The Carbonaro Effect- Instant Origami Spray | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect- Instant Origami Spray | truTV

Can’t — Can’t figure out
what you want, right? Yeah, I want to
get a few Buddhas, but I’m looking for, like,
a particular size and… Yeah. This is
a good place to come for that kind of stuff
because we do get a lot of the stuff before —
way ahead. Like, even stuff that
hasn’t been released yet. You can come and check out. I was just playing
with this stuff. Yeah, see here?
This is great. This is not gonna
be available yet, but it will be available
in three months, and it will be here first. What is it? It’s that gummy oil. Hmm. It’s, like,
that new spray from China that has like pre-folds
inside of the molecules. You didn’t see
the thing about it? No. You take a tissue, and this is great if you want to do it, like, at a dinner party
or something like that. But you take the spray
and you just spritz it on the tissue,
and it has pre-folds in the spray already
so that it… That is so cool. Yeah, that is cool. Yeah. It will fold it into
a little origami, which is really more
of a Japanese art. That’s awesome. Yeah. And it works with any tissue,
but the spray, they’re having a hard time
getting it over here. Yeah, it’s being
held up a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. But isn’t that crazy? It has all the — That is, because, especially for dinner tables and everything, we can make all these napkins. Yeah, but that is insane. Here, here, here.
I’ll put it here. You can give it
a try if you want. No, I’m not
gonna be good at it. Oh, you could be —
It’s pretty much self working. I think I even may have
some more in the back. There might be more animals.
I’ll be right with you guys. But, yeah, go ahead.
Feel free to try. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

53 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect- Instant Origami Spray | truTV

  1. the guys said thats insane… the girl thought wow cool product… that guy on the other hand was questioning reality. hahaha

  2. You know, probably 8 out of 10 people still think some Arab terrorists demolished the twin towers with airplanes on 9/11. I suspect that about the same ratio are not fooled that are the protagonist or players in this series.

  3. This video shows how good Mike is with origami. But from what his girl friend has told me, has actually has the most trouble with orgasms. Mike is a 15 second guy, but not so surprisingly his girl friend has never had an orgasm with Mike. I wonder why ?

  4. A Japanese origami spray coming in from China. Lol. Let's hope Trump gets those tariffs up real soon so we can make the stuff here instead! lol.

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