The Art and Craft of the Creative Worship Leader from kiwiconnexion

The Art and Craft of the Creative Worship Leader from kiwiconnexion

Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome to part 4 of 6 on leading worship
for the 21st century. Today’s it’s about creativity in Christian
worship. How would you like to be able to access to resources that really
demonstrate how to unlock and develop your creative potential
as a worship leader? Each image you see in this video shows just one of those resource videos and
files found only at the website
#kiwiconnexion Now, here’s the key insight. We live in a world where the distribution
of knowledge has changed beyond measure from all previous eras. What resourcing we now have for everyone was
unimaginable only a few decades ago. But some things haven’t changed. We still live by values that have stood the
test of time. So, also, some concepts in the design and practice
of meaningful worship. But we know that the power of image has now overtaken the power
of the written word. So what’s my key point? It’s simple, its powerful and it works in every
aspect of worship planning and delivery. Whatever you are doing that’s new or creative
or innovative, go back and refine it. It’s so simple to do and yet so few people
do it. If you’ve put together a special presentation
for worship, run through it any number of times. Refine the graphics, refine the layout, figure
out how to do more with less. If you’ve made a prayer or liturgy from scratch,
go back and read it any number of times. Read it aloud. Edit it. Refine it. It has to sound good If you’ve worked on choosing the songs and
other music, talk that through with the musicians. Your creative output will always be enhanced
through the editing, and refining process and the feedback process. It works every time. From a prayer to a poem to a full-length novel. From photos to YouTube clips to audio. The worship leader is seized by the desire
to say something to the people about God, so let it be the best possible offering. As mentioned, in kiwi connexion we’ve got this
range of creative insights, tips and techniques. We can show you how to improve your creative
output for worship. You can find some aspects here in YouTube. But there’s more. Go to the main website
and look at the public pages. You will see resource collections with links which show you how to achieve a new level
of success with both image and word. If you like what you see, you can apply for
registration with us. Join me again next week and thanks for watching.

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  1. Amen x3. Lay preaches have an advantage over the parish presbyter in that they are able to give more than one week's thought to a service. They have ample opportunity to mull over, write and refine every aspect of the service, and as LPs usually occupy many different pulpits we have the chance to adapt and improve material used elsewhere.

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