99 thoughts on “The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Love the video. Forget the people who are complaining about the zoom in/out effect. It gets the point across. Also, what happened to the 'bend' in the Off Book logo? THAT'S what made it work. Whatever 'design by committee' member stood firm on that decision is a moron, sorry 🙁 …only thing I noticed, it seems to be a clear promotion for these four great logo designers. That's fine, great, we all want exposure. …so here's my little bit of exposure 🙂 facebook/HeliusCreative

  2. Great video. Of course designers agree with it, but I think this could be something to encourage businesses to think twice about the value of using a graphic designer before grabbing something off of 99designs or paying a friend $50 to design their logo.

  3. These videos are great but seriously please stop zooming uncomfortably into your speakers' faces. I can actually see the pores on their skin and it's really awkward. It gives the feeling that if we were having this discussion in real life we'd be way inside each others' personal space.

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  10. Loved this a lot…. My plan is become an logo master and be very good at what I do and that create, design and present

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  13. The problem with her logos is they were extremely trendy which explains why you liked them so much. Not that this is a bad thing, but logos are meant to be timeless and versatile and that I think is what this video was showing.

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  15. What's up with all of the mutherfucking kindness in you tube lately? Why are people  not insulting each other in the comment section like they use too? What ever happened to all those discussions about religion and shit?

  16. I'm having problems coming up with a personal logo for class. Nothing seems right and nothing seems to represent me well enough. Feeling a little lost.

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  18. Finally some good examples of logo design! I've been searching a while, there's a lot of bad examples on youtube. Btw you guys featured some of the same logos as I did in my vid : )

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  20. Person who edits; I better zoom into every single thing and person in this video cuz duh, then no one will have to use the full screen
    Me on full screen: All these zooms ughh Imma gonna have a seizure

  21. This is a great video that pinpoint the basics of logo design. What would be the key ingredients in making a simple yet memorable logo? It would help a lot if the video would stop zooming in..it kind of distracts people from the actual content.

  22. I found the quote, "one plus one is two, but blue plus square is not two" very inspiring for me. Also I'm really curious how to convey meaning by using a logo. It'd be much nicer if y'all had a few more examples of logo that we'd be able to learn more from. Thanks!!

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