100 thoughts on “The Beginning & End of Humanity

  1. Bear: What if we make it so occasionally they can't tell between a shit and a fart? We'll call it a shart!

    Goose: …Do NOT put that in!

    Bear put it in.

  2. We barely understand how the brain works and consciousness or even how we construct sentences. I don't see how we can map the human mind in a decade.

  3. OMFG I'm now in an existential crisis. Again. This is so oDd wHat iF… wHat If thIs Is AcTUallY wHat HapPeNed before.. wait what if saying before is wrong bc if this history is repeating itself then doesnt this mean that this happened… a long long time ago… in the future? MOFO I–

  4. I guess we should thank God for Clay? Or should we thank Clay for God? There's one thing I think AI will never achieve… feelings. AI will never know what it's like to feel. A bit of info cannot exist without a bit of feeling. There is an entire side to what we know as the Creator that we don't know. It doesn't contain or require matter and/or energy. And She's coming in our near future. Remember though, it's not matter.

  5. "How can a specie that can build rockets, airplanes, medicine and so on still die basically the same as a slug. "

  6. One thing is not explained: Clay cannot experience two consciousnesses. Even if he reprograms the computer to map his brain perfectly the “self” that he experiences is in his physical body,so it cannot also be the same sense of self in the computer. The “thing” he creates in the computer either has no consciousness or it is a consciousness that is a different being.

  7. It’s like an AI learning. Clay rebuilds what he builds to improve it. At one point it will improve and that is what will create a revolution.

  8. Everything in the universe "dies", including atoms, which slowly shrink over time, which turn into dark energy and dark matter when. Most matter has converted already.
    No matter how long a lifespan humans create for themselves, eventually an accident will kill you. It's the way of the universe, get used to it.
    Fear not. We are all one. The you that currently exists is only an illusions that cover One for a time. It's all great fun for what would otherwise be a very dull existence. We the One created this mess for ourselves. It's Our amusement to mask the reality of a very lonely Being. Enjoy!

  9. This nearly described my personal belief of existence/life. The story itself reminded me of a question I used to ask myself. I'm an addict. When I first started using drugs, I was just amazed of how much better it made my life feel, and I wondered if it would/could be that way forever. I now know a lot more about drugs and how they affect brain chemistry, but I still wonder if it could be possible to feel absolutely sublime forever. Ill be honest, if I was Clay, I would have tried to create a virtual reality where you feel pure Bliss all the time. It's interesting to consider the possibilities

  10. But how did life even start though? Did some microscopic thing just pop into existence and then being alive was the new trend?

  11. I don’t think I’d upload my consciousness onto a computer. Imagine it could be forever, forever, forever, and there’s no telling what someone or something could do with it.

  12. omg clay went from a boy making a contraption for his dog to creating human immortality and a new universe… I’m so confused right now

  13. dang when we have the ability to not die no one will ever want to and living incredibly long almost seems as fucked up as dying. 🙁

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