show cos there no way lol

  4. Not being rude here but I see comments saying she and I see comments saying he. He has the face of a he but the voice of a she! Also Andy to me sounds like a guy's name (like Andy from toy story). So is she/he a she or a he???

  5. Have others figured out he has someone hiding behind the counters switching things out. Can't be the only one figuring that out.

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