The Carbonaro Effect – A Snaky Situation | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – A Snaky Situation | truTV

Okay, I came to make
a return. Okay. This is too small
of a sleeping bag. -Too small of a sleeping bag.
-Too small. -Okay.
-Yeah. Yeah. What? Were you
gonna have a party inside? [ Both laugh ] -It’s just — here you go.
-Okay. You have the receipt.
That’s great. Okay. Yeah, these are great, though.
They pack up so small. -Yes, they do. But…
-Right? Like… I’m just gonna check to
make sure it’s all good inside. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it’s never been used. -Oh, never been used?
-It’s never been used. Oh. Oh, great. It, like, got taken out of the
bag and put it right back in. Oh, okay, okay.
Isn’t it amazing how big it gets — right? —
when you take it out? Yeah.
All righty. Something in there. Oh, is it? Is there something
packed in there? What is that? No idea what that is. All right. What?
Is that real? Oh. Oh…my God. Oh, yeah, yeah. Is that real? Oh, yeah.
Is this yours? [ Shudders ]
[Bleep] I’m sorry.
I never knew — Is that — That’s real.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did not know that
it was in the bag. Oh, no, no.
They pack them like this. -You never used it?
-No. Oh, yeah, they pack them
this way in the factory to make sure that they don’t
come with mice inside. ♪♪ [ Shuddering ] Oh. Yeah. People always ask
if I’m afraid of snakes, but when I used to perform
at kids’ parties, when I was 13, my big finale was making
my pet snake Keno appear. I apologize. Someone should have taken
this out when you first got it. -Okay.
-Yeah, well, at least I — How long has it been in —
How long has it been in there? Since they made it,
they would’ve — when it first
got wrapped up. I’m sorry.
Yeah. They like
to be confined like that. And we have had zero mice
in any of our products since they started
using the constrictor. [ Whimpers ] Okay.
Okay. ♪♪

93 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect – A Snaky Situation | truTV

  1. you know this is fake when someone returning a sleeping bag so finely repackaged. aint no way in hell it gets put back that neat.

  2. Her reaction of "surprise," and actually accepting his ridiculous explanation, was NOT believable: It seemed contrived, and made her appear a willing participant. People's minds would have been blown, with exclamations of shock and WTF, GTF outta here, or to that effect.

  3. LMAO some of these are so ridiculous. But when you're actually in that situation I bet you get so flustered (and maybe scared) that you can't think straight

  4. IF this show was fake and they did use actors, we'd be seeing this girl in a lot more things, she is stunning!….LOL
    p.s. You have to be really ignorant to believe they use actors when it is so easy to pull illusions and misdirection on the suspecting public…making for a much funnier and real response..

  5. I get when they try and trick people to believing that the reactions are real, but am I honestly meant to believe that he just waited at the counter until someone just happened to return a sleeping bad so he could do this trick? Of course its scripted. You would have to be a moron to believe otherwise

  6. Wow, that was lucky… he needed someone to return a sleeping bag and one just happened to come alone….

  7. She clearly stole it. Because she said it was to small. Youd think shed notice a snake on there if she checked the size.

  8. best part of the video:

  9. Na real talk she cute , but black girls like that seem to have a problem with getting their hair done right ,, like she needs to spend good money on a nice lace wig ,, nice one ,,,, just look on instagram bAbe,,, she so cute she can walk around with a ceaser cut and look 100 times better than that weave 😔,,,,, but she fly as heck ,,,,, good show …,, and she needs to model or something ,,,, NY OUT!!!

  10. Several years ago I worked for the Chicago Police Department. One night a mother and daughter reported an eight-foot Python. Loose. In their house.

  11. Why is everyone talking about the girl and not the snake? I love boa constrictors if i got that bag I would keep the boa constrictor as a pet

  12. "they pack them this way in the factory to make sure they don't come with mice inside" WHAT! lmao, his excuses are so funny. lol

  13. This is a paid actor. Notice how the camera shifts from one to the other. That's when they place the constrictor in the sleeping bag. Everyone is in on it.

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