The BEST THING I’ve ever made? | Q&A Part 2

The BEST THING I’ve ever made? | Q&A Part 2

this is for my friend of mine and as
school I used to work at this is my first job at a middle school hello
Anthony Polina we gotta hang out soon cereal soup I mean I feel like you’d say
no right away it’s a good question I guess depends how you define soup
if soup is just liquid with stuff in it or floating in it then by that
definition cereal is in fact soup that’s a good question
people say soup is hot you can have cold soup though like a spa Cho
this might require some testings Thank You Anthony for the question appreciate
it let’s see who else we got here Kyle Fleming one of my really good friends
currently lives in Colorado is a rock climber and outdoors extraordinary hands
down my favorite channel on YouTube well thanks obviously do you have other
hobbies or interest that might make small cameos and future films no Kyle
rock climbing gardening frisbee a bit of both bit of all three thanks Kyle I’m
glad that you know one of your good friends is your favorite channel on
YouTube I appreciate that maybe we’ll do a collab over winter break Kyle let’s
keep it touch it’s kind of weird answering questions
from your friends but I appreciate the question Kyle okay we’ll do one more
here this is from Fadwa ahmed hey i just find your channel and
your layered clay really interested me they look beautiful when they’re dry but
I’d really like to see them finished after fire in glazing with everything
star emoji Congrats on the 5k subs wishing it the best thank you
I don’t fire a lot of things I don’t make a lot of work but I’m slowly
ramping up my production so I’ve had three kill loads so far everything after
that came loading should come out in the next I’ll kill an
unloading but I want to fill the kiln I like to be environmentally friendly I
don’t want to fire like a five pieces of it killing just to get a kiln loading so
I typically let it fill up good question check out this one here there’s a little
sneak peek I just threw this one earlier today this is a new color that I’ve been
using I bought it like a few months ago you see that maybe go that’s better
right it’s gonna light purple it should fire a lot darker than this but this is
a different kind of porcelain dye the place I buy porcelain from went out of
business so I’ve been going through what I currently have and then thinking about
either making my own porcelain or buying one but I like this purple this also be
in the kiln loading number four I don’t we’re gonna call it sweetly question
number I forgot what number we’re on next question Carol Thomas green and
blue I asked a question during the video what colors you want to see so I guess
Kara want to see green and blue hunter wants to see blue and purples and foxy
wants to see white pink and light blue Miami Vice mug so we’ll see four okay
from GB grass love your videos color combos would be interesting to see you
and your interpretation of autumn can think of a question just health and
happiness for you and yours wow thank you so much it’s like we should be
friends good question congratulations this is from Central Park Coffee Company
that’s funny enjoy watching entertain you motivating
I’m a history teacher that crosses the hall to teach ceramics no way really
that’s so cool okay sorry so congrats enjoy watching
I’m a history teacher that crosses the hall to teach ceramics not as big as
yours but fun nonetheless hope you keep growing you have a lot to
offer thank you Central Park coffee company
you wanna buy some lottery if you’re for your coffee company awesome
yeah I hope I keep growing too I want you an Etsy store soon but I got a
you know people to buy the work so we’ll see hmm okay what do you see as the best
thing you ever made and what is your favorite one that’s like two big
questions in one I know the best thing I ever made
it’s oh gosh can I pick two I’m gonna take two they’re currently on my walls
in my house one okay one of them I get to be we’re all going for this one of
them is this set of prints I made when I was getting my BFA in sculpture in
college it’s a series of nine prints better that our position you know three
by three on each print there’s nine copper plates that I used to make the
prints that are three by three and and it was nine copper plates that were
interchangeable and so you can see it here that I would just ink up and then
rotate and print ink up rotate and print ink up really ink up tarlatan wipe it
off roller for the press and then get these prints and so this was on a huge
gallery wall my BFA exhibition it was really cool I only hang my own stuff if
I like it I have a lot of stuff I could hang but I don’t like hanging if I’m not
super proud of it it’s the best thing my favorite thing
it’s one of the two it’s even my best for my favorite and then my other best
slash paper this is a hard question who asked this again Kadesh Snuka that’s a
good question here’s my other one it’s upstairs
I ventured into the world of sheet metal which is actually in my blood my parents
or my dad my grandpa were both heating and ventilation and air HVAC people so I
ventured into the world of sheet metal and you know bending and spray-painting
and riveting and constructing I loved it I it’s like it was in my blood right so
I made a lot of pieces and this isn’t the first one but it’s like my big kind
of Omega Goliath thought I had to tackle and finish what
you’re seeing here are like pieces of sheet metal painted two different ways
they each side and done in like layers red orange and yellow in different
amounts with also silver mixed in for some metallic qualities and I took all
these pieces and I rearranged them I drilled holes and rivets in the back and
I made this kind of this big I don’t know it’s almost like a pointed oval and
what you can’t tell from this picture or from this video is the backs of all of
these metal pieces you see are painted with the complementary color OS on the
front so the ones that are overly kind of red have green in the back the ones
that are kind of Orange II have blue on the back and the ones that are more
yellow have violins painted on the back what’s really cool is that in a really
bright gallery space with a white wall the area behind the red at the bottom
will glow green and then the middle area that’s orange behind that will glow blue
and then it’s hard to see but the top of it the yellow part behind that will glow
violet just subtly I like an aura or on the piece so that piece took hours and
hours a lot of troubleshooting a lot of failure by my best piece that’s how best
when I think because I took a lot of risks like the holes drilled through
there I was like all right let’s try this and then I painted it and if you
look really closely when I painted the acrylic paint I tried to paint around
the openings of the hole so I wouldn’t get paint on the outside eventually it
was way too tedious to avoid the paint go through the hole so I just accepted
it and painted it on an angle this way on an angle this way I let the drips
kind of skew out in different orientations in the end it was like a
really great mixture of like order and disorder and the complementary colors
the the kind of overall symmetry the spatial relationships the edges the
gradient it was just like that’s why my best piece and I’d say the the the print
is probably my favorite mr. Wilson hey mr. Wilson I teach high school ceramics
I was looking for a new technique for my advanced class I decided an air call me
since then since they have been researching and just stumbled on your
videos oh it’s awesome they’re excellent and super helpful I’m a mix
different clay bodies to start instead of coloring our own I understand the
shrink rate should be the same that’s true they should be but in your
experience how far up can the clay be I have brown that shrinks 12% in a white
this turns 10% should that work I’ll test it first
anyway but thought I’d ask Thanks that’s a good question ideally
you want the same shrink rate I think that makes sense because something
drinks more or less you get cracking but yeah I have found that if it’s close and
if you let it dry slowly and if it’s not overly thin usually you’re okay I would
test it anybody would and just see if it works it might work and honestly if
you’re just trying it out for the first time just do it and then if it works out
well then make some pieces you might find a couple failures here and there
yeah like like anything you guys know how ceramics works do you all of your
tests because you can’t not do it once you do it mr. Wilson good question it’s
a great question it’s only fitting we end right here on the new stand for the
camera I’m sorry it’s not brighter in the studio I don’t get to film during
the day very much on the weekends I’m typically very busy with things and then
I can film at night so if you like the kind of darkish vibe and let me know if
it’s scaring you also let me know so I can change that is that everything
that’s right the pottery suggestions you know will do I will dedicate a video to
those three suggestions and make work like you suggested just for you we have
one more question ago this is from Dan kes I just joined your channel last
night great work thanks Dan hopefully I’m not too late for comments my
question is how did you become a Potter parenthesis teacher could you please
tell about the chemistry of glazing and other any colors one can’t create I
would love to see your final pieces fired at the end of your videos great
question thanks Dan it’s like three questions mixed in one
could you tell me about the chemistry of glazing dude there’s so much there’s
like books upon books upon books about chemistry of glazing oh man
glass formers fluxes fillers boron enough this enough that you know quartz
inversion for left more clay I guess there’s a lot of cool stuff I think
we’ll touch on that and other videos perhaps other colors you can’t create
you can make almost any color with Mason stains you can get neons and yellows at
lower temperatures it’s hard to get Reds without using Mason stains or more like
you know processed materials that’s why you know Cohen tan reduction getting
your night everyone always shoots for a nice copper red that’s no sought after
color I feel like in a content reduction kill but you know with commercial glazes
you can get oranges and yellows and in reds and but for like deep crimson Reds
is probably the most sought-after color people will will brag and flex about
they’re like oxblood red pots which are typically done content like 23 50 or
whatever it is content reduction because that that oxygen reduced atmosphere is
what really allows the I think it’s the action pulled from the copper oxide to
turn red so you can even make metallic gold and Silver’s with Luster’s I think
the possibilities are limitless it’s just harder for certain colors to show
up that’s what I would say thanks Stan that’s a great question and
we’ll close with that one thanks for all of your questions this be the last of
the Q&A session Mabel done the one in the future I appreciate all of your
comments of your likes and subscribes I appreciate that you were here and you
were still along with me try I’ll see you the next one take care

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  1. Big Ceramic Store now has free delivery. You said you needed a new place to get porcelain. If you go to Earth Nation Ceramics (Youtube channel) Dante has a deal with the store that will give you a discount. Hope you don't mind that I have, twice now, mentioned other youtubers, no disrespect intended. Dante also has a wicked Discord going, big community of potters, might be interesting for you.

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