60 thoughts on “The Art of Film & TV Title Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Great, great great video. Much appretiated over here. My only criticism is that the music felt out of place and distracting.

  2. The Pacific's opening looks awesome! Makes me want to watch the show actually. Also, this topic needs to be fleshed out into a documentary!

  3. Someone at Kornhaber Brown should be ashamed that they didn't tell the editor to simply pan all of the dialog to the center.

  4. Super interesting. Agree, there should definitely be a full documentary dedicated to this art. One thing about this show, please cut out the corny music in the background, very distracting and interferes with the art you're showcasing.

  5. I am guessing they could not get any of the folks who worked on GoT sequence. Here is a great article on it over at "art of the Title"

  6. This is a really cool episode but barely scratches the surface when it comes to title design. A lot of well known title designers were not even mentioned and Kyle Cooper designed the titles to Seven – which I believe was done at RG/A before IF was even formed – Garson Yu, Thomas Cobb also worked on it who both have their own studios and have done equally amazing work just as William Lebeda at Picture Mill. This definitely deserves its own documentary 1 hour + and better research.

  7. Not much to say, other than that Panic Room might be my favorite opening title sequence ever. It was one of the first times I'd ever seen CG done perfectly photorealistic. The huge words hanging over the city, and at such odd angles, such an impossible image, really set up a feeling of stark, fascinating 'wrongness'. It worked perfectly.

    Also, I really liked the opening of Devil. It's a simple idea, and maybe it's just my acrophobia, but it made me jitter in my seat.

  8. Why do title sequences need a separate director? If I were a film director I would love to design the title sequence for the movie that everybody's gonna give me credit for. Do film directors come up with anything or do they just say "yes" or "no"?

  9. Amazing Intros indeed! Love the BlueValentine especially!
    check out my new Intro created in AfterEffects:

  10. Watch "Catch Me if You Can" opening title sequence, which pays homage to Bass’s graphics

  11. Inspiring work, inspiring people! —— Title design will get more and more importance as digital media grows. Hope to see amazing work and talent making the difference in this area.

  12. This was cool! Most memorable title sequences for me growing up is The Simpsons, The Bill (with the walking shoes) and maybe Survivor/Charmed although that's probably more because of the song choice. I'm trying to think of titles that are better than the whole movie/show, all I can think of is Watchmen (although that's totally subjective). 

  13. Some great title sequences I can think of are for Catch Me If You Can, House M.D, Touch, Juno, Amelie, The Village, Zodiac…..
    and for Analogue/Digital Design Conference Brisbane 2013 

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