The Best Way To Make An Engine Look Amazing!

The Best Way To Make An Engine Look Amazing!

hey what’s up guys so in my opinion
there is no better way to add some serious style your engine then Sarah
Cody the engine covers and that is what I’m gonna be doing today and make sure
you stay tuned for the entire video I’ve got something really special coming your
way about halfway through so I’ve got the clutch covers flywheel cover
cylinder head water pump cover and a few other pieces here that I’m gonna
seracote I’ll be doing a burnt bronze and black I’m gonna knock out the black
pieces first I’ve got the majority of these parts of prep dirty but the clutch
cover I just got in yesterday so I’m gonna do some work to it I’ll be
standing down the face just removing all these scratches and Nick’s on the bottom
side removing the magnesium race text but the honda text is inset so it’ll
stay these expanding rubber drums that go on a bench grinder work amazing for
getting a smooth and consistent finish i’ll show you guys man the clutch cover smooth out really
well that is gonna look so sweet sarah coded the next stage is the clean these
up with simple green degreaser followed up with and acetone soaked just finished
soaking the parts in acetone so give me a few minutes to sandblast them and then
we can move on to the next step which will be preheating them through the oven so what’s the deal with sandblasting
well basically it removes all the paint and corrosion off the parts and leaves a
clean textured finish for the seracote to adhere to you that’s really the key
to getting the seracote to stick as good as possible so I just got to blow these
parts off the air compressor and then run them through the oven for the
preheat process and what that’s gonna do is burn off any remaining oil and
residue that’s left on the parts all the prep has been done on the parts
so it’s time to mix up some seracote materials the color will be going with
is called a graphite black and I’ll be mixing this along with the catalyst in
the mixing cylinder and the gun I’ll be spraying with is a cheap Harbor Freight
they call it a touch-up gun so it’s like a mini HVLP gun I got the parts I’ll spray it out I’m
just gonna let them sit for about 15 minutes or so then I’m gonna toss them
in the oven for the curing schedule which is an hour and then we should be
sitting pretty so the hour is up let’s check on this stuff now for the exciting
part I’ve got a clutch cover from ACO 125 bits from 2000 to 2007 and I know a
lot of you out there own ACR 125 so what I’m gonna do with this cover is seracote
it and burnt bronze and give it away to one of you guys that is just too cool I wish I was
keeping it for my 125 let’s go mock it up and see what it
would look like on my bike that is freaking sexy so all you have to do to
enter the giveaway for the clutch cover is head over to my Instagram I’ll put
the link down below and find the picture of the clutch cover over there I’ll put
that picture I’m talking about up on the screen right now so you know which one
I’m talking about so find that picture and comment on it
brap be our AAP and then the next video I’ll pick one your comments at random
and that clutch cover will be worse and while you’re over there on Instagram
give the page a follow as well now it’s time to crank out the parts I’ll be
doing and burnt bronze once again just gonna clean them up with simple green
degreaser soak em in acetone sandblast them and then follow that up with a trip
through the oven it was a shame sandblasting with that
nice finish on the clutch cover but in the end I think the seracote finish will
look a lot better so now we just gotta do a little bit of masking on these
parts and I’ll move on to the next step I can’t wait to see how those colored
pairs of the black personally I don’t think there’s any better color combo
than black and bronze isn’t seracote like the greatest thing ever I’m always
super impressed with how it turns out every single time super cool stuff and I
know you guys want to get some work done so go hit up trick engineering at trick
Eng comm they’ll get you all set up with seracote work oh boy
I believe these covers are done check that out this is so frickin sweet
there was one project I was really looking forward to on this build it was
this I think cotangent covers are really gonna top off this build I forgot about
one thing though this clutch arm on this bike it actually goes underneath the
flywheel cover so I spent all that time coating it and you won’t even be able to
tell oh well only I will know and maybe a couple of you too gosh that is so epic
I cannot wait to see that on the bike I would say it’s time to bolt these
puppies up onto the engine for the flower cover I’m just gonna mock it up
for now see how it looks because a little bit later on I’ll need to mount
the clutch cable and I’ll need the flower will cover off for that but for
the clutch covers water pump I can put all that together right now and bolt it
up I would say that looks pretty good I’m
happy with it now let’s get the clutch side together so here’s everything I
need to get this clutch side together hot rod sent over a water pump rebuild
kit which include the bearings seals and gaskets and these other gaskets and
seals were part of a wrench rabbit engine rebuild kit so it shouldn’t take
much to press these bearings and seals into place and get everything together
I’ve got just one bearing to press in here on the clutch cover so I’m gonna
heat up the area around the bearing and cool down the bearing with a can of
compressed air and it should drop right in and now I’ve just got a seal for the
other side of the water pump and the seal for the kickstart shaft as well and in between the shaft and the
impeller goes this little copper washer and you got to watch out on some bikes
this water pump impeller will be a left hand thread so something to keep in mind
it’s gonna go ahead and tighten this once I have the whole cover on the bike
and there’s also another little copper washer that goes underneath the water
pump shaft where it sits on the crankcase put a little assembly lube to
hold that in to its position don’t want that falling out now I’m going to
install some new dowel pins grease up the gasket surface slide on that gasket
and then I can pop the inner clutch cover on to the engine so the purpose of
greasing up the gasket surface is so that it holds the gasket into position a
little better and also if I ever need to pull this clutch cover off that gasket
has way less of a chance of it tearing ma’am the color that cover just looks
awesome on the engine super stoked of it it’s got to find all these bolts for the
cover and I’ll have this thing all bolted down just give them these bolts a
light tighten for now I’ll do the final tightening once I have the water-pump
cover and the outer clutch cover installed as well and now comes the time
to torque the water pump and power this one calls for nine foot-pounds you know
what come to think of it it probably would have been easier to torque this
water pump impeller with the cover off since the water pump shaft has like a
little notch where you can put a wrench on it and get some good leverage but you
know what I’ve already got the cover bolted down so I am just going to jam a
rag down here in between the clutch and the crank primary gear and that’ll jam
up the engine right there so it really doesn’t take that much leverage to get
the nine foot-pounds so right there is all it took now the sequence for the
water pump is gonna be dowel pins then I’m gonna grease the gasket surface pop
gasket on and then this separator plate goes in between followed up with another
gasket and then finally the cover so as I’m putting this clutch cover
together I’ve come across quite a few missing bolts but thankfully I’ve got
this hardware pack that bolt sent over and I’ve been able to dig through here
and find a lot of the missing bolts already so for this water pump cover I
think the length I need is around see that size right there see butch won’t
work here no that one’s a little bit short there we go that one will work so
if you guys are in need of a hardware kit like this is Om standard or om
quality hardware super good stuff and it’s all model specific too so this one
is a CRC RF pack so definitely go check out bolt Hardware they’ve got it figured
out right now I’m just greasing up the outer clutch cover so that way the
ordnance stays in place a little better and once I have this cover bolted on
we’ll have the covers all finished up that looks pretty amazing if you ask me
super happy about it so these two bolts they had on the water
pump cover we’re actually for the clutch cover instead so I’m gonna have to go
ahead and order up replacement ones from Rocky Mountain and while I’m at it
this oil fill cap is pretty plain looking so I’m gonna order up a red bill
at one of those as well that is gonna wrap up the video right there I know you
guys enjoyed it so go give it a big thumbs up and if this is your first time
watching my videos definitely go hit that subscribe button down below as well
and as far as the engine goes still waiting on that cylinder it’s been back
over for a while but as soon as that comes in I will have another engine
build video coming your way so stay tuned as always keep it prime guys

100 thoughts on “The Best Way To Make An Engine Look Amazing!

  1. you do great work. super clean rebuild. congrats. great video to see how to rebuild an engine and make it look even better than stock!

  2. hey nice video but what is the engine mount where the engine is hanging in,do you make it yourself can you buy these???

  3. Hmmm Thanks for the Idea of grease on the mating surfaces of the case gaskets! I'll remember that when I re assemble my engine

  4. Can you please tell me what's that gadget that is used to avoid to break the exhaust collector? That thing that you put to the cylinder where you put the head pipe. Thank you.😉

  5. Cameron. Your the Man. Incredible Work.
    What Powder coating Machine would you recommend?
    I have a bunch of nice Quality Spray Guns already.
    Cerakote is Hands down the best Looking Color for any Chrome Engine.
    Could you do an Engine Restore, Polish, Cerakote on a CRF50 Dirt Bike or any Small Engine 4 Stroke. I restored about 5 Dirt Bikes with my 3 Sons and had a Guy do all my Powder coating. I did the Engine Covers, Forks and swing arms in White. Just restored and modified a 2007 TTR 90 and the Engine Casings will look wicked with Cerakote.
    Thanks Bud !

  6. Hi Cameron…your build came just in time as I am in the process of doing a full restoration on my 02 CR250. I've been studying your videos as well as referencing my shop manual. One thing I noticed is that you didn't seem to install the inside oil seal (#12 on the OEM Parts Fiche) and it also looks like you may have put the top water pump seal (#13 on the OEM Parts Fiche) in backwards from what the shop manual shows. Was there any particular reason you did it this way? Like I said, I'm currently in the middle of doing a restoration on my '02 and was wondering if one way was preferred over another.

  7. hello you use a program from ınternet for the part pıc whıt sıte ıs that thnxs cengız from Turkey and ı love youo youtube cannel

  8. Love youre video's man.
    What type of gasket greaser do you use + does it prevent gaskets from leaking as well?
    I'm having trouble with a really smooth surface finish that just wants to leak..
    Thumbs up for the work!

  9. No disrespect but this will only look good for static display or for the first ride, I personally hate the look of coatings and paint that is worn and wearing through.

  10. Ive been racing motocross for almost 25 years and ive recently found your site.I have never commented on a video but after watching your vids i just had to comment. Your an amazing builder /mechanic your attention to detail is comparable to an artist. Its always a pleasure to watch someone whom not only knows what they are doing but loves what they are doing also. Both of which you obviously do. Your also an inspirational person givin the adversity you faced. Keep up the fantastic work cant wait to see your future builds.

  11. Your colour combination is genuinely sweet. The red contrast will compliment black with bronze. l'm happy you said red oil filler cap, ha.

  12. very informative and precise,the best video around by far so much detail and told in a way thats understandable to most just learning.well done.

  13. What grit sand do you use

    and what temp for oven

    also what temp will the cerakote go too for use on brake calipers and the whole engine

  14. Hey man I would like to know what motor stand you have and where I can find one like that . Thanks man keep the bibs coming

  15. Do you have to use Acetone Soak as well as Preheating when doing any powder coating?

    Also, What condition did you get your oven in? Did you have to clean it well and what was the process?


  16. Do recommend silica sand or glass bead in your blast cabinet and at what amount of air pressure? Didn't you have to remove the flywheel to remove the clutch release arm for coating? Why didn't you mask off the kick shaft seal recess before coating? Did you have to buff out the coating to install the seal? I find it easier to insert a solid bronze rod through the small end of the rod to 'hold' the engine for torquing the clutch, crank pinion, flywheel and water pump impeller. I drilled a hole large enough for the top of the rod to pass through in a scrap piece of 1/2" plywood to place on the engine cases – insert the brass rod, rotate the crankshaft until the brass rod is resting upon the plywood and torque away! On the small bolts I prefer an inch pound torque wrench – much more accurate than a ft lb wrench at a low setting. Simply multiply the recommended foot pound's by 12 to get inch pounds.

  17. Hello there from Greece could u help me pls what kind of colors do you used and also for haw many time and how many degrees you have put them in oven

  18. How would I do this without a sand blaster, I don’t have one and I’m not looking into buying one just for my one project

  19. @8:45 there seems to be missing oil seal – 91201-965-000. I believe, there should be 2x oil seals on the pump shaft (under the bearing).

  20. Hi Cameron please can you let me know what kind on chemicals use and the red machine for cleaning and removing the shiny colors and live the parts dark. Thanks

  21. Are you just going to continue making videos about this one bike. I mean it gets old seeing the same build over and over. Finish it and start another project.

  22. I wanted to see how I can recreate the original aluminimun-colored engine without disassembling it, I have no space / nor (technically) option to disassemble the engine?… sorry for bad translate, Living in Denmark i'm not that good in English, så its the Google'way.

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