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  1. we are a craft company and handmade wedding gifts n cards..n v do scrapbooking too..and different uniquw gift..what type of laser machine we should purchase.n v r from india

  2. I love the way it´s work, I wanna know the price and if you can ship it to Angola-Luanda, I want make Money with this machine in engament invictation…

  3. Wow! You have so much experience and knowledge and you provide no narration? You are too talented to remain silent. Thanks for the intro.

  4. Hi , your láser accept gerber file like import file ? or Odb++? we are dedicated to smt process( inspection template)

  5. Welcome to my store layouts for laser cutting (doll houses, boxes for wine, boxes, toys and much more)

  6. your website doesn't show any information: no contact, no machines, nothing. Just a very brief description. Shall update seriously if you are looking for partners

  7. I am looking for a laser cutter machine to make pop up paper cards. Is this one good for this purpose? Any help answering would be appreciated.

  8. Check Details of The Best Laser Cutting Machine: http://www.wwlaser.com/products/products_249_1378.html
    Feel free to contact – [email protected] Skype: richard–wiselylaser WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086-131 2898 5834

  9. un cordial saludo me podria decir que precio tiene la maquina y donde se encuentra para comprarla
    atte. Marcos Cruz favor escribame a mi correo
    [email protected]
    espero respuesta
    mil gracias

  10. price please and shipping cost by cargo this depend of weight  my what sap is 00966555846698 facebok name Ali  Taha

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  12. why the page not burned how?
    is Newton's law's are responsible or their are not any oxygen or the required heat is not created during this project or something else which can be missed in all

  13. These designs will be just amazing for this machine https://designbundles.net/reymamangun/13137-ten-decorative-heart-cut-out-design-1/rel=lm9kYd

  14. This patterns and work has been made in a very short time versus a hand work artcraft using a knife or cutter. Some other artcraft has faster and better result using your hands.

  15. the glowforge is an awesome consumer friendly laser

    save 500 with this link https://glowforge.us/r/BOZGYPXT

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