The Birth of the Overseers of Mine, Craft, and Creeper? Aw, man

The Birth of the Overseers of Mine, Craft, and Creeper? Aw, man

(HS) Should I draw another thing or should I play minecraft? (FC) People are saying Minecraft. (FC) Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, art, either one (FC) Art, why not, Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, Reed, art, art, art (HS) Okay, well, looks like we’re gonna do minecraft for a little bit. (HS) Okay, we’re gonna – we’re gonna start a new world: “Streamland.” (HS) How
many people are watching? (FC) 70.
(HS) 70? That’s nice (HS) 70 people, prepare your eyes for the best
minecraft let’s play of all time. (HS) The Wonder Pets will come and eat your soul. And that so –
(FC) Aw, man! (HS) How dare you! You bring that cursed language into the sacred place. (HS) What should the story be here? (HS) An Overseer wakes up trapped in
Minecraft. (HS) Hello. I’m the Overseer of Minecraft. (HS) We’re here to mine and
craft. (HS) I want somebody to join me and then we can be the Overseer of Mine and the Overseer of Craft. (HS) Cherry!
(C) What? (HS) Join me in Minecraft. You can be the Overseer of Craft and I’ll be the Overseer of Mine. Come on! (C) Okay, cool! (C) I’ll build us, like, a cool house. (HS) Please do cause I’m just gonna be
gathering supplies the whole time. (HS) Yo, where you at?
(C)I think I’m just at spawn. (HS) Oh, here you are. Turn around. Hewwo.
(C) Hello! (HS) This is my cubby hole.
(C) Cool. (HS) ~in a world of pure imagination~
(C) Do you have sword? (HS) No? I’m not a coward. I fight with my fists! (C) Well, it’s easier to kill sheep with sword. Also-
(HS) We’re not gonna sleep. We aren’t cowards. (HS) We’re gonna be out fighting monsters.
(C) No. No, You dum-dum.
(HS) I’m the overseers mine and this is MY PLACE.
(C) No – (HS) I’m the Overseer of Mine! I’m not the Overseer of Intelligence. (C) You’re the Overseer of Mine not Mind.
(HS) Yes. (C) Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep. (C) Where art thou? (C) This is a river basin. I need to get out of here. (HS) I just realized that this is gonna be
very boring to watch so I’m gonna go find a cave. (HS) Oh snap, I don’t have any
food. (HS) Oh snap, I found food. (C) I can deal with zombies though, that’s fine. (HS) I’m having to kill a bunch of skelly-tons. (HS) That are – that killing me faster – oh snap I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die die die (HS) I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, die, die. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, die, die. I’m gonna die, gonna die, die die. (C) Aw, I need those. (HS) Not dead yet! *gasp* Oh my gosh! (HS) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, gosh, gosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, gosh, gosh. Oh my – (C) Oh no…
(HS) *screams) (HS) Are you kidding me??? I died right in front of my house! (FC) Everyone’s pressing “f” to pay respects.
(HS) *laughs* Thanks, guys. (HS) Now I died, now I died, now I died, died, died. Now I died, now I died, now I died, died, died. Now I died, now I died, now I died, died, died. (HS) But I respawned cause I’m an Overseer! (HS) I wait, but I should have none of my memories!
“Oh my gosh! Wa-who am I? What is this place? Who are you? Who am I? ” (HS) “Please tell me who you are, stranger. I am an overseer so whenever I respawn, I have no memories.” (HS) I also should be a baby, but you know what?
(Mom in the background laughing)
(C) Technicalities. (C) Oh my gosh, there’s an Ender buddy other there. (HS) An Ender buddy? What’s that?
(C) Enderman buddy?
(HS) What is that? (HS) Oh, an Enderman. You mean an Enderman.
(C) Yes!
(HS) That also happens to – oh. (HS and C laugh) (HS) “I’m back, guys! Who am I? What am I? No one knows!” (C) You’ve died like three times.
(HS) That’s not enough! (FC) I’ll be the Overseer of Creeper Aw’Man. (HS) Creeper?
(HS, FC, and C) Aw, man! (C) Do you want to live in the taiga…
(HS) ~cave~
(C) …in the more boring forest over there, or in the plains behind the – (HS) I’m gonna live in this giant cave that I
just found.
(C) No. (C) Yo. YO. YOOOO I FOUND RAVINE! Do you want to live in the ravine? (HS) Heck yeah!
(C) Oh my gosh! Okay… (HS) What kind of idiot wouldn’t want to live in a ravine?
(C) Okay, okay. (HS) Ah! There’s a skeleton.
(C) *laughs mysteriously* (HS) I’m gonna lose ~all my stuff again~ (FC and C) *in creepy unison ~stuff again~ (HS) oh snap I forgot
that, like, death is a thing that happens
(C) Okay, so do you wanna, like, live IN it or, like, NEAR it (HS) Oh, no. There’s a creeper.
(C) Do you wanna live, like, with a (HS) Hello chicken.
(C) house near it and stuff? And like…a mining expedition into it? Or…
(FC) Uh…so (FC) Now – now guys I’m totally nude no memories you
know what I really want to do awesome adventures I’m here to mine not here to
craft I’m here for a good time not a long time I expect sanog an art of the
overseer of mine and the overseer of crafts by the end of his trips let’s see
if we got a chicken we didn’t Donna does I bet I can jump that I don’t know who
you are don’t need this dog we’re gonna put water at the bottom so that I don’t
die yeah cool the Venice water also gonna be really annoying and then cause
more trouble than it’s worth cool I can’t tell if he’s being rude or
just being funny but snap yeah look at this I’m gonna make it out of here live
I know what I saw this definitely not me oh you know oh you know I need help
don’t we all need help oh you know you need to change your skin creeper yeah
yeah oh my gosh there’s so many monsters I’m going to die
yeah it’s almost like it’s nighttime there oh it’s just look for light I’m
gonna kill this cable I went outside to not die I didn’t mean to hey I also made
it back and I have to do oh my gosh I am going to kill you
yeah and not even on purpose probably oh my gosh please don’t I have
a job to do I am the mind I am the overseer of mine let me mine
gosh start it I’m out of cobblestone I still can you give me three so that I
can make another pickaxe yeah okay where you at and my no stone to the Marylebone
I’m lying all the time but can’t find what I won a mine all day think your
mind night-night don’t stop – those diamonds
are inside and I mind your house I mind your mom a mine my tears till the break
of dawn this is likely over to your minds
theme song Sarah what nope not on my Christian minecraft no Carolyn as many
as it takes what is this I know kind of where I am
some of the time it’s just that I keep on responding so I lose all my memories
okay I’m gonna ask a question to the crowd to the audience don’t mine at
night no this one no wait that’s a fine and what does mine I guess mine looks
like this Marybel is the overseer creeper aw man which is not a valid
overseer name but I’ll give you a pass ask the chat with my dogs what should
our dog’s name be um say oh no that’s a good that’s a part which is creeper
backwards people like Reaper somebody in the chat
got scared by the creepers game another victim well you can’t meet whatever my
dog chases you the present burger your face smiling
y’all everyone make cold airs now if you’re not being very cool not when you
make cool girls yeah it’s not very quality assets we’re not really making
jugs were just name the same thing over and over again look at the camera craft
this is what the overseer of crass looked like too bad do you want another
question before you and so you have a favorite season like
spring autumn i like death and with that i am leaving
thank you so much for joining my stream thank you for everybody that asked
questions I’ll probably stream again one summer day in December okay I’ll talk to
you then wait everybody say bye you

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  1. 10/10 would mine again.

    In all seriousness I think an overseer story taking place in a Minecraft like world would be kind if interesting.

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