The Art of Ceramics – Bas Barcelona | SOULMADE SERIES

The Art of Ceramics – Bas Barcelona | SOULMADE SERIES

I am Xènia Bas, ceramist and co-founder of Bas – a ceramics atelier. Our brand “Bas” is our family name, the surname of myself and of my mother. My mother is a ceramist. From her I inherited the love for this craft. We started this project of a ceramics atelier that specializes in flowerpots with a contemporary design. We make what we call “cradle pots”. “Cradle pots” because we see ourselves as people who live in cities and invite the plants to live with us in our homes. Therefore we create dignified spaces for them. We wanted it to be simple. Sometimes this simplicity is very difficult to achieve. The material in ceramics is very powerful. Clay has a very strong personality. It is a material that is partly rebellious, however, I would not say that rebellious, but more with a
strong personality. As a craftswoman, what I have to achieve, I think, is this link with the material, while trying to direct it to where I want. In the end I want to reach a certain place, but also respect its characteristics. The better I know the material, the better we get along, because I know in each case what I can do. The origin of our work, in the end, lies in the tradition
and ancestry. We live in a highly digital era, in an era where everything in our society is fast-paced and everything needs to happen instantly. We move from one thing to the next almost without being aware of what we are doing. Craftsmanship makes me focus on the moment. Completely. On the moment, the material, and the process. This has an impact on the final product. Therefore I think that craftsmanship is important, because it is actually a crash with velocity. One thing that fascinates me about my work is that an idea, something intangible, can become something real.

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  1. I didn't understand a word, but everything about this is very well done. The natural lighting, gimbal(?) moves, talking head, and music all fit together really nice.

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