The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Ancient Origami Toilet | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Ancient Origami Toilet | truTV

♪♪ Okay, so, for this day, I had people working as movers
at another house, and I called them
over to my job, saying that my co-worker
had called in sick. [ British accent ]
I’m not Michael Carbonaro. I’m Colonel Johnson
the moving man. ♪♪ [ Normal voice ]
Oh, hey. Nice. Is that
all that’s on the truck? Sean: Uh, yeah. Michael: Great. All right, yeah,
put that right there. Uh-huh.
Great. And what was your name, again? Sean. Sean. Cool, man. Michael. Uh, yeah, I’ll probably
put that together, ’cause I was doing those
all yesterday. Uh, here,
Sean, you can sit here. We could swap seats. -Get on this?
-Yeah. All right.
Oh, I’m glad I have you here, because it’s, like,
these things assemble, and you have to sort of
line them up right, so your eyes will
be good for me. Yeah. I’ll open this stuff up. Here’s the directions. That’s it, huh? Yeah.
Wow. Okay. They really got
that stuff figured out. These are in Japanese.
Wow. All the stuff
we’ve been unloading here. But there’s this, like —
There’s, like, a direction here. So I’ll put that with you. All right. Okay, so… what does the first one
say to do? The “A”… “A”?
…needs to be open. That one’s… All right, so, open “A”? Yeah.
Okay. Good. And let me get that open… like this. Okay, good. All right.
And unfold it all the way? Yeah, all the way…
Okay. -…to where it’s open.
-Right. And “B”
going over top of “A.” “B” is gonna go
over the top of “A”? Yeah, open.
So this one just stays unfurled like that. Uh-huh.
And then this one… Right, yeah, opened up. …goes on top of it. And I think
you have to line up. So this is where your eyes
will be good for me, ’cause there’s, like — They have these,
like, pattern pieces. Mm-hmm. And all the parts
are inside the one box, but they click using these,
which is awesome. Right. So, I have to line that up,
and it should make, like, a — an image on the front. Let’s see.
Over here. Almost. There we go. Oh, yeah.
You see that? What does that look like,
on the front? Oh, um, kind of like
a toilet or something. Oh, okay.
There’s a toilet pole here. Pull that. There’s the handle. Oh, there it is.
Oh, wow. Great. Okay, good. Hold on, hold on, hold on. That’s awesome. Okay. Yeah. Awesome. But this was probably…
Let me just — I’m gonna call — Hold on, hold on.
This — What?
How did that just — How did that just
happen right there? What do you mean? It was a toilet in it
already? Yeah, well, it — It’s
shipped in — in flat disks. Uh-huh.
And then it — Oh, it just turns into,
like… I don’t know, actually,
now that I… That’s crazy. I ain’t never seen
nothing like that. That’s what I’m saying. No, no. Yeah. ‘Cause it — ’cause it wasn’t
that heavy, is the thing. Yeah, I just
brought it in here. Like it wasn’t — It didn’t
feel like that was in there. Yeah, it’s just that — No, that wasn’t in there. That can’t be. Yeah, they —
This is like a — I thought this was —
Here, let me — It’s a — It’s a Japanese
waterless folding toilet. And um… Yeah, they put paper in. Oh, yeah,
the whole thing’s… Oh, yeah, it comes
with all of it. Yeah, I think they do, like —
It’s sort of like — What’s that Japanese
thing with the paper, when you fold it all up? Origami. Yeah. It’s the same,
like, traditions. Right.
That’s crazy, though. All right, hold on. Let me find
where this is supposed to go. All right.
Make a call. What the [bleep]

60 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Ancient Origami Toilet | truTV

  1. This toilet is clearly an actor. There's no way a random toilet would let itself be filled with toilet paper like that.

  2. I think 99% of people would have jumped up, exclaimed surprise/disbelief, dropped their jaw, inspected the toilet, some combo of above. This young man seemed either very internalized or quite dull-witted/slow-processing.

  3. Once you master the art of teleportation the imagination is the limit. And looks like Michael he is quite an adept of this.

  4. That was easy …some crew member was working the toilet’s way up from the basement …u can see the cut marks on the floor where the toilet was kept

    The carpet has clearly a square-shape cut… just where he opened the boxes. When he opened the box he actually put it on that opening. Then someone can just push the toilet from downstairs. you can clearly see that cut at 2:25.

  6. Lining on the carpet gives this away unfortunately, you can see a cut out, also I believe the box moved a second prior to it being touched the first time

  7. The toilet is brought in from behind. They use the cardboard boxes and that short wall on the right to hide them moving it in.
    I do believe they also cut some footage to make it seem faster for us.

  8. uh.. could of swore kami was a word for "god" or " deity" in japanese.. right..? never heard of it meaning anything else.

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