The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade

The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade

[inaudible] [inaudible] well, Christopher, Christopher, Christopher, well, hello, hello, Texas. Welcome to critical role live. Shit. This is too many people and I’m wearing single layer. Depends. [inaudible] thank you very much. Thank you so much. Thank you. Hi you guys. It’s wonderful to be in the birthplace of such legends as Lincoln spokesperson. Matthew McConaughey, [inaudible] fashion icon and rapper Nelly [inaudible] and a role model and multi tour de France winner. Lance Armstrong. [inaudible] big isn’t this alpha? It looked like a guns and roses tattoo, by the way. [inaudible] I feel like that yodeling kid from Walmart, if 30 years later and his parents had stolen all his money and fled the Fiji and this is where he ended up. Some people know I’m talking about [inaudible]. Hey, speaking of, Hey kid, if you’re watching, by the way, don’t do drugs, man. This is what happened. [inaudible] and don’t borrow too much money from people. Speaking of our money from people, it’s my birthday. This person was Sona. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I look out, I see tons of people holding a stacks of cash ready to throw at me. Please don’t. Instead for my birthday and honor my birthday, I would urge you to please make a donation to OSD. Um, who’s supporting military veterans, active duty and veterans. So far we’ve helped over 700 veterans with the money you guys have given. So we were hanging out earlier with, with Glen Visio and just hearing stories and everything. Travis and I both come from military families and what they’re doing is remarkable. And our, this country does a shitty job of taking care of people that fucking serve it. So it’s up to us to take care of them. And um, for my birthday, go to crit Oh S D donate you guys. This is good. This is a good crowd. You guys. I hope you have your shit together. I hope you have your shit together. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. Onto the bad cop stuff. So this is being recorded. There are very expensive high quality cameras recording this. No need for you to take out your phone and hold it up. Blocking someone’s view or don’t be an iPad person. You know when you go to a concert and someone’s holding up an iPad, it’s like do that at some Dave Matthews band concert or some shit, shit hump going to, I’m to get a bunch of messages about from the Dave Matthews fans. I didn’t anticipate pissing them off when I got off the plane yesterday. So that being said, we’re also instituting a strict no spoilers policy because this isn’t going to air until next Friday night for the rest of the critters. So please, please, please don’t tweet. Instagram, Facebook, Bumble, tumble, rumble, fumble. I don’t know if any of, what’s the rest of them? Raffle ruffles have ridges. Couple of meanings there. Let’s unpack that at the intermission if we have some time. Um, yeah, so don’t post the sports. The other thing is that these live events, uh, shit gets very exciting and emotional. So you’re welcome to cheer and scream and laugh and gasp and hug people next to you if they’re okay with it or if you know them. It’s important to, it’s important to check first. I learned that the first time I saw share anyway, story for another time. We got a big show. But what we don’t like is when you yell out rules or you forgot Hunter’s Mark or a joke that you think is funny or play Freebird if Matt can’t find the song, he’s looking for him, his iPad or anything like that. Try not to disturb the people around you, the people at home that are going to watch this in the weeks to come. And me, most importantly, because I’m going to be sitting up there and I brought my blow darts last order of business is without further ado, [inaudible] I’d like to introduce the cast of critical rules. [inaudible] yes. [inaudible] Laura [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] it’s Ashley [inaudible]. You’ve been out for Travis Willingham. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] have you heard say Brian Foster? Oh man. Hi Austin. [inaudible] this is insane. Um, thank God. Thank you guys so much for hosting us for tonight’s fantastic Derrington brigade. One shot, uh, for few of us, it’s their first time in Austin [inaudible] and that just love your Southern hospitality [inaudible] man, that’s a lot, a lot of smiling faces out there and it’s like a triple Decker. This is chaos. [inaudible] no pressure. [inaudible] Oh, we love you guys. Thank you all for making it out here, those local and those who traveled far and those that traveled really far. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. This is going to be, it’s going to be a fun, crazy, silly adventure and I’m excited to throw these guys in the middle of it. New character who it is. Um, we have no announcements unnecessarily. I can make one announcement. Okay. Go for it. [inaudible] I could just, I just wanted to say thank you so much for welcoming us to Texas and in front of you guys as my witness. I, uh, I want to officially pledge my loyalty. Nope. Don’t buy it. [inaudible] Q to the generosity of Travis Frederick and the pure pressure of Travis Willingham, right. We will pledge my eternal loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys. [inaudible] [inaudible] my new heroes are, and I might be pronouncing these wrong. Tony Romo, Didi Saunders and uh, Larry, uh, Ellen, uh, Allen. Yeah, but go America’s team. [inaudible] it took almost four years to wear him down. Oh man. Well, a couple of quick things upfront. We have some awesome miniatures that you’ll see throughout the evening that are displayed. A huge thanks to Elderidge Foundry for creating the awesome miniatures for the new members of the Derrington brigade need [inaudible] as well as a huge thank you to esteem forge who made our Tarion Dodie who were part of our original miniature Kickstarter and a major thank you to [inaudible] for creating the character art for today’s show. They’re an amazing artist. If you haven’t a chance to check out their work. I highly recommended and I think unless we have anything else to say, let us go ahead and jump into tonight’s Derrington brigade. One shot for critical rule [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]. This is definitely the strangest timeline, so Oh God, the year is eight 26 PD post divergence just over a decade since the events of ethnicity, Ascension and some stupid banishing by the fame group of legendary heroes, Fox mocking [inaudible] while the echoes of their deeds settle over the years, life continues on dairy and Derrington, a heroic crafter of arcane implements and member of April mentioned Vox Mokena returned to his home and wild Mount. Reclaim the family business and converted their estate into a shelter for the poor of DIA stock. [inaudible] along with the help of his husband, Lawrence [inaudible]. Tarion created the Darrington brigade, a nonprofit adventuring troop for hire, seeking to bravely tackle the dangers of wild moat and to help those in need. They also have three rescue dogs [inaudible] even with the release of the first edition of the daring trials and tribulations of sir Terrian Derrington [inaudible] years have not been without their challenges. Many of the affluent float. Whoa, I have one. Okay. Over there, many of the affluent folks of the trust can veil treat this bold new direction of the Derrington family with ridicule, making support for their charitable endeavors, an uphill battle. While many capable adventurers who joined the brigade began to bristle with the idea of putting their lives at the line for a nonprofit troop that said, this imposed arrests of high ranking myriad leaders and the following, dispersing of the criminal organization and the empire still leaves much mistrust and rumormongering whispers of a growing shore, Hussey and threat begin to stoke worry in civilized spaces in this wake. The need for mercenaries slowly grows and Tarion has begun. Putting out flyers across the marrow Valley seeking new recruits for this Derrington brigade promising adventure, glory and stories to tell. Much like those you can find in a copy of his book, the daring trials of tribulations of Derek [inaudible], sir Terry Darrington. There is now you. The rest of you have all arrived separately piecemeal to the city of DIA stock. Hey, smaller, get quaint, seemingly wealthy borrow within the trust can veil of the empire. You enter past the perimeter walls known as the jeweled Gates. As the afternoon sun peaks through the cloud dappled sky. You walk through the bustling Bursaw Plaza filled with quaint shops and bistros beyond the curling parks of the garden grounds to finally come upon the estate of the Darrington family. Tall Gates surround what might’ve once been beautifully tended. Gardens and hedges now leveled to house the rather cramped training grounds with wooden dummies and an open sand pit. The home itself is a beautiful match, although it appears that there’s some minor construction on the second floor that a construction appears to be abandoned at the time. You begin to gather these strange faces at the Gates before a loud voice suddenly breaks through catching your attention. Terry, we have guests. You look to see a man’s head poking through the door and quickly closes. Do you have a moment amongst yourselves if you’d like to talk for a moment? They all stare at each other awkwardly. Inside [inaudible] far too long a period of time. The door is open. Once more to the front of the estate. They’re revealing a fully armored Terry and Derrington [inaudible] adorned in full regalia, hair perfectly placed and decorations on full display. She would like to describe, Oh, what they see is a living legend. Uh huh. Terry and Terry and Gary Darrington, a golden man, head to toe golden hair from genetics, golden armor from money. His bond hair has a little bit of gray. He’s pushing 40. But if you ask him, it’s almost his 33rd birthday. Mmm. Unlike the first time we met Terry, his armor and, uh, accoutrements seem a little bit used. There are scuff marks on his, uh, on his helmet. His, his rod of mercurial form seems scuffed and mended. Um, and uh, uh, he wears a robe of useful things, but most of the patches are gone and have been replaced with commemorative patches that say things like kill a dragon or transport a treasure. Uh, much like the patches you can find on the fourth floor. Merchants at a, at intermission, check them out. His face looks a little younger than it should because side note, a few days ago, he gave some aid to a cattle farmer in exchange for a bovine toxin, which he injected into his forehead and lips to give himself a little bit of a younger appearance, but in general, in general, he’s fabulous. The artificers get that attended level. Actually, it’s pretty held behind him. You see walking a nine foot humanoid figure made of bright gold adamantine and other metals carrying a book under one arm and following up behind that you see another man in his early fifties quickly catching up. His shoulder length is mostly graying black. Well, it keeps a gray, white chin beard. He quickly rushes up with a set of keys and unlocks the Gates to the Manor before shouting, presenting sir Terrian Derrington master of the house and founder of the Derren Tim brigade. Well, welcome. Ah, you there? You locked. Hello, welcome, welcome. Weary travelers. I am Terry Derrington, founder, owner and chief marketing officer of the thank you Darrington brigade, a wild mind, wild mounts only not for profit mercenary group. If there’s a dragon to slay, we slay it. If there’s a damsel in distress, we unstressed, her, our adventures are known far and wide in my bestselling book, copies of which Lawrence will gladly sell you in the gift shop later. Yes, and abundance. But you have Larry, but you have come to us. So I assume you know of our exploits already. I’m more curious about you. Please introduce yourself. [inaudible] okay. I guess we’re starting with me. You may have heard of my exploits. They’re whispered, whispered in places where evil gather where monsters and demons trying toward mankind, criminals and monsters. They’re superstitious, timid, and two of the world’s greatest predators. The owl and the bear. Frightening strike. Nowhere near as much terror as that Alliance between them. I am known as the L bear [inaudible] reference you, you see a man in his late thirties wearing a Brown tunic and boots and a owl bear cowl way too many daggers hanging from a belts and he hasn’t shaved in a few days and yeah, and some big weird claws on his hands. Yeah, that’s right. And you, you there next to next to the Alberta? Who are you? Hello? Um, Oh, uh, my name is Pharaoh and Reese. Um, I came here from an Island in the lucid notion. Um, I come from the monastery of the eternal balance. Um, and I, I have left the monastery because what I’ve heard, tale of your exploits and I’m in need of some training as far as that is concerned. Um, but I, I’d love to learn more. I actually didn’t know you were for nonprofit. Um, Oh yes, we should be. We should be very clear about this point. Any treasure spoils, cursed magical items will be turned right over to the brigade and then, you know, a sold for, for the benefit of society. So there will be no profit. What if the reason I wanted the treasure was for the good of mankind or maybe just for the good of maybe my mankind arms. Sorry, I, I don’t make the rules. How do you feel about licensing and copyright agreements? Oh, you seem brassy. [inaudible] I’m interested in that, but a more moral about a pin in that. Yeah. More about you. For Pharaoh, when anything else we should know about you. Well, out of character, uh, what you’re saying is, uh, a woman with very, very pale, almost alabaster skin, uh, that seems to glow from underneath. She’s got very pale pink hair that if you stare at it, looks like it’s blowing a bit in the breeze. And, um, she’s wearing a dress that is gray with, uh, faded colors from the bottom up, uh, including all the colors of flame and wind and all of that fabulousness. And then her arms, um, on one arm are these, uh, almost glyphs that resemble, uh, flames licking up her arms. So it looks like they glow from underneath, like an Opal almost. And then on the other side, uh, it echoes clouds blowing in the breeze. Yes. That’s some amazing ink you’ve got there. Oh, it isn’t ink. You were born with that? Um, no, it’s, it’s more like engravings. Oh, so you’re into bod mod [inaudible] cool, cool. Awesome. Uh, and, and you, uh, pushy lady? Oh, yes. Oh, wow. Oh, there’s music coming from you. You see a dwarven woman with basically a one man band set up [inaudible]. There’s a giant drama in her back and with stirrups that go around her, her shins. So every time she walks you all, hello [inaudible] allow me to introduce myself. If you don’t mind, if I make an introduction, I am copepod have a hopper do copper pots and a newly found storyteller, an inventor, and a storyteller. It sounds like a young, well, a same age. Me, I say exactly same. You see, I’m quite a fan of Taryn Derrington and all of your novels and your books and working long hours in the factory. I used your exploits to escape, but as I was reading, I thought, what if the other world could hear about these magical tales and adventures through an audio recording? What is, what is an audio recording? I write my books down on paper like anyone else should heard of my books. The man who should be King. Yes. That was a good one launch event. That one was all right. Terry and Darrington and the half-blood Prince. Absolutely [inaudible]. You see, I am the inventor of this contraption right here and you see kind of like a, um, Oh well it’s a, it’s a web cylinder type of gramophone device with copper piping that goes up and she has a giant horn behind her. This is the copper pod, crank action audio Matic and it can record the human voice. You say absolutely cans. Then some can you demonstrate this weird contraption? Why? Yes, yes. I can. You say, I would like to make you a pitch. Okay. You see, I read an excerpt of one of your books and thought I would give a little spinoff. It here was the turbulent trials of Terry and Darrington and his adventures of ox Makena. That’s a page Turner. Yes, it really quite is. So if you don’t mind, and I pull out a wax cylinder and I smash it into the device. [inaudible] well, the thrilling conclusion. Tarion Darrington showering ms. Dot. Laid eyes on the remote tribe of the water or showery. It was clear that these drew in it trends. The ants were in desperate need of my aid. I saw the concern in the eyes of the rest of Buck’s Machina. As we approached the gateway to the plane of water, and at that moment I knew that a Darian daring gentleman must bereave really shoulder this task. I stepped through the portal and was greeted with the intimidating expense of an indigenous realm of water and coil stock gathering the stones, the anti-left clad Keely through marked. Then I’ll watch father and I both started with heroic resolve them. I brandished to my weapon and yeah, out into a darkness. Only familiar until the bizarre rock were knots of the deepest depths of the loose city and ocean. Suddenly girl explained zine offenses, arrows do the anonymous one-star Asante, the cracking itself video stuff. Bioshock five is really weird. [inaudible] in retaliation to my display of power that rock whipped to tend to go towards grog. Incapacitating the innocent bystander instantly meeting Mullis was not worth the life of an apprentice or a friend. The retreats I shouted, and with a mighty kick, I scooped up the unconscious buddy of the Hawking Goliath and made a break for the portals. [inaudible] do you see? As incredible as I was able to make your totally accurate recounting of fighting the dragon. It lacks a certain possess a certain Genesee qual, a certain oof. So if you would have me, I would love to go with you when your exploits and capture the battle alive. An audio recording of me live in battle winning hearts and minds. Absolutely. Wow. That’s a lot to think about. I already have a biographer, Terry [inaudible]. Let’s continue this conversation later. The automaton leans over Terry’s shoulder and you’ve never seen a creation of this magnitude scour before. Here’s the paying very close attention to you, ms. must be Dottie. It’s Doty big van. Quite quite magnificent. Really. He really is and he’s been a loyal companion for many, many years, so I’d hate to discard him, but that technology is new and shiny. I would never want to be a replacement for Dodie. He is quite a valuable teammate and an integral part of an incredible and compelling narrative. Please, I am just bringing this incredible story to a different medium. I’ll think on this. Thank you for your amazing introduction. You are a strong candidate. How about over here? You folks, you lost who, who are you on the end there? Yay. Can I just say that was pretty fucking cool. [inaudible] I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day and I’ve never seen anything like that. That was pretty fucking cool. Oh, I thank you. Thank you. Lung young lady. Sure. Ms Damien, V DOMA. Damien, you probably heard of my family. We kind of deal with things a, a little, uh, underneath it all, you know, eh, when you haven’t heard of us, then we’re probably doing it right. Are you spies of some sort? Yeah, I mean, yeah. I mean, if you need something we can get it for you. I understand. Whatever it is. You know, something of an underworld organization. Yeah. All right. Yeah, but I mean, I’ve read your books and stuff and I heard about this. I actually didn’t realize it was nonprofit either, but that’s okay. But I just, you know, I just wanted to try something. I don’t know what, I’m a little less immoral, I guess. And just see if I like [inaudible] dipping your feet into a, yeah. Like, I might get bored, but who gives a fuck? It’s something to do. [inaudible] Damien is half Elvin, very tall, flaming orange hair, wearing a maroon suit. Uh, has two stilettos and the hilt of each, uh, brass knuckles. Um, she’s got tattoos everywhere that you can see. Uh, Latin Vieta Moss life, death on her hands depending on the day, whatever she wants to give. And uh, across her neck. She has a tattoo that says never forget. [inaudible] uh, Nick, next to, uh, next to Damien. Who do we have there? [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] is a nine foot tall ogre. [inaudible] he is slow moving, hunched over, wears the hat with mud flaps hanging down the side of his face. He is squinting. He really looks like he cannot see that. Well, he has a large, hulking metal breast plate on his torso and a rough plank of wood tied to his shoulder with a halflings sitting on it. [inaudible] Oh, my brewers, not the new director. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] this is my bottle is a very special [inaudible]. [inaudible] buddy. [inaudible] it looks like you’re looking at my companion. Dodie I’m over here. Can you not see me or you may need some, you name may need some ocular correction. Um, I, you know what, here at the Derrington brigade, we have all sorts of implements, tools, equipment, engineered by yours truly. And maybe I could hook you up with something that can help you see a little bit better. Well, it’s octopus gardener me fix you eyes. [inaudible] [inaudible] about this time kind of wandering from the mansion. You see, stepping through the door, looking a bit curiously and then quickly with a big grin rushing up. It looks to be a tall half fork. Um, bright smile on his face. Short, dark hair on top breastplate sort in the back. No waves up. Hi. Sorry, I didn’t realize we were having guests here. Oh, this is one of our current members. Lionel, introduce yourself. [inaudible] Hey guys, I’m Lionel Gayheart. I’m one of the original members of this brigade and I’m also the backup field commander. So if he’s not around, listen to me. I do write that a doodle you did. You did just fine. Uh, he, he also speaks fluent duck if you, uh, if you ever need that, what was that? He speaks, he can speak to ducks. [inaudible] now apart from Lionel here who is a stalwart member of the brigade, as you may have heard, some of the members of the brigade have taken a sabbatical, uh, when they found out the nonprofit nature of the group. And uh, I assume that you are all here to present yourselves as candidates for membership. Um, real quick, uh, before we get into it, I just want to take a survey. Uh, Dodi take down their responses. Uh, how did you hear about the Derrington brigade auditions? Was it a from a friend B on a magical message delivered by a hag or see from a flyer posted around the continent? Uh, see, see was the flyers then. Excellent job Dodi money well spent. Well, congratulations on taking, uh, taking the first step in your new career. Uh, we in the brigade do more by 9:00 AM than most people do by 10:00 AM small disclaimer. I want to make sure that you are all very aware of the nonprofit nature of the group. Right? You’ve got that. We’re all on board. Excellent. Intellectual property rights. We can, we’ll discuss. That might be a way to go or some, um, Ooh at the Albury. We’ll, we’ll talk about that as well. Um, but the first step in the process is the initiation. Lionel, I will let you take it over from here. You got a boss. All right. So, um, first we gotta get you where in some of our, uh, officially branded materials here. And then, um, then we’re going to throw in the pit and see what you got. Yeah, we have a warehouse over here with some of my, uh, experiments and developments that aren’t quite done or have been used and discarded. Right, right. Yeah. Cool. Follow me. He turns around and happily skips towards this. It’s warehouse. You could see it was once like a, like a wood storage shed for the winter. Um, but he goes around and starts grabbing all sorts of shields and objects and items and manages to find that pair of goggles you requesting. Those, I think these, it should fit your face. [inaudible] that [inaudible] those are very special goggles. That should let you see. Very keenly. It looks over at Terry and Bruno [inaudible], correct? Yes. Also that fellow on your back, was it Mac Mark? Yeah, no, my name macaroni and Samsonite. [inaudible] it looks like awkward bench seating. You’ve got up there. Global Brook puts the best rack of kind of steering in the right direction. [inaudible] well at foot is pressing my foot. I think, uh, I think we can do better than that. Uh, there was a chariot I was developing for a while, uh, imbued with, uh, electronic powers, but I never really finished it. Lionel, do you think we could retrofit it for uh, the ogre there? Probably. I could try. Yeah, we could try. Hold on. It’s all I ever ask. [inaudible] Oh, hello. But by that time the wood board has pulled off by really excited Lynol Miggins is fixing onto your shoulders a much more comfortable strapped like mechanism with a large platform in the back elements of it. He’s like cutting off with his hatchet is in his hand Axe. And making it fit quite right as he can. It’s delivered a little rickety, but you put it on and it actually fits pretty nice. It has these little like blue crystals that are going to fix it. The bottom of it, and this much like every single other piece of equipment you’ve acquired are all very brightly branded. The Derrington [inaudible], T D T M. a that, does that suit you well? Is it fits your, uh, hunchy back? No. Okay. I’ll take that as yes. Anyone else need any, uh, any items, any, anything to, to help you in the, uh, in the battles ahead? Yeah, a little of everything. What are you offering? Well, all right, let’s go ahead and get the rest of this. This bulk out here then pulls out the books and over the next light 20 or so minutes you guys work through, uh, all of your possible requests of which near none of them are fulfilled, but a handful of them are, and you manage to acquire a few independently created Terri Derrington brand and magical items of which you now have access to, um, upon everyone being outfitted. Uh, Lana looks at me, goes [inaudible] to take them outside to do the initiation. Absolutely. Let’s, uh, let’s go. Okay. Follow me. Is it going to be fun, fun, fun, fun leads you all outside into that sand pit that you saw around the training area? Can I ask you all to line up and it goes. All right. So, um, as it is required, if as members of the Darrington brigade, you must follow the initiation, right? Of which was learned by his time being initiated into Vox. Mokena [inaudible] you guys did this. [inaudible] does that, so tried and true, right? Any adventure should take two volunteers up first. [inaudible] I’ll go. Y’all go? Yeah. You’re a fucking Albert. Go. All right, Damien. Oh, all right. So we have Al bear and Carwyn. All right. Standing in the pit. Okay. Okay. All right. Andy. Fight roll initiative. [inaudible] God Dody brings out a plate of figs for me. 18, 10. Alrighty. Oh gosh. All right. Following your turns up first. Do you see you see the owl bear? Step out and look at you. Come on. Okay. You look very tough. Um, all right. I’m just going to take one of my stances. I’m going to reach out with my, uh, flame hand and smack him in the middle of the chest and stunning strike. Ooh. Okay. Roll forward. Attack. Hey, do I have to say I’m going to sending strike right from when I hit or do I just do what? You can say it once you’ve hit, I’m going to hit him. Alright. Go for it. Oh God. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This is so nerve wracking. Um, uh, 19 stunning strike. All right, so go ahead and make a constitution saving. Throw owl bear the owl. The owl will bear a 19. What does that tell us? Does that mean I can, I think I saved it. He does say, alright, you’re making your second attack then. Yeah. Second attack. I’m gonna ah mm. Stunning. Strike. All right. I’m going to try to hit him first. Oh, that’s cocked. Okay. Uh, again, that’s high. 1818 is my AC, so I hit him. Yup. So good. And we’ll damage, we have soil damage on these hits. No, you have not. She’s new to the monk folks. Oh shit. 10 on the first one, five on the second [inaudible] 15 points of damage to the Alabama and go ahead and constitution saving. Throw for a second. Stunning strike. 12 that is a failure. You are now [inaudible] to at the end of our next turn. Borrow when you have your bonus action still. Do you wanna do anything? Uh, yes, I’m gonna flurry of blows. All right. Both of these attacks with advantage because his first attack, a hits second attack, definitely hit. Okay. I miss you one. Look at that. Oh, that’s all right. I see Frank Miller. I’m aware it’s going to turn into more of the Lego Batman. The longer this goes. [inaudible] 16 points of damage for the flurry of blows. 13 points there. My second move. What? Cause it’s the end of my next turn so I get to go again. Yeah. So Alabbar man, you prepare yourself, you think and this, this woman, this, this very kind of uh, colorful, ethereal woman suddenly moves with the speed you weren’t expecting. So on with a couple of precise hits, you find yourself losing muscle control and coughing heavily. Your vision blur is before you take a whole nother series of attacks, go for it. All right, for this next one, I’m going to spend another key point. Well, okay, fine. I could Dodge advantage on this next one. Uh, where’s the vantage over? No, no, no. I still get advantage cause you’re still stunned, man. Nah, 15 doesn’t hit. Wow. How do I miss him when he’s stunned? He’s that good. [inaudible] smell kind of bad. Today I’m going to circle around back and step behind him. Yeah, that definitely had 17 plus. Okay. So I’m going to spend a key point and invoke my fangs of the fire snake. So I’m going to my arm that has the flame glyphs going up the side. I’m going to squeeze my fist really tight and the glyphs are going to start to glow. Orange. I’m going to [inaudible]. Yeah, I’m going to punch you right in the small of your back. Like by your kidneys. Yeah. Alright. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, wait. Oh, that’s really good though. Hold on, let me [inaudible] so I’m going to hit him regular and then woo. And then I do flame damage. Oh, that’s good. [inaudible] 16 points points and then woo. I’m going to spend another key point. No, no, no, no, no. I’m not do blurry of lows. All right. Two more strikes. I’ve already finished the plate of figs. I think a second. Natural [inaudible] thanks man. So that’s 12 plus six is 18 plus four is 22 points of damage on that one. And then through my, yeah, I dabbled that and then for my next attack, fucking him up. [inaudible] definitely hits. Oh that sucks. Okay. Eight plus one. So nine points of fire damage, fire damage. And then um, well he stunned. I’m going to uh, back up my entire movement, which is what Ted love. Bush should be run 50 feet and on 50 feet. Yes. I’m going to back up 50 feet. 50 feet away. Yes. [inaudible] so, so I will bear man, man, bear pig out. I will bear man. It’s your turn. You come back, you’re sore, you’ve been battered in various parts of your body and you watch as this same figure just shunts back about 50 feet from me. What are you doing? Well, I am first of all going to rage. [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah. I am going to move my full 40 feet towards, uh, towards, uh, towards you, which is not quite close enough. Carolyn Farrow in names detonate. Now I believe I can add movement with my, with my bonus action. I think I can, I have a dash two bonus action to go and do a rate. Okay. I used to take on the rage. This is as far as I can go. Then I’m going to circle around at 20 feet. Okay. And I’m going to throw two daggers with while I’m going to, I’m going to, uh, I’m going to, uh, I think I can use, I get advantage on this. Can I can or that has to be close up strike. Uh, well if you’re raging, it’s strength based, then uh, then you can, you can get the advantage on that if you do reckless. Okay. So yeah. Well yeah, it’s a for a throne I can do, I can do strength. Yeah. So advantage. Yes. So I’m going to take advantage on that. Okay. You’re doing reckless. Um Hm. I’m going to reckless on the first one. Well, you do requisites for the full round. Yeah. For the full round. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s just see what happens. [inaudible] that’s the negative five I believe to hit 15 to hit. Nope. Nope. Next one. I’m tardy. Uh, and it’s a negative five to five to strike. Right? For what? For when you take black list. Oh no, I’m so sorry. I’m using gunslinger rules. That would have been, that would have been 20 to hit. I’m so sorry. Yeah, yeah, no, let’s just, just advantage on the attacks and vintage against you. So, okay. So yeah, 20 the first one that hits. So that’s a oneD plus a minute. Take mice am sneak attack damage because I am a, I have advantage against you. [inaudible] you’re a road. Think about it. Think about it. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 12, 13, 14 1516 points of damage. And then I’m going to throw another knife for my second attack and that’s a 19 to hit. And that’s, uh, eight points of damage. Fine. And I am uh, 20 feet away from you and raging. All right. Barwon. It’s your turn as a reminder. You can deflect missiles if they come at you. [inaudible] it’s your turn. What do you want to do? It’s my first time being a monk. I know. Alright. Um, all right then I’m going to wait. Hold on. It’s okay. I forgot that there’s extra damage. I forgot that we’re even screw it. I’m going to try to run, vote and hit him again. I get advantage cause he was advantage, right? Yup. Oh wait, hold on. That’s right. How to, how to, how to, how to how to hold on. Okay. I’m going to do it again. Okay. That one does hit. When does it hit? One does hit so stunning. Strike. Oh, it’s bread. Oh, write several. Your damage and then you make a constitution saving. Throw Al bear. Do I have a constant or do I have a advantage on constitution saving throws because I’m raging strength strength. Just right. Seven points of damage. Have two, three or four [inaudible] yeah. That rage is a mother, isn’t it? How have the three, right? Yeah. Oh God. Yeah, I know. Look at that. And a constitution saving throw. Yeah. A 15 you Fe again. All right. You have your bonus action. Farman Dody take this down. Monks are overpowered as shit. [inaudible] Terry. Perfect. Well good. Those can you do two things with key points in one term? Yes. You can. Sweet. Use as many as you like honey bun. Then I’m going to spend a key point to flurry of blows. All right. All right. Two more tax advantage. And I’m going to spend a key point to flames. Fire snake from my hands. We’ll see. Oh, that’s good. So that’s 10 points plus eight points of fire damage. Yeah, it’s 18 halves. So that’s buyer damages. Not have it is for me. For him. [inaudible] that’s only nine points. It’s almost like the totems. Half his name. Just nine points. That’s fine. I’m unconscious. [inaudible] [inaudible] so I’m going to levitate up in the air and take a bow. Yeah. [inaudible] pretty impressive boss. Thorough. And that was incredible. We will confer, but your chances look very good. Uh, yeah. That uh, that was, that was amazing. Um, yes. Lionel, what do you think? I think w I think, I think we should maybe consider. Okay. Okay. Okay, next pair. Tarion um, you know, I’m more of a support person, you know, and okay. [inaudible] Oh, hello? Hi. Yes. Your big, quite large. Yes you are. Hello? Oh yeah, that’s me and ed. Fight roll initiative. God sure. [inaudible] [inaudible] Hazel, you’re up first. What are you doing? Oh shit. Oh, okay. I’m sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Ah, I see the hulking giant coming towards me and I take out one of my WEC cylinders and I slam it into my device, into my audio medic trademark and I start playing [inaudible] confusion. [inaudible] [inaudible] that’s pretty great. All right, so buddy, if you could go ahead and make a wisdom saving for a bleed. Whoa. Fail. You cannot take reactions and you have to roll a Deaton at the start of each round to determine your behavior. Alright. Are you staying foot? Are you moving away? Hazel? Hi, I’m going to back away. Alright buddy, go ahead and roll. D 10 for me. You don’t move or take actions this turn, why are we fighting this? Hazel, you’re up. I love this so much. You know, and I don’t quite know big guy, but I’m quite sorry. And I take out another cylinder and I slap it in. Are you and out of my horn? ICAST color spray add buddy. [inaudible] Oh, poor buddy. Just to remove pain. Body lugs colors for the first [inaudible] please. Goodness. All right. By the way, buddy is now wearing large Coke bottle glasses that make his eyes look abnormally large. Hazel Wendell, you casting it? I’m going to cast it. Third Loveville. That’s how they talked in the old days. Yes it is. Okay. So that should mean that I’m doing 10 D 10 damage. No, no. You wrote your role. Tandy tend to see how many hit points a greet stick in a fat. Okay, go kick Dan. Same thing. First three. Ooh, kind of crap. So 10 uh, 2126 that was, sorry. [inaudible] are we, we’re at 26 35 and one more. 39 damage. Not damage points of creatures that can affect. Is there any nine hit points? I will. Do you have some early effects buddy? Do you have darks buddy? Do you have more than 300 hit points? Kurt has no effect on him, unfortunately. [inaudible] is there much tough? It’s tougher ogre than those you might be used to. Oh shit. That’s important to donuts out now than later. Buddy is. Even though if he was hit by it, does that mean he’s still blinded by it or no, not at all. It unfortunately, it only affects up to a certain number of hit points and creature smart to surpass Marie buddy. Roadie 10. Oh, is he still confused? Yes he is. Alrighty. I’ll re uh, you don’t move or take actions, the colors. Right. And so beautiful in ways you’ve never seen before for like a minute. Hazel, you’re up. Are we done? We can do. Uh huh. Goodness gracious. That’s dumb. I don’t want to do that. I have such a support class. Do you have a weapon at all? No, I bombarded a one man man suit. Yep. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I am going to listen to Pharaoh in one. [inaudible] uh, where is it? I haven’t used in a while. Okay. Uh, okay. Hi, I’m going to run up with my symbols. I’m going to go and I’m at a crash on a new shatter right across your buddy’s head. All right. Um, let’s do it at 33rd level. Alrighty buddy. I need you to make constitution saving. Throw please farm. You take four D eight thunder damage buddies. Okay. Nine plus seven no, mine plus seven is not 11 wait 1616 thank you. And then 20 do you want to see your total damage? 20 points. 100 damage to you buddy. All right. And are you going to, so you moved up close to buddy. Are you going to move back or stay right there in the frame? No, I’ll, I’ll jog back. The finishing back. She’s about how far away is she? What’s her movement? Uh huh. I’m a drawer of 25 feet. Five feet. Oh no I will. I’m probably cause I shad shatter, shatter, but I didn’t move into base so I’m probably like 50 feet back. 15 even if it’s that big. What was the range on chatter? Chatter is like a 60 foot range. 60 feet. Okay. See ya. So you don’t have to be that close for that. We’ll say she said at 50 feet. 50 feet. Alright, well we’ll do 10 for me buddy. Yeah, I didn’t have returns. You going to saving through? I forgot about that. Oh, sorry. Rope on the saving throw for me. Rolling again. I will wink at him and, and give him a little bit of a, a boost. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll flash my genius at him and give him an a plus four to that role. All right. Is this a, is this a wisdom save? Yes. Plus four not a D four or a plus four. Sure. 17 is that succeed? 17 for the confusion. 17 is what you need. All right. You have your turn buddy. Now the spell fades. You have control. He slowly swings his head over to macaroni and says, I thought you were here. And he’s starting. It’s running towards the door and after 10 feet leaps, I want to be friends. How many friends? I want to be friends. So that’s 35 feet and then he closes the distance and he’s holding this gigantic brass or golden jewel studded club that he was just given. I like you the first one [inaudible] [inaudible] miss. The second one is a 27 definitely hits no two. It’s cocked. It’s a pyramid. How did it get cocked? 13 orange [inaudible] and Gardner use action surge. The first one is cock know 11 and [inaudible] I should have kept it. That’s seven two and the second one hits too. Damaged life. Yeah. The first hits for 30 and the last one hits park. Hello lady. Ah, hello. Big man. Hazel, your turn son over. Oh Hey ho ho. Ooh, I didn’t like you. I’m going to say I like you too big man. And you know what? I do want to be friends. I don’t want to fight anymore. And you know what? I don’t think there is a competition after he all, and I’m going to cast modify memory. [inaudible] all right, go ahead. Make a wisdom save. You haven’t been injured and you have an advantage on it cause you are fighting. There was no fight. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. Ouch. All right, I’ll get you anything else in your turn? Ah, well, um, no, I would like to move away. Uh, if I could, hang on, let me make sure I Mark a spell slot here and then, um, you know, he’ll just stay there. I don’t want to incur the rise of the beast. Yep. Alright buddy. You’re up. I thought we were Friday and our swing at her Tories. The first one is a 20 serious, this circling one is for key. Uh, 14 misses. 13 points up John Dharma. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why don’t you just say 14 or you didn’t understand what he said. Alright. Alright, Hazel. Alright. Jeez Louise. Hi. I’m going to say, you know, I really like your new, your new goggles. Shame. But what I’m about to do, Hey, throw in another one cylinder rink it up and [inaudible] [inaudible] and I cast blindness. That’s rough. The constitution saving. Throw for me buddy, or we’ll lose your Dahmer. Nepal. All right, ready? Roll shave. [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh wow. Magnificent Hazel. Hazel will cast healing word cast one spelled. It’s a bonus. Action. You can’t do two spoons that SNU tend to be its original. That’s 80 episodes new. She’d been a monk for a while. Man. Must be nice. Continue to be pummeled by buddy buddy. Your turn [inaudible] to stop [inaudible] both [inaudible] Ooh, yeah. A lot of hit points. Hey Hazel, you can end this, you know. No, you never set up any program at herbs. I, I realize that could have been more rules to this. She’s actually kind of telling the truth or a boss or, I’m going to put a lot of lot of specification to this if you want to, if you want to end this, just say the word. We’ll tap you out. HUD feels like a cop out. It might, but just so you know, you made a whole pitch with my voice in it, so you’re probably going to get in anyway. [inaudible] I mean, yeah, I did kind of come prepared with a nice presentation. It did. As the old folks say. Yeah. [inaudible] aye. I’m sorry buddy. And I give a healing word to buddy. Well, that’s the very definition of teamwork then, isn’t it? Yes, you’re right. I am very generous cause you give one to Albury, he’s still on top. Did he die? Is he dead? We’re in fighting to the death. He’s just been unconscious this whole time. There’s a pool of blood. No, it’s internal bleeding. Don’t worry elder. That’s our Rach [inaudible]. I give seven hip points to buddy. I heal nine hip points till the dead owl bear evil crime. An excellent fight. An excellent, excellent fight. Very entertaining. Even though you have your spells seem to work. They were very original and uh, I would like to think that could be fusions. Bell works quite nicely, but you know, buddy reaches out to shake her hand, uh, and sees it for the first time in between his thumb in his fourth finger goes. We are, I do believe this is the start of a beautiful relationship. Also, if you are looking for a manager or representation, just I’ll give you my card. Oh look, the Toronto girl. What a, sorry. Okay, so we have a Damian and macaroni. Was it [inaudible] I happen to ring. You know what’s so great about this? This reminds me of like my family gatherings for holidays. Yeah. This is great. Are you from Bostonian? And we’re from everywhere. All right. Am I going to have Mac and Damien? Go ahead and roll initiative for me please. 2015. All right. Damien, you’re up first as you guys square off in the middle of the dusty sand, Pitt, the stilettos smear sheets. What are you doing? So I pulled those out, kind of spin them around. I’m like, Hey, these are pretty cool. Feel them out. Uh, and uh, as a bonus action to start, where did it go? Here it is. Mmm. I’m going to produce flames from one of these swords. Oh, that’s fucking cool. Oh, it’s going to stay on now. Okay. And now I’m going to attack macaroni first. Attack. Oh, that’s no music. It’s so quiet. Shit. [inaudible] well, second attack. That was about, about, about a three 21. Oh shit. Hey. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. 17 points of damage. Okay. They’re a little man. I’m just fine. [inaudible] let’s start this off routes. I don’t know. Cast. Boom. Strike. [inaudible]. So you watch Damien checks at the weapons rushes forward. Miss stab. Ooh, good sec. Hey, call him of divine fire bursts from the ground beneath Damien. Whoa. Yeah. [inaudible] 15 slogan row. Okay. Uh, I’m going to use an domino bull for that. Yeah, cause that was shit. 22 all right, so that’s Fitz eight D six fire and radiant damage. So go ahead and roll that up there. I saw that it’s 25 points are fire dilemmas. [inaudible] 12. I’m Toronto damage red loose. I don’t know. I’ll 1111. Yeah. Cool. And you see macaroni kinda is an all this makeshift sort of bone and hide armor kind of looking like the lost boys from Peter pan. And she looks at you. He looks at you and goes [inaudible]. All right, Damien, you’re up. All right. I like this little man. You know what? I’m going to make this fight a little more fair. Yeah. I’m going to bonus action cast giant mite on myself. Giant. You watch as she takes her finger and draws this rune across the front of the, the suit that she’s wearing. And as she finishes up this rune and put a split second to the eye, her body grows to near twice its size. Yeah. That assumes unnecessarily. It’s entirely necessary. You are 15 for the first hit. Natural one. Oh. Oh, 100 bucks. [inaudible] Oh, all right. Macaroni. You’re up. Um, spirit gardens. I moved to the motor rooster. Okay. Wait, hold on. Let me see if I have anything for this. Mmm. I failed. That’s Toronto. Her of necrotic dominoes. What do your spirit guardians look like? Oh sure. Did they look like macaroni? They look like porcupines they’ll come out and then when those [inaudible] perfect. All right, so Damien have taken that damage. It’s your turn. Okay, that’s better. I’m going to float over on my flying broom and just watch the [inaudible] chin a little, a little closer. What was that? 19 Oh no, that missiles. I like your tattoos though. Come on. Dams. No, it doesn’t hit well. It’d be better if I had to stop marbling for a year. [inaudible] you know what terror [inaudible] take advantage of your rules and motor risk. Just call us up. [inaudible] [inaudible] so go ahead and make a saving. Travis, you’re killing it. [inaudible] 11. [inaudible] Oh man, we just got her back. [inaudible] wow. Incredible. That’s really impressive. Really. Chris told me I made the team cause I forgot like 50 seconds. Hey, I think it’s clear that you did definitely make the team. I Lionel, thank you for, I should let you know though. We’ll come as a package deal through either body or Lou [inaudible] buddy won his round so he’s also in [inaudible]. Let’s go. Laura is an honorable truce, but you know, now the Damien reappears. Oh shit. [inaudible] that was a hell of a place as a pretty cool trick. No problem. A lot better when I’m on your side. Yeah, I was just going easy on you though. Cause you’re really small. We just tell the others to go away. True. No, no, no. We uh, we need all the help we can get. I um, aye, I’ll come clean with you guys. I, I’ve been alone for quite some time now. [inaudible] no one wants to adventure with me anymore. Alright. I can’t seem to attract anyone. We’ve tried flyers and magical means of advertising and no one wants to be the dad. I remember thinking, Oh, maybe it’s because you take away their treasure, but that was the Wolf over the brigade. Also. You could use some work on your marketing campaign. I am more than willing to help you on your outreach. Do you cry? Is this a thing that you do? Cause I’m bottle a little from my heart. Oh no, it’s okay. I’m fine. I know in my heart, Lionel pushes terrace, she or cheers. That’s from the smell. Thank you. If you will all have me, I would gladly welcome you all to the Terry and Derrington brigade as probationary members provided that you perform well in our first adventure buddy lifts Terry in the air. [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh no. Lauren steps up at this point. It’s like, well if that is where we are, should we give them quarters then? Oh yes, yes. A welcome to my home. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Um, welcome to our home. We, um, I hope no one’s allergic to dogs. We have, we have three lovely pops running around. There’s Barry, Carey and Danny. That’s short for that’s short for vacs of them. [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah. Butters versus eats dogs. Alright. Mr. Albert, you might want to let the study a little further a role. No, I got it. I got my aunt. No, never. So there’s, there are lodgings then. Yes, we have rooms for you that we’ve prepared. Took me by surprise there that was getting rest. Recuperates and uh, see what the next day will, will bring indeed. Follow me. I’ll go ahead lead you to your rooms. Uh, it goes ahead and escorts the entirety of your troop into the Derrington estate now, whereas once this was a beautiful mansion that housed the handful of wealthy members of the Derrington family after losing their fortune and then reopening as a home to house the poor, uh, as well as the Darrington brigade and whatever else sort of chaos there is without much of an income, uh, the house has fallen into a bit of disuse. A number of the rooms are just kind of like hostile lodging for people that need a place to stay. And you a couple pokes kinda just wave to you as you pass by. As Lawrence shows you to your different rooms, they’re split into three and three. So three of you are sharing one room, three of you are sharing another. Um, you can decide which is which it is cramped. The furniture is dusty, but it’s a place at least while you’re working together as part of this adventuring group. I just need a Hutch of some kind. I’ll be fine. Uh, if I can just get like a corner, I can, I can like make something work in like one of the closets. That’s all right. If someone wants to bed Karen sloop we’re lost. Right? [inaudible] right, right. You look like you smell, you’ll fit in just fine. I do. I actually, this is a, this is actually real Al bear Musk’s that I can enter their caves and not be attacked. That seems strange to me. I just want her to talk to her. Yeah, I know it hasn’t worked so far. Not really at all working on it. I know that’s true. So I guess it’s the three of us then. Huh? I sounds quite exciting. Yeah. Look at us D indomitable roommates. We should make our own secret society. Do you sleep with the music? Iran, you know, I do have a nice meditation track. So if you Angela kind of guided sleep meditation, it’s quite nice at night as the afternoon draws on, you guys have arranged your spaces for the evening, the sunsets and you’re all called down to the communal dinner within the Darrington estate. What was once a dining hall that could comfortably sit and feed maybe eight people now is feeding 17 yourselves included as you gather in the main area. There’s a few of the transients that are been staying there for a bit. Two other adventures that just didn’t have coin for an Inn and had no interest in joining the brigade. Um, as well as the rest of you, Lionel Lawrence and of course Terry himself. Maria, your mother comes in with all sorts of manner of food and like cooked hams and rice and enough to try and feed a large group on a, on a decent budget. Goes ahead and places them out on the table and it looks heaven. I hope you enjoy. Stay here, take care of him. Make sure he stays safe. Wait, this is your [inaudible]. Yes, yes, I have. Shit. Hey, what’s up my language way. I’m, I will thank you so much for letting us in your home. Of course. No way. My home is your home. He’s a cheeky one. She is. Thank you for the, for the meal, mother. Ah. [inaudible] eternally respected. Um, please have a seat to dig in. Uh, this food is, uh, as much as you’d like. Uh, mr ogre muddy is already in one third of the food. Well, just before we get started, since everybody’s still kind of looks the worst for where I’m on a cow, mass healing word and just get everybody, Nelson some for dinner. All right, nice. Thank you. Would you, would anyone like to say a, a blessing for our, before we dig in? No religious people here. I’ve got a nice concerto I can play. Oh, justice is my religion. [inaudible] Tom ports. We’re going to enjoy your meal. The open window that looks over the now starts that it’s sky of DIA stock on the far end of the food chamber is a light with a green glow for about a moment is a beautiful shooting. Star crosses a past the horizon, bright and beautiful. You all toast to it? Drink from your meal and hear it. It’s a sign. A dull rumble in the distance. Huh? We should make a wish or screws. [inaudible] Oh wow. Did she did you fart? It’s hard to tell. Here’s a little, refer to that as approval. [inaudible] Oh, I get it. The farts. The preview for the shit. Oh boy. Sorry, mrs Darrington. Oh, it’s all right. Trust me. Make it. We can all kinds in here with all forms or senses of humor. It’s just crass. You know, humor is fine. As you all enjoy the rest of your meal. Get to know each other a little bit. Eventually finding yourselves ready to bed down from a day of strenuous activity. Beating the shit out of each other. You go to your respective rooms, lay down and sleep well. The morning comes bit groggy, but a whole new day for possible adventure. As you all begin to gather downstairs aloud comes at the front door of the estate so they get it. Dodi Dodi, go get the door. I’m still brushing my hair. I hide dirty heads downstairs. Opens the door. Still 31 I don’t remember buying this shag carpet. Stuffed Alabama. Listen, venturing part. Yeah. Eventually. There’s a moment of like brief talking from the side of the door before you watched ODU lean back. Terry. Alright, I run downstairs just finishing the last 39 40 all right. Who’s at the door? You come to the front door and you see sitting standing there on the, the, the stupid self. An old gnome woman and finely crafted travel outfit of leather and find silk. Kind of a blue green color scheme. Her faces intense though. She has a smile that keeps it from coming to stern. She, it’s up to you. Ah, sorry to bother you. This is indeed the headquarters of the fame during tin brigade. Yes, but the auditions were yesterday and we are full now. Oh, well I am not interested in joining your strange band. I am more interested in perhaps using your company for a bit of work. Oh, a client. Oh please come in Dodi, get some tea or coffee. Tea. What would you like? He tea would be fine. [inaudible] go get some tea. Go. He brushes off a soul. And you are ah, Tarion Garrett Derrington Derrington brigade is a pleasure to meet. Yes. Lovely to meet you. Uh, what can we do for you? Well, I last night it is come to my attention that a strange, I’m going to stop you right there. Uh, brigade to brigade, uh, Mount up. No, a form of form up form up brigade. We need you in here. One by one. You all gather down in the foyer area of the estate. They’re revealing a freshly brushed Tarion Derrington and this older known woman whose arms across and kind of not impatiently, but expectedly waiting for your arrival. I hand my hairbrush to Hazel. Um, uh, this is a client brigade. Um, we, we get clients like these all the time and the brigade, so it’s pretty normal. But anyway, go on. What’s your job? Well, um, my name is, uh, master Doolan Tversky’s and I, uh, it’s come to my attention this last evening. A strange object fell from the sky crashing somewhere within the siren. Green forest to the South of here. I would like to hire you to retrieve whatever fell and bring it back to me. You, you have no idea what this object is. Could it be some sort of celestial body? Was it a, a meteorite? It might be, but perhaps it was a creature. And if it is, subdue it and bring it back to me. If it is an object, gather it and bring it back to me. I cannot the process just putting it. Where did it fall to the South of here? This hydrogen green. Oh. Um, well that seems, that seems extremely treacherous and probably very expensive. Yeah. You said this, fill in the siren. Green forest. Is that what you just said? That is exactly what I said mean. Anything to you? No, I’ve never been there before. Oh, the forest directly South of DIA stock. Sure, sure. Um, what, uh, pardon me while I confer with my fellows. What do I charge for this? I have no idea. I have no idea. You’re my manager. Ah, well you should always put yourself higher because you can always negotiate 10 gold. No, no, no, no. [inaudible] with your manager. Um, ah, let’s see. All right, there’s a, there’s like some, there’s seven of us. So let’s round up. Let’s do 10,000 gold. Gold. Do you drive a hard bargain? But I accept your proposal. [inaudible] older known woman. This master Tversky’s head turns slowly towards you. Macaroni. The eye is suddenly flashing with some strange temporary energy. 10,000, no more. That sounds quite acceptable. Yeah, but hold on a minute because I’m pretty good at making deals here. Uh, if we bring back said object, is there an additional payment? You know what I mean? Like when I do deals, it’s like a X amount of money for a body. Whatever. Okay. Just like what is the thing, cause you said there’s like some objects in there. If we pick him up, bring it all back together. Is it like if it’s complete we can, you know, get extra money if we find the pieces was the deal. Make a persuasion check and I will give her a Bardi against Barry Sheehan and I will reach out her and deliver. Hello? [inaudible] no, what I, what do I do? Four four plus. What’s your D 10 [inaudible] Rola 10 Maricia shit, I don’t have a 10. I don’t have a 10. Yeah, we got 10. Oh, Oh, Oh boy. Uh, 13. With all that [inaudible] the job was to retrieve the object and bring it back. I understand. I’m thinking, I’m thinking like a different kind of line of work. It’s fine. It’s all right. Yeah. This is just a, I’m sorry for object creature. I’m uncertain, but whatever it was that fell, please bring it back to me. Any other details you can tell us? Madam Tversky? I’d unfortunately, no, this is a relatively recent occurrence and um, you know, it ventures have the purpose, which is generally to, uh, to be the first on the scene. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Uh, thank you very much for your patronage and, uh, where we will meet you here. And you’ve returned with the bounty. You can find me within the Rose, nestled in here in stock. Find establishment of course. But before I leave, um, could you please sign my copy of your, okay. Oh wow. Would you like me to make it out to you? I don’t know. Just a signature is fine. You’re not going to resell this. Are you on eBay? All right. Terry and Darrington X X O kiss symbol. Heart. More Xs. More owes. There you are. Thank you kindly. All right, well good luck to all of you. I look forward to your turn. Goodbye. She turns around and starts exiting out across the drying lawn up to the main Gates. [inaudible] mr Darrington. Oh yes. We have a job. I mean, we have a job like always nice. I suggest in the future anything you sign your check for invisible ink. You never know what it is you’re signing. Oh, you said that very quickly when we were conferring, but you didn’t hear it. Oh, that’s true. You could have just signed something. You could’ve just like signed your life away. If she’s not wrong, you could have, Oh, that’s a thing that happens at this point, Lionel is hand claps on your shoulder. It’s like, did I miss something boss? Oh, hi Lionel. We are going on an adventure. Oh great. We’ve been hired to go retrieve an object that fell from the sky and it sounds great. Are you, are you feeling up to coming with us? Eh, not a bad dream is, but uh, I could probably use a night out or day out. What were you timeout dreams, man? It was just a lot of water and like just couldn’t get out of it. It was weird where you swimming in it or at times dive in and then coming back to the surface. I couldn’t though. The surface kept going away. Do you dream and duck [inaudible] do you? No, I don’t speak it. I, I don’t, I don’t know it, I mean I’ve seen her ducks quacking and whatever, but I don’t know how to say. It’s amazing the things they talk about when you’re not watching. I, I, I bet you you are correct, sir. I’ll teach you some time. Yeah, I’ll take you up on that on the road. Yeah. Okay. Well, um, we have a, uh, a bonafide adventure on our hands brigade. Uh, gather your things because we are skipping breakfast and moving straight to the action. I don’t know about stippling breakfast, but super fucking hungry. Come on Mark. You’re going to have adventure for brunch instead. Advents yeah, everything is a one liner. It’s amazing. It may not be a good fighter, but I like everything else about them. [inaudible] we’ll see Doug. Boy, we’ll see. Uh, let, let’s Mount up and leave. Uh, do we have any horses in the stable Terry? Oh, lion. I’ll, do we have any horses in the stable? No, unfortunately the last brigade members stole, uh, was given to them when they, when they were dismissed. Took their leave of absence. Yes. At our request. Go on vacation. [inaudible] [inaudible] like you need me to do this? [inaudible] Hey, as a special thank you to the people way up there with the person, the second balcony row. Why one, one, one check under his or her seat because there’s little prize for me to you up there. Is it a blue shit? Spoilers. All right. So as you gather your things, you rush off breakfast lists, South ward, that can be arranged. Um, you make your way South of the city of DIA stock eventually coming upon the beautiful, if somewhat ominous tree of the siren, green forest when the larger forests within the empire as you enter. At first it’s just, it’s green and lush and a soft floor beneath a beautiful canopy. This time of year, a few more miles in and it gets and darker the branches growing thicker and more intertwined. The shadows growing deeper and the sounds of wildlife getting more and more prominent. Who’s leading this brigade, by the way? Probably me. I would like you to make a survival check, please. No problem. Oh no. Uh, survival. Uh, that’s a 16, 16. I know these woods. You did, you grew up around here. You guys continue to follow Terry Ann’s lead passing by a few bumpier regions, but you happen to know a few shortcuts. Managed to avoid a couple of dangerous spots here in the saffron green. Uh, Lionel complains of a stomachache and that his duck sense is flapping wildly, but you managed to steer clear of any imminent danger eventually, as the day turns into night and right as you begin to discuss a time to camp, you come upon a site that you weren’t expecting. A very strange phenomenon where the trees begin to lose their leaves, where the trunks begin to lean in your direction. The forest, as opposed to this deep, lush green area, is becoming a flattened landscape of blackened bark and Ash. You see an entire region of Rocky ground of just flattened trees in a circular pattern, and in the center of it looks to be a crater of some kind. Does he take this down? As we approached the phenomenon, as we approached the phenomenon, wow, that’s new [inaudible] dirty turns over and glares at Hazel [inaudible], the new recruits looked to their fearless leader for guidance. New recruits look to their fearless leader. [inaudible] one in particular hung on every word of Terry and Darrington. We can rewrite this, but one in particular [inaudible] knew that no matter what was about to happen, they would be protected by his bravery, his power and his machismo. [inaudible] it’s an incredible honor to be traveling alongside you, Terry. [inaudible] Oh, maybe we should fan out and, uh, moving on the, the center of the crater from multiple angles is any, uh, any of you. Oh, uh, bare man. Uh, are you, are you able to check for traps and things? Uh, I’ve currently the stealth level of 18. Where are you? I’m right behind you. Oh, shit. [inaudible] thank you for, that’s amazing. Unnecessary hiding. Do you think you could scan the area for any traps or, or magical things? Maybe. Hold on, let me, let me think about this. Never actually done this before. Nothing like this. Anyway, let’s, uh, learning animals on your bike. I see. Any wildlife or make a perception check? 18, 18. Yes. Actually down by the craters edge, you can see a few, uh, shapes that appear to be either like grazing or animals. They may have wandered into the space. Are we trying to be stealthy about this or, I think so. I think that’s fair to say. Yes. There’s nothing to hide. Hide in on the, uh, on the way in is there, I mean, aside from the, the, the pine Lake trees that are all turned at an immediate horizontal angle and the branches that have been completely Cole of leaves, it’s like a loose tangle that you could try, but it’s not going to be easy. No. And I, yeah, and I don’t really know that I can try and check for traps. I’m not sure how that works, but, well then don’t do it. All right. I’m going to sell fan. I’m going to start a sell stuffing in one tree at a time, so we just watch him as he crouches totally visible sometimes. I’m gonna I’m going to, I’m going to climb a couple trees too, just to get advantage points. Okay. The highest you can get on any of these fight and treats is about three feet, auger, perch up top signaling you guys to continue your standing positions give you a better perspective than now. I think he’s telling us to move ahead. Yes. On Reforge. Alright. You guys continue for, are you going forward stealthily or not stuff? I would like everybody to roll. Self-check natural one. Oh yeah, the parties one row. Yep. Saroyan what’d you get? A 10 okay. Hazel 14 all right. Terry, eight for me and eight for Doty. Oh, that’s not good. That’s a natural three for a Lionel [inaudible] and charity rather. On top of buddy, I’ll have a trench to the throat. [inaudible] somehow making more noise in a one man band. Yeah. Yeah. As you quietly make your way, the smell of smoke and dirt that has recently been charred is strong in the air. As you begin to get close to the edge of the crater, the animal shapes you see, seem to notice you too far away to make out their details, but then they scatter a bit out of sight. You guys slowly make your way closer and closer to the edge of the crater. Some rock formations, you know, kind of higher areas, giving this kind of a bit of a shifting topography but completely stripped of vegetation. Slowly you can put on the exterior of this crater. You can see it delves down probably about 20 or so feet. Uh, probably about 30 feet across. And there it is. Before you, is there anything inside the crater, any, any objects you want go up and inspect? I feel like I should lead from behind volunteers, although every well yeah. Can I have the Kenos a L side of the bear so I can, I can help as well. You have the owl sight of a bear. I wrote down like six of these before the show. All right, so we have owl bear, buddy. Anybody else? Eagle. Alrighty. So 30 feet of blind sight. That’s true. Yeah. So [inaudible] go up to Damien. Yeah, I was thinking about it, but I mean, yeah, you don’t want to go down there. Yeah, we’re going up. Tarion no, no, I’m fine. To just sort of take in the sights from back here. Damien, if you’re going in though, would you like a little, uh, extra bravery or, or stamina as you go up there? Yeah, of course. Of course. All right. Do you wear boots or carry a shield? Wear a hat. Wear a cloak or have any armor. You can’t see my arm. I can’t you, you’re wearing armor. All right. I will. It’s my suit. Oh, it’s a power suit. That’s why I’m wearing it. I will touch it on it. I will touch your power suit and imbue it. Infuse it with a protection against [inaudible] acid. All right. You have acid resistance. Yeah. [inaudible] thank you. I feel exactly the same, but maybe that’s something that like kicks in later. Sure. You feel it in the moment. Yeah. Yeah. Was going up the Albury. That’s the reason missing technically. Are you still writing on the back of buddy? I think he said stay low. Giant overhand reaches up and slowly pushes that before they go. I will touch, I will touch buddy’s head. His hat is flaps and a, an infuse it with, uh, uh, making it a helm of telepathy. So now he can detect thoughts. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] see having a Superman moment with the, all the voices that want, no. Is it going all directions? Everyone around? No. You have to cast it. It’s, you just have access to that spell one like Oh, the bread and before the Albury takes off, I will give him a bardic inspiration. Cool. Yeah. All right. Well how much is that? You gave one, the 10. Whenever you want to use it. Keep that right there. I’ll just, I’ll just stand here next to Terry. Really, really close so that his hair blows in the breeze that’s coming in front of me. Is that coming from you? Oh, well I just thought it made you look more powerful. Uh, yeah. Cool. Preview. Why don’t you by my side at all times. Alright. All right. The three of you typically for carrying macaroni and tow, make your way a little further in coming to the lip of the crater. I’d like you all to make perception checks please. Which perception? Perception? No. Nine [inaudible]. Yeah, I’ll use that. D 10, 16, 14. Okay. I’m looking within the crater. You do notice, uh, first off there is an impact place at the bottom though wherever impacted here is either completely annihilated or is no longer here. Um, both owl bear and Damien noticed that the impact zone here based on the remnants of a handful of burnt feathers and the Ash like shadows that have been seared, the, some of the nearby rocks, the impact zone here was once at duck pond. Dude. No, his dreams, it should have been a goose. You have less to live for. Um, [inaudible] immediately glance back and notice that most of this journey line has been laying kind of clutching his stomach a bit and other like he’s been feeling well. It’s like this totem can sense. Oh, the terror that has transpired in the disturbance in the force. Yeah. Fourth, I walk up to, I go walk up to Lionel. I put my hand on his shoulder. A thing you’re feeling right now with that bit of your stomach. Yeah. I need you to use it. We’re going to find what did this and you’ll have your revenge. Revenge for what should I have waited? Was this way too early? I don’t know. I thought we were, I didn’t know. And he walks up to the edge of the crater and goes, what did you that feeling right there? He stands up. Yeah. Rages. You’ve noticed for the first time since you’ve known him. This is not a happy rage. Oh, I stepped back. Don’t you protect me. Dirty pushes Hazel in front of you. [inaudible] it is an honor. My captain. Pleasure should be chosen. Well, try go callers. What did you discover? Just just dead things you. However, because if your high perception that we’ve kind of gathered a little bit, you’ve been looking a bit further, you see what looks to be a handful of glittering slivers at the bottom of this crater and you also noticed there was a track of something heavy that had been dragged out of it heading in a Southeast direction. Southeast is a time to take a look at this. Maybe I’m going to jump down. You land in the center. I hide. Check 24 24 you throw yourself against the edge of the crater. Throw the Ash over the back of your shoulder and you know what? Yeah, not bad. [inaudible] Oh my God. [inaudible] I go over anything else? Not yet. See what happens. I’m going to slowly start making my way to the center of the crater. Okay. We all just stare. It’s more in the middle though. It’s weird. Are you kind of walking along the lines of gate? I walk over to Terry and Fairwinds. Okay. Hazel. Yeah. So it looks like there’s some, uh, shiny stuff down there, like a shiny slivers of some, and then yeah, I’m prospective is weird when you’re standing up on a thing and looking down at it. It could be big. It could be small, her rigging and uh, there’s some tracks where it looks like something was dragged. Oh, which direction? Southeast. Yeah. I, I, it’s a compass. Oh, that’s really smart. Uh, owl bear. Bring some of those slivers back when you come out of the crater. Tell me what, let me know what I see when I’m about 30 feet away. Well, you’re in the crater. I’m in the crater, which is about 30 feet across. So, so the minute you enter the crater and hide, you glance over your shoulder and you could see three, like quarter to dime sized flakes of some sort of a like an opalescent rock. Alright. Slowly walk over and not going to touch them. I’m just going to use one of my knives to inspect it. Okay. Um, for as dirty and ashy as the spaces here, they were very smooth. Um, and uh, very clear as you kind of lifted up a little bit, inspect that you can see it as like a very, very faint soft light that it just kind of generates very, very faint. But just enough in this kind of shaded space as the sun has been setting, uh, that you can, uh, you can very easily see that it’s generating its bit of light, right? I’m going to scoop it up and I’m going to empty my tinderbox and scoop them into my tinderbox without touching them. Okay. Box them up and I’m going to run up the side of the crater right back to everybody. Okay. Make an acrobatic strict. Uh, I have a easy Clive I can climb. You’re fine. Well you thank you. Alvera I’ll open the box and look. You see the same shards that he found them there. They’re beautiful. And give this like this low light and, and you can tell the way they’re broken. As you’ve worked with gems and such and creating objects and magical items, these appear to have flaked off something larger Harry and opens the box to reveal a magical Jim failed with splendor and [inaudible]. Yeah. Pick one up and look at it closer. He picks one up and he looks at it closer. Uh, it’s, it’s very beautiful. Aye. I don’t know what this is, but it seems to have come from, uh, an object from the sky. Whatever we’re dealing with might be extra planetoid planetary alien in nature down here from another, another could be. Yes. It sounds dangerous. Danger is not my middle name. Gary is, that’s true. That’s true. [inaudible] class, her little dog. We need to find tracks and move. Is anyone good at respecting tracks or anything like that? Didn’t you say there were some tracks? Yeah, I saw him, but I don’t know. You know a strain crumbling noise comes from the distance. So what does that, what’s going on? You turn at this moment, you’re having this conversation, you begin to hear this growling sound. The snarling did you bring your rescue dogs, you look up ahead and as, as the last bit of the setting, sun vanishes behind the mountains and the forest edges. You can see some of those animal creatures that you previously had scared off. It seemed to have returned only a much closer site, a much bigger than you anticipated woven in body but swollen in shape. Oh, maybe eight to 10 feet from foot to shoulder. Oh, red burning eyes. Bony spurs coming out of it. It’s a dire Wolf and you’re like, Oh direwolves these aren’t too bad. One of them was Ford was like, and you see like a faint bit of that glow that that glow. The, the shards had kind of embedded in its head and like under an eye and as it kind of snarls its head splits open and a weird little Tangela stay back Terry and exclaimed. I will smite you aware or you stand. Hey bolster. Yes, this is great stuff. As you all can. To circle back to back at the approaching creatures, they prepared themselves to lunge and the salt. You’re traveling bend right as they leave. We’re going to take a break. [inaudible] all righty friends and folks that’s very curious adventures. Definitely kicking off. We back here in a little bit. I’ve taken a short break. Restroom break. I’ll do any of the break you want to take. In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy yourselves. We’re gonna do the same and we’ll see you here shortly. Hey, what’s up critters. It’s Glen with OSD. I just wanted to send y’all a thank you message and my gratitude for all the hard work so far this month. The critters thus far have raised enough money to be able to impact over 400 veterans. We’re here in our warehouse. We’re putting together additional supply drops for our troops overseas, including a million cups of coffee, video games, lots of board games. As you can see, as well as putting together different supplies for our chapters that they’re doing out in the local community, whether it’s underprivileged kids, it’s the homeless, all these different things. We’re being able to make happen for veterans, by veterans and with veterans because we know that service to one’s community is so gosh darn important. So thank you again. If you want to continue to support, visit [inaudible] dot com slash OSD that’s CRA we’ve still got half the month to go, so if we’ve hit 400 now, let’s push it. Let’s try to do 800 and let’s really make a difference as we head through Thanksgiving into Christmas and into 2020 thank you again. [inaudible] [inaudible] hello. Last Tom on yeehaw game ranch. What the fuck? Where have you been man? Fuck more pissing my pants. Bless your minutes on our Jones. Very little thing. Yeah, the fucker re realm ported me here without you. This place is a little fucking weird man. It seems a little early for the holidays if you ask me, you know, but Oh, what discarded lump of call said, Hey, it’s never too early for the holidays. Okay, cool. What the fuck? I swear, dude, this shit is getting fucking [inaudible]. Oh, well you can call me by my travel name. Mary Sugarplum. Fuck. Twitter has two names, man. I can’t fucking do this anymore. This is getting excessive. Well, why don’t you kick the bucket? You cheer siphoning convent. Well, so originally when we married sugar plum, where are you on vacation? Well, yeehaw prehistoric ranch of course. Oh, my family comes here every year to celebrate the great calling of the AUV. The fuck. You’re from the prehistoric ranch. What’s that place like? Holden. Have y’all ever been to jungle ranch? Uh, yeah. I, yeah, basically that shit, but we’re dinosaurs. Wow. The old, the AUV really built a compelling and unique world. It sounds like you are building like a 13 year old skateboarder. It was so cigarettes under bleachers. Oh, that’s not untrue. You got arrested for that dude twice. Michigan farm. I don’t know. My, we usually get a little download when we first arrived at these new realms. Any thing we need to know about this snow covered, festive play. [inaudible] Mary, bring joy to others and most importantly, where you fuse the game. Soul. That’s cool. Wait, refuse the game soul. That’s like against it. Quad [inaudible] congrats. Yeah. Let’s see what this is about. Yeah, I’m just going to go ahead and Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. The controls are kind of inverted. Nope, I’m just bad. Are we winning? We’re winning this fight. I think we’re losing. Ah, we’re winning man. Um, Oh yeah. Okay. Oh, you got him? It was just the over for the droop. Only Dak Prescott can nail those up. Okay. No way. Oh, I should take it out of the plastic. Fucking snoring. Right now. A lot of people think, uh, maybe I’m not as good as I say that I am based on how they saw me play against those bots. But I guarantee you I’m far better. Huh? Do you want it? Do you want to have a, do you want to have a dual fees? You want to come out to the middle and we’ll turn our backs and we took around [inaudible] where are you? Where are you going to shoot? You fill. Get ready. Ready? Okay. Yeah. Stay on their side of the pumps. Yeah. There’s other part where you got to look away. Okay. So wait, wait. Yeah. Stay. Stay where you’re going to stay. Where you’re going to be in a row? No, stay. I’m turning. I’m turning away. Okay. Okay. I know what you fucking don’t. I will probably be the last man standing. Totally did that. Worst, but I killed myself at the same time cause I had to cover on the corner and look like a dumb ass. God damn. This game’s fun. Okay. This is max point. [inaudible] I’m not joking. Okay. Come out here to the center. Yup. See if you can jump over this thing. Yeah. Okay. So on the count of three, okay, let’s jump and see if we could shoot each other in the head. Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, jump on three. Yes. Jump and shoot on three. One, two, three. Very good. Wait. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Okay. One, two, three. We will leave out about one two, right? [inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible]. Hey everyone, the insanely talented Wilford L here. I’m excited to announce that I have a new late night talk show coming to the critical role YouTube channel on Wednesdays. All mini primetime is brought to you by the same creators as that one show with the hippie kid with the bracelets whenever that. Anyway, my show, mini primetime is a mini painting show for beginners and veterans in life or this handsome face teaches the critical wool CAS how to paint their own mighty nine minutes. We’re going to be focusing on specific techniques, fade, small detail work, and taking your money to the next level by adding your bits. So look for it soon on critical roles, neutral critical role. What is that? What is even a critical role? Oh, that’s right. That was the show with cash. [inaudible] subscribe or don’t subscribe. That’s not a question. Well that is nobler in the mind to ponder the pros and more pros of Twitch or Twitch prime or to take hands and gift new subs to creditors who find they can’t afford them to play, to sleep and by asleep to say the cast and crew of critical role might find that on apps around the hectic schedule of a live broadcast that we have brought for your consumption, both critter and fan alike to play or sleep. No sleep. But just to stream. Hi there. The rub. Well with your subscription. What strains? Macomb. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. That is a fucking tagline is we got that. Oh, that is Twitch poetry. Oh. Anyway. Um, subscribe to critical role use Twitch prime to subscribe gift some subscriptions. You, you got it. [inaudible] Ron Silicon for the skull. But uh, it’s been good. Hello everyone and welcome back. [inaudible] [inaudible] glad you enjoyed your break. I’m pretty sure we enjoyed ours or brief stops to the restroom. Um, but not further do this jump back into the story which we left off with snarling beasts. That seemed to be awkwardly changed by the nature of whatever bee fell. This part of the siren green as you rounded up, they leaped. I’ll be right back in the battle map. [inaudible] I know, I know. I know. Backlit. All weird. [inaudible] that’s so cool, man. Tongue guy. Very much the inspiration for this. Oh wow. So Matt, is that like coffee grinds all over it or something? It’s black palace material. You can get all sorts of a hobby shops. Wow. All right. So you snored it. Uh, you can, you can start a lot of things. You can do. All right. So do you guys have a preference of where you’re laid out before I placed the creatures, I’ll just run [inaudible] you got it. That’s so cute. There we go. I was standing next to Tarion wherever he is. Uh, and where are you? I’ll probably be a up a little higher ledge. There you go. A little perspective. All right. Dodie next to you please. Yes. And a yes. Yes. And I’ll be on the other side of Doty. I had, I had just gotten out of the, uh, out of the bed. You’d be probably over here like right next to them. Yeah. Alright. Fair one. I was actually standing next to Tarion. Oh man, we’re all clumped. That’s perfect. That’s great. Great. Those minis are gorgeous. The round to tell him what was going on. So I think I’m kind of [inaudible] the edge there. Yeah. Alrighty. And then I’m going to say that a Lionel’s been dragging a bit behind since his duck had been flapping so hard. I need you all to roll initiative. [inaudible] Oh, bad. Bad, bad, terrible. Alrighty. Let me go ahead and roll for these guys here. Oh yeah. Okay. A 25 to 20 shit. 20 to 1515 [inaudible]. All right. Oh boy. Oh boy. Those are your initials. Apple bear. Uh, [inaudible] 10 to 10. Alright. I wrote a 10. I wrote a 10 10 met group. 10 to five. Seven. Okay. Mars from stars. Five to one. Oh, I’m sorry. Seven. Seven for me and Dodi. Okay. But Harry and Terry, it’s seven, right? Alright. Alrighty. Open up the rear. We have Hazel Hawaii. I started sending like a strip club. De treat it. Oh, it is intimidating it hillsides. Hazel on stage three now on stage three. Make enough gold out there with venturing lemons. Anyway, first up are the creatures first up. Yup. Rolled really high. Oh shit. No less. Less. Less is more Matthew shit. All right. So as they shift over, it is rough terrain. So all movement through here is have [inaudible] 25 that puts them into contact with you. Al bear, two of them. Oh dammit. But gets to you Al pair. How can they see you? Oh God. See when we saw these things from far away, they look so much smaller. It’s weird. You know, like I was saying about perspective, you get close. It’s funny how it works out that way. Alrighty. So there’s two. Two of them are attacking you. Uh, how old fare, right? That has pack tactics. So they have advantage on their roles because there are two of them against you that brings it to a 15 to hit, does not hit you duck out of the way of its bite. The other one with advantage, that’s going to be a 26 to hit that hit. Alright. Take a bite at it. [inaudible] teen points of piercing damage and I need you to go ahead and make a strength saving throw for me please. I do not get any my special strength stuff yet, do I? No, you’re not raising yet. Nope. Strength savings on through. Yep. 19 okay. It tries to grab your leg and it’s biting into it. You can feel the pain and you managed to wrestle it out of his jaws. Report drags you to the ground attacking you buddy. That is going to be a 15 to hit 15 you could kick its head out of the way. Nobody shoe and then attacking you far away. That is going to be another 20 to hit tomorrow and you’ve just got hit. Oh man. Oh yeah, that hits, Ooh, we were monk chatting. Yeah, they got 19 points of piercing damage. Oh, and I need you to make a string saving for them. Yeah, that’s what I was commenting on is how weak I am. So that’s unfortunate that his strength saves. Well, you know, you can’t be good at everything. Natural twenties [inaudible] [inaudible] no worries. It goes to bite towards you and you actually grab the edge of it and snout just push it away. That brings us to our bear. At the top of your turn, as these creatures are smelling around you, but one that’s facing split, it’s jaw still hangs over with that one. Tendulkar whipping out. You looked at the other one and you see where it’s eyes are burning towards you. Two more eyes kind of pop out at odd angles in the head. I need you to go ahead and make a, I usually make a wisdom saving throw. Nope. Seven. You are frightened until the end. Shit. Okay. Of the creatures next term. Okay. Which one? Uh, that would be, well I guess role for this one now too. So roll again. That would be this one. Wisdom saving throw. Yup. Now you’re rolling for this one. Oh, that’s better. 1616. Okay. So this is the one that you’re frightened of. Okay. Well I would like to rage [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh, you fucker. [inaudible] it’s actually really simple. They’re so intimidated. The most intimidating felt I could find. Okay. I am going to make a, um, I definitely do not have advantage on either of these two. So I will make a reckless attack, um, on the one on the ground I suppose. Okay. Go for it. You have disadvantage on these attacks because you’re a frightened, but you have it, but you have an advantage. We all know you’re just into the frightened in the frightened state. Um, which means you have disadvantage on taxable that creatures in your line of sight. Um, but you, you took reckless just means it’s just a regular attack role. Yeah. It doesn’t, does raging, do anything to fear? Uh, not your base of, not mine, not my version. Alright. Take my regular attacks then. Stick to attacks. Come on. Oh yeah. Uh, that’s uh, that’s a, uh, two 22 and uh, 20 1,827. Yeah. Okay. Both hit Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Uh, where’s my, see I’m hitting these with my claws. So I want you to talk into your character voice the whole time. First attack has sneak attack damage. No sneak attack cause it is not in, in a melee with another ally of yours. And you didn’t have advantage of it. I do not have technical advantage. Oh man. Sorry buddy. It’s fine too. [inaudible] sorry buddy. Five, uh, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 17 points of damage. Nice macaroni. You’re on deck. Uh, and I use my phone aside rage and yeah, I can’t, I can’t, uh, I just heard that. Yeah, I can’t, I can’t really move without getting two more attacks on me. Can I? Nope. All right, I’ll hold that finishes your go macaroni. You’re up with Damien on deck. Yeah. Told you. What’d you, what’d you prefer mr Samsonite? I’ll see all of those things coming out of the forest and like Bobby and I were cast freedom of movement on bottle. Alrighty. Uh, and with my bonus action, I were cast one of the, the little Wolf people. Sacred flame is a bonus action. However, there’s a camp trip, the canned trip. But is it an action or a bonus? Action. Oh, it’s a action. Yeah, I could take it. My bonus action. I’m like move bitch. There you go. And you’re staying put on top of buddy buddy. Yeah, still got it. All right. Finishing macaronis. That is now Damien’s turn with Tarion Dodi Ron and buddy on deck. All right, so, uh, I’m going to touch my lapel and uh, I’m going to activate a Hill. Rune, which actually at the top of your turn, no, cause you’re not, you’re not right next to one on you. Go. Continue. I’m going to activate a heel, rune, which is a bonus action where I gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing. Uh, and then I’m going to go ahead and attack this one in front of me right here. Yeah. All right, let’s give him a go. Move in next to owl. Bear to strike. Come on. Okay. It was cocked. I didn’t remember. We’ve got to get you a to do 20. Well, I just, I love it. I know it’s pretty bad, but it is like designed to be a cock roll, like 40% of all the other percent of the time. Sometimes it’s like 20% of the fair enough be a 19 to hit for the first to hit hits. Okay. So [inaudible] uh, uh, that would be a 10 for the first hit. 10 points of damage to the first strike. Alrighty. I feel like I’m forgetting something. Alright, I’m going to roll again. Second attack, uh, 1616 hits cake. Let’s do this again. Uh, seven for the second hit, seven points damage and the second hit you rushed forward and with your blades out, both stilettos sink one into the side of its chest and then stabbed the other underneath where it’s rib cages. As you pull both out, you can see like the blood gush from each wound. And then in each puncture wound a small like weird, fleshy finger goes. Oh, what the fuck? That’s gross. I wrote the wrong thing or the wrong guy. 10 is for the second head. Gotcha. So it’s 10 instead of seven. Got it. Cool. [inaudible] finish your turn. Yes. Alrighty. Tarion Dodie far Owen and buddy. You guys choose who goes first? I’ll say based on the dexterity, some say probably far away. All right. Um, Oh shit. Okay. I’m gonna. Um, what was that? It was the tiniest celebration. Hi decks. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. I know I’m gonna, I’m gonna do some monk shit. Yeah. I’m gonna leap off of the ledger. I’m standing off of the ledge. Yeah. But I’m gonna. Um, I’m gonna, um, dirty rejoices, I’m going to partially land on buddy and then kick off of him and try to take a fly and leap down while I’m swinging my dual blade that I got from Tarion and slashed down at the, uh, yeah, that guy right there on this side. Alrighty. Go make an acrobatics check for me. Oh. Oh, monk shit comes with a cost. Cool monks. Shit like that. 17 y’all would ya, that’s high enough, right? So you leap push past Hazel, jump in the air, grab on temporarily to the top of buddies. Oh, we have a followup celebration, both that and then the land right on top of the top of one of the fallen trees right next to this Wolf. Whew. That definitely succeeds. All right, I’m gonna. Um, by the way, as part of this leap, as you’re rushing away from that Wolf, it doesn’t get attack opportunity on it. Oh, Oh I was right next to one. Yep. They talked to you last round. Oh, I didn’t realize. Now you do cause it hits you with a 24. Yeah, for 14 points of piercing damage. That guy’s a piece of shape. [inaudible] I didn’t want to take words. Okay. Go ahead and roll a roll. Your D 10. What is that? Oh cut. I couldn’t understand what you were saying. Your accent was weird. I’ve never done a bird. Oh Oh six does it brings it to 18. What’s your [inaudible] 18 still hits. You make a string saving throw for me please. And DM, which is the one that bit her, the one that’s furthest from you when she ran from it. Fuck me. Seven seven. So that cool moment in your head where you’re like all of a sudden to be so wrapped and I leap off and do this, you go and make that first step and it totally knocks you to the ground. Ah, and QSI kills its own beer there. It’s fine. I should probably put other things there. Okay, cool. Cool, cool, cool. Uh, so you, you can keep going. It doesn’t have Sentinel whenever I’m so used to two people send on my party. Jesus Christ. So you take Oh no you’re not gonna knock prom cause it was, it’s a trip no matter what I was trying to do. You got to do that as a reaction. He could do the whole thing as a reaction. His reaction. This is bite attack. All right, cool. Cool, cool. You can use your movement to get back up. If does it cancel the attack? I just did or would it would probably go to him, I’d say. Okay. So did it land then against him or do I need to do, I rolled 19 plus 10. Yeah, that would hit all right then in my head I was spinning my dual Glade that I got from Terry, but I ended up hitting this thing that knocked me down instead. Alright. Right. You’re using half your movement to get up before the attack. Right. Are you using? Happy moving to get up after I hit him. Okay. Last advantage on the first attack then cause I’m on the ground cause you’re on the ground unless you want to get up first. That’s what I was asking. Let’s get some clarity here. Alrighty. 13. Oh wait, I’m going to use my key point I don’t remember to done is dry gum. Yeah. So it’s um, it’s 13 points of damage and then I’m going for a stunning strike. Got it. 16 does what he needed. Yeah. So he’s exceeds and resistance. Fortunately. That’s fine. Um, got your next, the tech tech. Uh, I’m going to hit him again with my Duke lave as well. All right, cool. 18 minutes. All right. All right. That is 11 points of damage. Nice. And then flurry of blows. Go for it. Two more strikes, an armed attack. Ooh. Uh, 18, 18, and the other one hit doesn’t hit, I’m assuming for 1212 does not hit. All right. Woo. That’s good. 10 additional points. Nice. Alrighty. That finishes your turn. That’s all I got. All right. That brings us to your dexterity is 11 buddy. Where’s your dexterity? Okay. Okay. Buddy goes first. At the first though, buddy, I need you to go ahead and make a Whistler saver there for me for work. The, the frightening appearance of this creature are true for all right. [inaudible] seeing this funny at time too. You’re fine. Switch what you do on your turn. Well, he just got freedom of movement cast on him and he’s already a good jumper. So he goes and he starts hopping up and down and bounces around to the backside of this thing on the sun. Uh, no. Um, between the Wolf. Between him and the whole first time. So like over, yeah. Over here. Uh, Nope. Uh, I split the diff split. Split. No. Oh, there we go. Gotcha. Yeah. And he’s going to shove the monster. Yeah. Okay. [inaudible] everybody’s brilliant. Everyone seeing everything for the first time. It makes sense. All right, Darren, turn. [inaudible] double checking the shove action. Uh, all right. So show me the attack. Yeah. So yeah, go on. Rolling. Attack. We’re gonna sit and make a tackle. You make a strength. Athletics check. Uh, athletics. Yes. Norton. June, oof. Nine, nine. As you run around and then slam the side of this weird mutated Wolf and then tumbles off down into the crater prone. Alright? Okay. All right. Finishing your turn. That brings us to Taryn and Dodi. Uh, I will say, uh, Doshi, make me proud and command him on my bonus action to go attack that Wolf, uh, down a step from him. Okay. He swings. It’s a good rolling attack for him. Oh yeah. 19 plus like 19 plus four 2323 definitely hits. Okay. One DEA plus two. So that’s four points of damage, but I am going to add an arcane jolt to his attack. Adding four D six damage, 46 force damage. Uh, okay. 15 more points of damage. So that’s 19 points total. Um, then for my movement, I will hop on the broom and fly down to the owl there. That room is really amazing. Yes, we should get one and I will cast heroism on the owl bear. He needs it. You gained four extra hit points. No big deal. But you’re immune to fear. [inaudible] concentration. It is concentration. All right. Good to know. Okay. Do I fall to my death? No. Okay. You’re fine. You’re fine. Finish your turn then. Uh, you get, actually you get four extra hit points at the start of each of your turn. Oh. So he just keeps healing. Nice. That’s amazing. That’s my turn. All right. Finishing their go. That brings us to Lionel. Lie knows is going to go ahead and leap up half this woman to get up to the side, push through, and go ahead and join. Next to far win against this other beast on the tall part of the platform, pulling his great sword out, going the steer away from my new friends. That’s going to be a page hello hits second attack also hits. Oh, he probably would’ve reached beforehand, so I can do that in the DM. Andy rolled number one’s in the attack, which is not great, but that’s okay. That’s still decent amount. Second tech, that’s better of having a six on that one. Oof. That guy’s looking real rough already. That’s gonna finish line L’s. Turn the bases to Hazel. [inaudible]. Oh right. Everyone sees me. Slept in a, another, a wax cylinder into my belts. I adjust my audio phone. The Derrington brigade with great resolve leap into come back with great force. The Elberon flashes in a brilliant display of a Mike din fury and I cast PI road techniques on the Alabama. Huh? You know, I wrote Oh night. The year was 1943 the place was toweled [inaudible] [inaudible] creating smoker, fireworks. I am creating fireworks. Alrighty. What’s your spell? DC. Uh, 1717. All right. Both of those hin feet. All creatures. I need Dodi and Damien to make uh, constitution saving throws. Okay. It’s okay. It’s a fail on that wall. A fail on both wolves. They are both blended on that side. I will. I wait who’s making saving throws? Oh shit. Well then as my reaction, I will, I don’t know if I can do this. I will flash my genius at myself. Sure. I will take a glimpse, glimpse my end and check the rules. Terry and Darrington. I’ll let you [inaudible] [inaudible] I’m going to check, check the shine of my armor and I can see a reflection of my face and an inspires me and gives me an extra four points. This is what you kind of save constitution. Uh, okay. That’s a 20 then you’re good. Natural 20 [inaudible] and with great fury, the Alabama forces sparks fly from his wings as he looks towards the direwolves in incredible Bangor. Check, check, check. All right. It’s now the beginning of their turn again. Oh no two that are blinded. Um, ah man. Yeah. Well in the sand down here is going to go ahead and just have it and to get up, it’s going to use restituted to get back up here and that’s all I can do. So it’s locked into you buddy. Those two are gonna stay put cause they’re blinded, kind of shaking their head and snapping and river sound there. That’s one that’s gonna be taking you. Damien one’s attacking you. Al bear. And then went up top there. It’s going to go ahead and circle around. On top is going to attack Lionel. Whoa. So the one, two attacking you. All right, so Al bear. Yeah, that is going to be a 15 Nope. All right. Attacking you Damien. That’s going to be a 13 Nope, no fricking blind. Uh, attacking you buddy. That’s going to be a 24 to hit. You suffer 15 points of piercing damage and make a strength saving. Throw for me please. [inaudible] uh, uh, 19 you, it bites your foot and tries to drag you, but you’re just too heavy and too big and it’s more just tickles and annoys [inaudible] then attacking Lionel up there that hits, Oh 16 points of damage to Lionel. Remember Alabama [inaudible] I’ve given you heroism. You’re not just some Renegade anymore. You’re a superhero. Oh, Lionel is knocked prone. It’s like, Whoa, that’s bad. That’s really bad. Oh no boss. All right. That ends that go top of the combat round now is Al bear. You heal four points, four points. You are no longer afraid, no longer afraid. Do I have advantage on either of these two? Uh, you don’t have advantage unless you want to attack recklessly, but you are, you are currently in a melee or Damien’s and melee with this one who’s blinded. Actually, you have an advantage on both of them regardless because they’re blinded. So yes, you do. Well, the one that’s the one that’s taken the most damage, I’ll attack first. Okay. That would be this one, right? Natural 20 [inaudible] the Swan song of the rogues. First strike. So it’s just double dice, right? [inaudible] let’s sneak into that plus sneak attack, which is also, yep. Is there a brutal critical woman? 13. It’s not high enough. Level barbarian yet. 70 years to 1734 when seven 30 17 times 70 times two 30, 34 plus three for three, four, five, six or seven 38, nine 40 40 points of damage has, they’re just stabbed right into the head. Draw the cloth. It has, it has the four eyes that it emerge from its body and you just really slam claws and each one of them, all the eyes blink out and it screeches before it falls in slumps over the pit. Dead. [inaudible] turn to the other one. Oh, and attack. All right, so your bonus action offhand? No, I’ve got two attacks per, I’ll try to tax per tag and you have under section, um, that’s a 20, uh, 26 to head that hits. It’s not gonna do nearly as much damage, but still good. It’s still good. Uh, that’s, uh, six, 10 points of damage. 10 points of damage. Alrighty. Um, and then I’m going to disengage with th well, um, this one’s blind, right? So it is mine. I’m just going to run over to the one that just knocked Lionel down and I can, I can, I’ve, I’ve got 20, 20 feet of movement. Can I make that money? You can get right up to there. Yeah. All right. And then for my M my bonus action, I’ll throw a dagger at him. Actually, you will be able to get in that far, but you still throw a dagger out and that case on my way out, I’m going to hit, hit that dude one more time on the way out then. Okay, go for it. Yeah. Uh, like 23 to head, that hits criminal damage. Uh, four, five, six, seven, eight, 10 points of damage. 10 points. Damage looking to hurt. Alrighty. It’s don’t ask him why buy me the bell tolls. Macaroni. It’s your turn. Your death’s gonna be grizzly. [inaudible] we have so many funds. Don’t be stealing them. That’s hot. There are no, now see on the Walton house a third level. All right. On the three remaining doggies. All right. After all, Christmas saving throw, they get saving throws, right? Yup. I love banging wisdom. You said a charisma, charisma fail. Uh, 15, 15 saves. All right. And natural one. So two of them. Two of them fail. This one fail and this one fails. Yeah. Alrighty. Oh God. Um, I just throw stop before neck gas. Opposite of bless. They lose a [inaudible] on the loose mountain. Tiny certain way. You cast it through levels since at first level that affects three creatures. How about at first level though? What does that then? Oh, how about moons? No one gets loved. [inaudible] yes. We’re the bonus auction tonight. Casper to welcome. Is that how this shit works? Yeah. One of them has to be a can trip. Alright. But that, that’s a turn. Alrighty. Damien, you’re up. Okay. Uh, at the beginning of your turn, because you, even though it is blinded, it’s vis just still terrifying to you. Go ahead and make a wisdom saving. Throw for me please. Come on. Nice. You are frightened of it. Shit. It is also blinded so they can’t slay each other out. If you are to attack it, you up to you. What do want to do? Okay. I’m going to attack it. Go for it. Alright. First tech does not hit or, well, hold on, let me just double check that it does. 12 it 12 does not second hit. That is 23 out of bang and a, with my bonus action, I’m just going to use my flame tongue stiletto just to see how this thing works and I’m going to ignite. It’s fire. It’s fire. Okay. It’s good. Whole damage for the, uh, the attack. Yeah. 21 points of damage. Nice. Woo flame freaking out. Backing up its head, kind of flapping in the areas where it’s cracked open. You carve across it with the secondary strike of the stiletto. The fire catches on it’s fur and it’s not like burning in the size. It’s screeching into the night. It looks pretty, pretty damn hurt. The finish your turn name. All right. That brings us to a far away, right? Eight um, is that Wolf that’s next to a Damien? Is that within 30 feet of me? Can I tell it’s within 30 feet. All right. Then I’m going to turn to it and see everything that Damien’s do into it. I’m gonna use my, uh, arm that slid up with wind glyphs. I’m going to, uh, attack it with fist of unbroken air. Go for it. Go ahead and roll on attack. Woo. Woo God. Oh, that was aggressive. That was good. Oh wait, I don’t wait. I don’t roll an attack. It’s an automatic thing. You have to make a save against. Oh gosh. It was a good role to do math. Um, strengths. Safe minus D for that is AR 10, 10. Ooh, good veils. So it takes three D 10 bludgeoned and damage dam and that would be a eight plus eight is 16, and it’s pushed 20 feet back. And it’s not to pro as you turn around, concentrate your energy, the glyphs glowing on your arm. You pull back and in one very solid Hudu motion, you release this burst of radiant aura energy that causes this wind blast to strike the side of it. It ever gets logged in the air skids this far and is no longer moving. Yeah, and then for my bonus action, there’s another attack or is it an action? It’s an action. And then for my bonus action, I’m going to leap over Lionel and do some crazy monk shit and I’m not flurry of blows. Unfortunately. If the ability you did wasn’t an attack action, you can’t do a flurry of blows [inaudible] I’m going to leap over him and just hit him with one hit some very reasonable monk shit instead of very just just some, just your average sane monk shit leap over and leap over him. Why don’t I leap over and I’m going to land on his back and punch down. Go for it. Go for the attack. That was 16 plus eight so I think that hits definitely hits a can I use a key point to make it a F now I’m not going to do that. In some ways. He’s really hurt. Six points. Six points. Yeah. Looking really hurt. Really, really hurt. Your writing on its back now crashing around. You’re grabbing the [inaudible]. Oh, I thought I was going to do it. Oh no buddy. You’re up dog. Go. [inaudible] what did he for the first way harder for their sons. Right. Definitely hits that. Oh, brewers were on news 12 nice. [inaudible] Oh so 12 the second impact pits and it cracks. I think part of it’s the back leg and it snaps in a rears around. You can see where the leg is kind of dangling in the socket and then where that’s kind of torn a bit. Another leg kind of grows out. Oh, you’re [inaudible]. He’s going to circle around away from me. Alright, so that he and I are flanking that. Whoa. There we go. You got it. Finishing buddies go. That brings us to tearing into, Oh, don’t, don’t, a lot of us go at the same time. Yeah. Oh, but it’s my turn. Let me like, you guys all know I’m going by the dexterity. I will bonus action. Say toady, finish that one off and he’ll climb up and attack, go for it and roll, uh, 15 to hit the teen. Justin’s. Okay. Uh, he scores seven points of damage. Terry rushes up Dody or sip, Terry punches a solid foot and a half into it. Middle of its torso, pulls the arm out and it kind of slumps to the ground far when you kind of like stumble off of its side, it’s completely destroyed. Uh, I will use [inaudible]. I will also, uh, imbue that shot with an arcane jolt. Not to add damage to that attack though, but to command Dody to heal Lionel by four D six. Oh and he heals Lionel 10 points. Nice. Uh, that’s my bonus action for the record. I don’t fits to the unbroken air isn’t a spell, it’s an actual attack. So technically, technically, technically I could have done very uploads, but that’s okay for future reference. Right. Books coming out. It’s always dangerous when the book comes out. Damien, you scared. Nah, you’re not scared. I had the thing and they like disappeared in like a flurry. There is the attack action. And then there is as an action, you spend two key points in choose a creature and it has an effect on it. The bonus action, getting able to attack it just says, taking a minute. Flurry blows. She says after the attack, if you take an attack, actions are real D and D table folks, this is what happens. [inaudible] understand the attack action is when you just do your two attacks. So if you do the pop pop, as other monks would say, then you get to spend a key point to do Floria blows. But that ability is an action. It’s not considered the attack actions you can’t find. Okay, but good looking out. Uh, and for my action, I’ll fly over to the Al Alphabear and infuse his, what are you wearing? That’s a carcass. Fuse his cowl with cowl of the bat. Making him sort of a bat man. [inaudible] in do in dim light or darkness. You can fly like a bat. God. And I believe it’s getting dim, isn’t it? It’s post sunset. Yeah. God. [inaudible] you’re saying I can fly like an Albertan? Yes. Amazing. Alrighty. The finishes your turn. Tyrian Hazel, you’re up. Okay. Oh, good. As a daring. Tim brigade quickly makes work of the giant Wolfie beasts. Buddy snaps the hind legs of one of the wolves. And you hear a thunderous clap through the woods and I cast thunder. Clap on that guy. All right. What’s the range on Thunderclap? Your feet? A hundred feet. Hmm. You’re right. Yeah. Your narrative. Yup. Newt new character. Five feet. Five feet, five foot range. Five foot within five. Oh wait, wait, wait. You creates a burst of the enterocyte and that can be heard up to a hundred feet away. Heard, heard? Hmm. Yeah. A hundred feet each Creek range where the [inaudible] gotcha. [inaudible] Oh yeah. Yeah. You cranked it up to 11. What’d you guys do that trip? So just the, just, just everything. But he hears it. Creatures within five feet are the ones that need to make the concert. Only things within five feet. Creature within Moraine. Yes. Which means, Oh yeah. So you gotta you gotta move up to him if you want to, but then why does it say, Oh, but it can just be heard. Yeah. Wow. What a weird spiff specification. Why would you put a hundred feet in your spelled thing of, it’s just like, it can be heard a hundred feet way. This is just how it went of rehearsal guys. We even work in the errors to give it that flavor of orthos and authenticity. Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Okay, so wait, wait, wait, wait, fuck me. As I give my description, I climb now and the mountain doesn’t hit crime over and the, Oh and then you hear a Tundra’s plan. All right. Is a failure. So you can roll your tutee six six damage, six damage. The sound echoes out. You see two clusters of birds from the nearby trees and you’re pretty sure you’ve alerted everything within a certain radius of the forest. A hundred feet, a hundred feet, and the site was glorious. Alrighty. Def finishes your attorneys, the top of the room. It is now the Wolf’s turn in a bad position. However you’ve got it. Detention, Hazel. Uh, would that, would that clap? So it’s gonna go ahead and turn, try and bite you. And it’s a page 17 to hit hits. Alrighty. You suffer 11 points of piercing damage and make a string saving fair, please. You 22, 22, your fine, mr. wrench, yourself free from its jaws. That ends its turn. Throw my tuba, Adam. Good call. All right Al bear that uh, he’ll four points. He, he’ll four points. I turned and looked at the, uh, the last last of these creatures. I just left I L O and I leap off towards it. Full speed running or flying. Going to glide just like an hour there. It’s engaged, right? Yes. That’s a tendon. Now that’s going to miss. Sorry. It’s all right. I’m going to go again. That’s a 24 to hit. I’d get there. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. [inaudible] uh, I want to reroll that I can do that. Everyone. Yeah. I gotta things that didn’t matter. Nevermind. A nine, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 points of damage. 70 points of damage. Got it. Oh, it’s still standing. I’m going to go standing bonus action under section, uh, 21 to hit that hits come on. And that’s uh, 12 points of damage, 12 points of damage as you eviscerate the side of it, pulling back, angrily spitting its own blood at you. Uh, it’s barely standing, but it’s still standing. Look at me. Look at me. [inaudible] macaroni. It’s your turn. Try and make eye contact. I will cast sacred flame. Alrighty. It’s a 13. Ah, no. 15. Yup. Just go ahead and roll damage on that. That is 13 points. How do you want to do this? [inaudible] look down and say nobody hurts my friend. Perfect. As you finish your squeal of divine Warchester mind, you see it kind of rear back look you up in the face with its head kind of tilted and then just liquefies into the ground as the flame burns and causes it to congeal into basically returning to the Ash around this burn and charter landscape. Oh. And with incredible tenacity, Terry and deals. The final blow off. [inaudible] I like you a lot, Hazel. Thank you. I do captain. Excellent work brigade. Those wolves had extra eyes and tentacles coming out of their mouth. Yeah, those were like full blown direwolves they were something else. I haven’t seen anything like it’s around these, these woods. Maybe it’s the, uh, the result of some sort of evil magic that has to do with this crater. Our leader pontificated. Yes. While we think on this, we should follow any other tracks that we had seen to see the source of this nightmarish magic. What of tracks are they? I want to check the tracks. What do they look like? Make an investigation check. It’s not the nature of Jack or anything like that. Sophistication check. That’s fine. That’s fine. I can do that. I like that. You’ve got like permanent IO holes where your LMS, it’s on your head. One for the elders and one for the bears. 1313. Okay. Inability check. Yeah. The single check of his, I will wave my hair around and give them an extra before. Okay. Flash D for just a four Oh four more. Okay. 17 so looking at the, the, the groove that kind of grinds itself up and out of the crater and leading in a South direction. I’m looking at it. You find that there are some other signs of footprints narrow in nature. Check 24. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s hard to tell precisely what these feet are, but they appear to be. Well [inaudible] shut the fuck out. [inaudible] no, Lionel, do you sense anything? I mean, in a sense, a lot of things right now, boss. Um, like it’s a lot in my colon. A lot in like the back of my neck, left shoulder. Just let that rush wash right off your back though. But nothing, nothing. Uh, nothing specifically duck related hitting you. Let me go ask them. I can’t, they’re all dead. [inaudible] I’m just feeling sorry. Are there any other birds or or otherwise around there was until the Thunderclap. [inaudible] right. W w which direction did these tracks lead? Mr have spotted them. Bad. Hell there man are the ones that way. That way. Yeah. That way right there. I say we follow them. Yeah. We should go. Uh, we should go Southeast. Southeast. Are we gonna sit and have a snack and maybe take a rest? Do you need that? Well, only if everyone else does, you know, hurt and stuff. Cause I’m sitting up here. I’m a little hurt. You’re a little hurt about it. I’m a little hurt. How the fuck do healings spells work? Well, by 11 I mean 33 points down. Woo. You’re, you’re take 10 minutes. Some that, that required touching some of the interest that have distance of their touch. They heal a bit more. If they take 10 minutes. Give me a fucking second. Okay. Dody take this down and do you want to take a second? I mean, what do you want? I am quite the skilled campfire builder, just known and out there and I’ve got a great audio book. If we want to take a minute with the Derrington brigade does not rest. When we are on a mission, we continue forward and forge ahead because we are the proud the few, the Bergen deans [inaudible] have a mission that must be accomplished so that we can go. Can you say that last line one more time so that we can go thank you. Got it, Scott. It, he’s got it all pointed. What would heroism had topped me off at this point. Where does that last for one minute. So you would go, yeah, I’m totally healed. Nevermind. Can I jump down and out and run over the feral roam and use cure. Woo. [inaudible] yes. Yeah. What level? I’m third. The third level. All right, so three D eight plus your wisdom modifier. Set a note. Rest. We’re doing a quickie quickie Hill. It’s just moving because Taryn says so because we’re all making a lot of money off of this. Oh wait, no we’re not. You can actually write down your share of the 10,000 gold as a in kind donation and get that amount taken off of your taxes at the end of the year so that 10,000 in gold goes not to the people, to the people of wild Mount. Oh, okay. I’m a people of wild man. Two points of Hiloni frontal. She’s really nice. Shit’s a florals. If you need to rest we, we can. Well, no macaroni. Just use the spouse. Do I feel bad? Are you okay and fine. All right, buddy. Ribs, a massive rank fart. I’m going to stay down here for a second. Just climbs Rosalyn macaroni. Thank you for doing a solid to your teammate. I will. I will infuse your boots with teleportation. I’ve got lots of power. If I’m going to stay down here with you guys, can you not do something to uh, my phone? What does that mean? It’s called a Oh wow. What does that, it’s a fucking look up. [inaudible] Oh shit. Sorry. Look, it’s got some crazy ass letters in it. Equal. Why is it go? Was it a weapon? It’s in the book and it steps. I can’t do shit to that, but I can give you boots of teleportation. So on bonus action, you can tell the port 15 feet Dom, that’s going to go well just once or like all the time. Just once. Oh fuck. And while I’m giving out stuff, you’ve got your horn. I’m going to infuse that with my last infusion of the day. It is now also a pipe of the sewers. Well you can rough review, man. You can summon a swarm of rats. If you roll high enough, they’ll listen to you, not just a swarm of rats. So she can Louie Armstrong some rats out of her. The sound it makes however is terrified. Orson Welles, the one on Holy Brown note. So there are tracks. Oh yeah, we should go in that way. You’re following the tracks continuing on into the early evening, about another hour or so before you reach the base curvature of the serious mountains. The tracks glide into what looks like an opening to a subterranean chamber. Do you enter the chamber? We probably should. Go ahead. Pharaoh in Earl. Go. You’re the front. All right, so buddy’s going to the front and Fairwinds and who’s with Fairwinds jump in with Sarah. You go, I’ll get [inaudible] and then who’s after them? Hazel. Lionel, come into. Yup. I’ll be behind. Hazel Dody will be behind me as an observer. I’m bringing up the rare, Alrighty. Like I have a full scope when I’m reporting on descending into this. Just boom, frog man. Eight to 10 foot wide cavern, extra stunt, a super deep descendants and it’s a relatively shallow decline. Um, but as you walk in the cave itself, it smells the old water and fungus. Uh, the winding damp Rocky path eventually opens up into a large chamber with a pool of water that sits across the way you can see peeking from the surface of the water, a large shimmering stone. Very similar in appearance and glow as to the shards that you had found within the crater itself. Now what do you guys see up there? Bottled found a rock. Yeah. It looks like it’s the same shiny stuff that was in the crater. I think this is the, the, you know, the main part of it. Oh, like the media? Yeah. Yeah. The media itself. [inaudible] please. Yes. Especially if there’s something behind it. Yes. Back up. He just starts, he’s done backing up towards the entrance and this cabin and go. I’m just gonna like go against the wall and see what happens. Okay. Buddy is dumb as bricks. He’s already marching out towards this rock. Okay. Are you guys following buddy? Or you’re all staying in the hallway? I’m following the battle. Staying in the hallway. I’m gonna. I’m just gonna like stealth and try to hide on the corner of that house. Get her up on the chiller. The, okay Marvin share. Why not? I’ll I’ll follow. Yeah, I’m gonna follow. Alrighty. Final follow? Sure. You want to follow the three of you are staying behind? Yes. I’m going to hide. All righty. I’ll follow kind of to the side in case there’s another one of those fights. Okay. [inaudible] it’s kinda like a second snack. Oh you’re welcome. Sorry. Approach bounding towards, you can see that the glittering a stone itself, size-wise, it probably sits at about, I’d say anywhere from six to 10 feet across like it’s a large stone and you only seen the top of it. That kind of peeking out the top of the water surface. As you approach the water hood, it sits in, begins to ripple around the stone, the lights sort of sparkle and dapple across this giant goggles and he just is gonna reach for a truck to lift it is what he’s going to do cause he’s real smart. Okay. What are you doing? Where did you get a map for this camera? [inaudible] guys. Austin has been amazing. You guys. [inaudible] what else is amazing? The fourth floor merchandise. It’s stuff that you can only get here at this show. Oh shit. Oh boy. Whoa. Oh no. Wow. Wow. That’s huge. Wow. So the three of you would be up here by the entrance. Hazel Tarion and Dodie. [inaudible] buddy is rushing towards the edge here. I’m going to, the stone is right here in the middle. It’s in the water. Yep. I’m going to hide if I can behind one of those, like I’m going to try and sneak in and over here and one of those. You’ve got those little bikes over there. Yeah, over here you mean? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Firemen. Where are you going? I’m going to crossover and hide behind the pillar on the other side. We’re here. Right there. All right. Go ahead and roll. Self-check. All right. Go for it. And Damien, where are you going? Yeah, I’m going to go stand next to Fairwinds. All righty. 21st telephone. You’ve got it. Alvera natural one. [inaudible] [inaudible] so you carefully lean against the stalagmite cracks and crumbles to the ground loudly. I’m just going to pretend to be the stalagmite from Owen. Okay. [inaudible]. The impact of the broken rock causes the chamber to quake a bit. And this, as you begin to like Wade into the water a bit, buddy, the stone begins to move upward from the pond arcs. Kiki peeking from the surface, you see the sparkling stone and it begins to reveal beneath it and engulfing it. A massive swollen duck like creature [inaudible] green feathers and flesh. It’s burning eyes staring towards you. As for terrible whipping, technical limbs protrude from its body. This stone is embedded within its back with dark veins visibly riding around where it’s Piering from its body. Let me see. Oh God. Oh God. It’s a duck. Tapas. Duck. Duck. Duck to toe. [inaudible] Oh my God. Save. I need you guys. [inaudible] [inaudible] yes. Oh my God. We must protect him at all. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] do you all to roll initiative against scrap through though? [inaudible] [inaudible] Alrighty. 25 to 20 2020 [inaudible] Alrighty. We have Damian, what’s your dexterity? My dexterity is, Alrighty. So, uh, 20 to 15. Oh uh, 13. All right. Alrighty. 15 to 10 Oh, sorry. 1414 is Alrighty. Then we have up the end there. Macaroni never gets old macaroni. Does that name anyway. Um, at the top actually with a natural 20 on initiative is lion turn Lionel. Yes. Jerry, what’d your rolling. Oh six. Sorry. I assumed you were in there. Yeah. Terry and duty. Alright. Alrighty Lionel, who’s now steps down and watches this creature emerge and goes, Oh no. What if they doing you quick food spins around and it’s piercing. Red gaze looks to him and you see the spirit duct totem within him suddenly shunt out of his body and the same red glow in the Duck’s eyes. Now Phil lying [inaudible]. Yeah. Who is going to take two attacks on buddy [inaudible] natural 20 [inaudible] and uh, an 18 they both hit. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What were they wait, natural 20 natural and 1818. Okay. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna use one of my defensive runes. Uh, he’s within 60 feet of me. Okay. You’re gonna, you’re gonna get a plus 40. You’re your, your AC that pops. The second one. Second hit, does not hit [inaudible]. 17 points of slashing damage from the first strike. As Lando goes into a rage, immediately possessed by quack, Fulu slices down heavily into the back of a buddy’s overage body screws out, goes in for a second strike. And as Damien sees this immediately triggers the rune and watches a shield of our energy to flex the secondary below. But it’s the end of Lionel’s turn. It is now Damien’s go, what are you doing? Oh, you just said my name. I’m sorry. I was like, you just went. Okay. Ah, okay. I thought Damien was after buddy. No, liver is the highest dexterity. They’re all the same initiative order higher decks. Go spurs. Uh, okay. So I am going to see this, uh, very large duck. So I’m gonna make myself a giant as well. So giant might on myself. Alrighty. I do not have a giant Damian figure. Uh, so we’ll just consider this to be your base. Oh, good. So you occupy that much space and then uh, Oh boy. If I get up around there, like up on the, yeah. Can I, am I in, am I in a, I feel like I’m like, Oh yeah, I’ll love that. Yup. Okay. So I’m a TX. Go for it. Come on. Oh, okay. Okay. Uh, uh, at 26, that hits, okay. Is your blade still flaming from earlier? Yeah, I never took it. That’s going to be this 17 for the first hit. Nice. Second strike. Strike 17, 17 again. Where’s it a hit that was to hit, to hit that misses. So the first time you swing the, or bring this little Ford and Pierce the inside of its body, you pull back and kind of the dark green Blacklick when it loses from it and kind of, Oh wait, wait. Oh no, I did. I didn’t roll an extra D eight for the giant mic. Right. So go ahead. And one of the da for the first one, 18, the second struck, you go to swing, one of the tentacles kind of whips in front of you and ends up deflecting the attack and you’re going to pissed off by it. Take that microphone. Um, you just hit that like Maricia Ray striking an man. [inaudible] thank you. What time when you are leaning over my space, motherfucker. [inaudible] Paul watched the show. How many times does she come close to smack me in the face. [inaudible] that’s my turn. All right. Watching all of you all in my line of sight. Yeah. Careful cause she’ll hit you. [inaudible] do you think I’m wearing pads today? Hey. Hey, I will bet bear it’s your turn. [inaudible] first of course I’m gonna rage. Yeah. Tonight we faced on evil most foul. [inaudible] I appreciate you taking that and I’m going to strafe within 20 feet of of it, but not get too close. I’m going to, then I’m going to pull, peel off in and then get some cover afterward. But one time within 20 feet, I’m going to throw two daggers. You’re within 20 feet right there. All right. I’m throwing two daggers. Alrighty. Go for it. Uh, do I have advantage? Is it cause it’s in, it’s in, it’s in combat. Well, it’s an advantage to come at, you can do sneak attack because they’re there next to it now. And the next one, it was so interesting. So, uh, that’s uh, eight, 10, 26 to hit. That definitely hits. That’s a, is that an advantage role? Biggest gains. He’s able to do something. I didn’t, I didn’t get advantage on that. No you did not. Oh, I rolled advantage. So I’ll take the, I’ll take my, I’ll just take my disadvantage. Just go and roll a new attack. How about that? Oh, I can do that too. Alright. Uh, 20 it hit it hits, they go and they add. So he’s you sneak attack because currently both buddy and Damien are heroin. The creature. Whew. No. [inaudible] hello. How are you man? It’s the court of the owl. [inaudible] 19 points of damage. Nice and second. Yup. Uh, 22 to hit play. Two hits. Well, the image with the second of that eight points of damage. Nice. And then I’m going to try and use the rest of my movement. I have a movement of 40, so means the rest of my movement to try and get some cover from this thing. Get as far away. Dispatch, five, 10, 15, 20th as far as you can gal do it already. The finish is your go buddy, you’re up. Ah, okay. He’s staring in the face of this massive duck creature, but he’s also seeing for the first time and he doesn’t know how old he is. He doesn’t know shit. So he goes, he goes boom. And he accidentally presses his hands up and hits a button on the side of the chariot and one of the Tesla coils goes and fires lightning straight out at the duct for each hair feature is untested. I wouldn’t, okay, well it’s happening. That is a 10 for it. Saving throat. Where’s the DC on? There is 1515 fail, Goodwill damage and shit. I got distracted by how funny our show is. We use the legendary resistance legend. It’s a legendary dog. Yup. So it does succeed. So 10 D six Oh nine a burden 39 all right, that brings us to 19 for the half. Alrighty. So as the energy courts this through, you’ve see the duck, the giant creature, try and go beneath the water to avoid the flash and it coasts across the outside of its body. And it takes the impact but not the full brunt of it. And can buddy vaguely tell how deep the water is that he’s sort of stepping into? It looks like where he’s in right now. It’s about three feet. Three feet. He’s going to like curve around the side of the duck a little bit and get into the water. Okay. Around this way you mean? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Okay. It gets to about four feet ish from there. So he’s getting up to like his upper thigh. That works for me. Great. Okay. Well that finishes, but he’s go, it’s now it’s turn. Yeah. All right. Ready? It’s going to go ahead and make multi attack. It’s going to make a strike on, let’s see. At that range there. Yeah, it was good to stay put. It’s gonna go ahead and make two attacks. I was going to attack them buddy and attack on you macaroni and two attacks on you Damien. Okay. So the duck tentacle attack against you, Damien. The duck is gonna be 18 to hit. Aw, it hits, it hits use on the other side. I’m in front of his face. Okay. You take 11 points of budgeting damage and make a strength saving throw, he’ll ruin is probably gone by now. Let me just double check. Yep. Only last a minute. So I’m sure that’s gone. Okay. A wisdom saving throw strength, saving throw is what I meant to say. Oh, I get advantage on it because of the giant mate. Okay. That’s a little better. Uh, 17, 17. Yeah, you can, it tries to grab and grapple you with this technical, but it’s unable to do so. You push your way out of it. Scratch. Fuck out of here. [inaudible] the second attack on you, that’s going to be another 19 to hit. That’s going to be another 11 points of bludgeoning damage. Right. So many other strengths even through yup. It’s trying to wrap itself around either. Yeah. Even better. Uh, the 23 damn it. All right. You know what? It’s going to turn over and go for the tinier entre there. It’s going to go ahead and make one strike against you. Macaroni a to F, a 30 to hit [inaudible]. Oh, double aides. Uh, that’s going to be 24 points of bludgeoning damage. I need you to make a strength saving. Throw [inaudible] trauma. Birch [inaudible] it’s gonna attack you again, macro [inaudible] nor is you. He goes, no, fuck a little guy. Um, that is a 16 to hit you duck under. It slams the top of the platform and it kind of knocks you a little bit off kilter, but the, the water displacement actually helps from anchor you in place and you hold fast and fun. [inaudible] he’s eyes cold and he goes apoplectic and slams the shit out of the deck, hopefully. Alrighty. Good. Uh, now 14 does not hit it into the water. Next to it. Alright, that’s going to finish. It’s turn Hazel, you’re up. Oh, goodness girl. Right. She is extra extra gun. Fuck me. Okay. I adjust my audio phone into my mouth and I say as the beaked abomination arises from the abyss, the malice Mallard takes hold of Lionel teed from the fight. The duck begins to slow like it does on a Turkey dinner and whatever. You don’t know what happens in wild amounts. And I cast slow on both Hulu and a Lionel loft. That’s a so fail for the duck. It’s going to use it. Secondary, legendary resistance to resist it. Lion Ole definitely does not succeed. Does that resistances, does it work? Does he get three birds for rounders? A three total. It’s three total. Okay, cool. Used to, so that’s your action. You did mention the slow line on [inaudible]. I manage this little Lionel and I give a bar the akin inspiration to Terry and Larry and [inaudible] inspired by all the additional syllables you feel yourself [inaudible] rejuvenated. Never heard my name pronounced like that. I like it. Sounds exotic. Alrighty. Hazel, do you want to move or stay? Put? [inaudible] just a little bit. Move up just a little bit. All right, so you descend the steps slightly about there. That’s 15 feet. Yeah, that’s good. Okay. All righty. Finishing Hazel, turn far when you’re up. Okay. Um, I’m gonna run out from behind where I’m hiding and I’m gonna try to flank him on the other side with buddy. All right, so five 10, 15, 20, you splash into the water there and you there, you can’t feel your feet touch the ground. So you spruce into it, which means you have disadvantage in the water, but you have flinging advantage of, it’s just a standard attacks. Now you’re doing cool monk shit in the water. It’s a good thing. I’m a Genasi. No, I dog can’t walk on water, but I can hold my breath forever. Um, all right, well that doesn’t really make a difference right now, but it’s pretty cool. [inaudible] technical. Go for it. Ooh. 19 plus 10 19 plus 10 that definitely hits, yeah. I’m going to use key point to a sunny strike. Okay. We’ll do all your damage first. Hey, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. That’s nine nine points of damage with a dual Glendale [inaudible]. It’s a 17. Save that, that, that saves. All right. I’m gonna sorry. I’m going to spin it in slash in the other way. I’m going to try to slice off this tentacle completely. Come on. It’s totally going to work. 19 again plus 10 hits. Roll damage. Second time. Uh, that’s eight points of damage. Uh, try it again. Alrighty. 16 that’s what he needed. 16 years. Yeah. Excuse. Exceeds. All right, Larry blows. Yeah, no. If you want it. Yes, no, no. I’m gonna patient events. Okay, so you take the Dodge action as a bonus action here in the water. Eh, you know, maybe I should use the remainder of my movement to backup out of the water cause I have 50 50 feet of movement. Can I do that again so I can get solid ground? Do you want to move up a, we’re going to take opportunity on you. Is there’s a disadvantage on the attack because you have took patient defense up to you. [inaudible] swimming. No dude. All right, finishing up pharma’s turn macaroni are up. Terry, you’re on deck. That’s good. And I will cinch up the little straps on my backpack and I will reach over and pull a lever on the chariot and I will trigger the ejector seat. [inaudible] and I will splay out my DaVinci wings. [inaudible] glide back towards the entrance is 40 to 40 feet. Please. You’re running away. Cast something first like cast a spell. It gets an attack of opportunity on you as you leave. It’s combat, right? While you are flying and it rolls a 25 to hit you take a 14 points of blush. Name damage, make a shrink saving. Throw for me please. No [inaudible] technical slaps you hard and one are the wings buckles for a moment, but you catch yourself back up. Continue your glide down. It does not snatch you out of the air. Fortunately like I wanted so badly. All right, you may take the rest of your turn. I will cast a spiritual weapon at third level. Okay, mind you, spiritual weapon only gets additional damage. Every two levels was like second level, fourth level, six level. Okay, so and a third level is not going to give an additional damage to it. Second level. Alrighty. I’m just letting you know what’s it look like? Oh, you see these little vertebrae start to form in the air and they start stacking until they create this spine and the accident like a whip and he just smacks it on the top of tequila. Okay. I’ll say that you cast it in the middle of your flight movement and put it next to it. So go ahead. Make your attack strike against it. Is there an attack modifier? Yeah, it’s your spell attack. Snooze. Go casting folks. We’re learning so much today. That’s 14, 14 does not hit bounces off of its mutant tide. All right. Finishing up max. Turn that brings it to Tarion Doty. Uh, I will click my boots of speed making my walking speed 80 feet. I will done it. Money buys a lot of cool stuff. I will walk. Can I get all the way to uh, the monk shit over here? What is that? 55, 65, 70, 75 80. You can get right there. I can’t get to monkey pants to Pharaoh. Actually, if you go over this way up and over, you can. Yeah, you can get right there. That’s the extent of your, uh, alright. I will say welcome to the brigade is do me proud and I will touch her and cast haste on her. Oh, thank you kindly. All right. [inaudible] but you must protect it because Dodi’s not here. Speaking of which would you like Dodie to do? I can’t command him to do anything cause I use my bonus action to click my boots to speed. So he just hangs. Okay. So that finishes your turn. Top is a Lionel. Lionel is sloths. We can’t use his multitask. She only gets one strike. His movement is halved I believe. Yeah. For slow. Yeah. So he’s just going to shift this. AC is down. Moving to snake one. Strike it buddy. That is a, let’s see here. Make sure you’re getting all that picture missing. Any elements of the spell here? Bear with me just a sec. Yup. 25 to hit. I can see you buddy. And it’s going to be 16 points of slashing damage and that is the end of Lionel’s turn. Uh, it makes wisdom save the end of his turn to see if it gets rid of it with the penalties on it. It brings it to 15. What was the spell save on your bark. Hazel 17 I think. Maintained slow on line 17. Yeah. All right Damien, you’re on. All right, so I’m gonna keep attacking this thing. Alrighty. Big ass duck. Yeah. Okay. So first aid is going to be a 25 that definitely hits. Let’s do this one. Let’s do this one. Let’s do these two. Oh, I wrote, so I am waiting to use it. 16 for the first 16 damage. Nice. [inaudible] is a, uh, a 28 when it hits 28. Any damage or damage that, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Yeah. All right. What I do wrong. Okay. And a third attack. Third attack. Go for it. Uh, that would be 21, 21. It’s dang Damien taking no prisoners. This is what the, this is what the, the uh, flaming with your off hand cause I didn’t do flaming for the second one. Okay. Should I have, that’s fine. Okay. Uh, I don’t know which one I just wrote. Use dice, dice, adding numbers days. I like to think that Alabama nine, nine. Alrighty. Alrighty. Is that finished your turn, man? You know what, hold on. Yeah, it’s a big dog. I can’t get out of, I can’t get out of a motherfucker. Can I move? But I’ll get a reaction. Yeah, it’s going to get a reaction against me. You get the sense that it’s Teleco’s have quite a reach. Two might be able to move around within a short radius of it, but if you leave that radius any point, I’m going to stay okay. At the end of your turn is gonna use the legendary action to duck tentacle you Damien. Okay. To duck tail. You duck tentacle duck. That’s a 20 to hit. Oh, ready you. Damien suffered immediately. 16 points of bludgeoning damage and make a strength saving. Throw for me please. 16 points of bludgeoning. Yup. Okay. Uh, straight strike. Yes. Okay. I can roll that again. Same uh, 16 you 16. Yeah. You managed to avoid the grapple again. Alrighty. I finished. It’s your turn now. A barrier up buddy. Oh, is there anything in that chamber that I can see before I, before I bugger off, you’d have to go around and take five feet to go here to check five feet. You glanced inside. It’s just a pool. I didn’t pull it. Okay. Just to pull it. Didn’t, didn’t do it. [inaudible] nothing quick. I’m going to take the rest of my action. You can, you can make a more extensive search if you want. No, I’m good. Just taking a look. And now I’m going to charge full speed at the, at the uh, downtown with my full movement and attempt to jump on its back. Okay. Make an acrobatics check for me. 1818. Okay. You leap. Skip off of buddy and then kind of land onto its back right there. Danger right behind you. And I’m going to start [inaudible] does the danger, God, David, tell us I haven’t even barely gotten into the bear jokes yet. Okay. [inaudible] I’m going to take, I’m just going to start stabbing. Okay. So first stab and I assume I have advantage cause because this thing is engaged from one awful, you’ll get advantage for being engaged. It means you can sneak attack without advanced. You can check with that image. Correct. So you can still attack it. Normal attack. All right. Where do you get reckless attack and get it? Yeah, there’s a bear poopoo in the woods. We already get sneak attack. Does an Al who, who in the woods take a sneak attack. All right. Go regular attack then either tech 13 does 13 misses final try again. Next attack, that’s better. Uh, 22 that does it. So that’s uh, I can roll that, that’s better. Uh, that’s 10 sixteens in 2022 points of damage. Nice. And uh, take my bonus attack as well. Go for it. He’s smarter than the average bear, but their elders are surprisingly smart. I don’t want to hear that kind of conversation. 13 didn’t know. Sorry. So I’m just going to stay up there and okay. It shakes you off of it’s back now and you fall. I glide in it. You, sorry. You glide like so much water off a giant ducks bag. [inaudible] at the end of your turn it’s going to go ahead and attempt to duck tentacle. You sure if you just stabbed it in its back, it’s going to be a 27 to hit a 27 to hit for the duck tentacle. Yep. That is all right. You take 12 points of bludgeoning damage and Nikka strings sipping through 12 points halved. Yep. So six, six damage. And I have advantage on that. This is the weirdest 10 times. [inaudible] is it though? Evil is a mighty turned Dunkin. That’s 22.2. Yeah, you succeed. Alrighty. The finishes your go. Uh, buddy, you’re up. [inaudible] well, so first of all buddy, the ogre is breathing kind of heavily, uh, question DM Ponant potions, bonus action or action. I can’t remember. Bonus. We usually say bonus just for our copay. So he vaguely remembers getting handed a potion in Terry’s vault and he just throws it in his mouth and starts chewing it and stuff. [inaudible] [inaudible] it’s really little for him anyway, he just starts wailing with his club. [inaudible] uh, and we’ll see what that does later. Uh, first one is a 17, and the second one is a 21. The second one hits, second one hits. Yes. Shit. Okay. Uh, that is, uh, 11 and I will use it. Mark’s room surge to keep going. Uh, first one is a 19, and the second is a way higher. Both it, that is a 12 and a 13. So he’s just wailing away with his Terri and branded club. Uh, nice. And he will know. He’ll stay bud. He’ll stay. Okay. And if your turn, it’s when he’s his last legendary action to do ground slam. It brings up all of his tentacles at once and hits the ground. Everyone within five feet of it has to make a strength saving, saving throw. That would be owl bear a far win and buddy [inaudible] [inaudible] yes. Yeah I will. I will blow a kiss to farro in and give her a plus four 10 11. I will bear pushed 10 feet away far when has pushed 10 feet away thinking you pushed out of the water. Um, Tarion Oh you didn’t make it safe as well. 17 plus stuff. 17 yeah, you managed to hold it and then 16, 16, you’re fine. So you guys managed to push out of the way. The other ones who weren’t, weren’t quite as ready for it to get thrown off balance and pushed 10 feet away from the creature. It is now. It’s turn gets its legendary actions. It’s going to go ahead. You watch as it suddenly begins to inhale its chest, expanding the gym on its back, glowing, brighter and brighter. And it gives out this horrible, Oh no. [inaudible] [inaudible] losing its soul wrenching quack ability maybe within 60 feet of the duck to make a wisdom saving throw. Which everybody [inaudible] [inaudible] it’s everybody. Five. Alrighty. 1818 and you’re fine. 12. Alrighty. Alrighty. Natural one. Alrighty. Hazel 15. Alrighty Hazel fucking macaroni. Tarion and farro in you are all paralyzed until the end of this guy’s next turn. Yeah. Is there anyone within 30 feet? My inspiration is anyone within 30 feet. I am a Tarion and farro in and buddy. Yeah, I’m going to activate my cloud room. Um, which any creature you can see within 30 feet, they’re hit by an attack. Will set an attack, an attack. Well, I just feel like so once I got to that part of the paragraph, it’s all good. I do nothing. And I look on and sadness. Oh, so many unearthed Arcana. Um, Alrighty. So those of you who failed these, the, the quakes, your very being and you find your body unable to move, you are locked in place until the end of its next turn. So we can’t cast spells or anything. No, you cannot move them this next turn it frightened or no, you are parallel. They just were just paradise out of just parallelization, not frightened. Correct. Cool. Yeah. And it’s her. Did you get paralyzed? Actually, it’s going to tear fucked. It’s going to attempt to move back. Oh. Oh. Yep. We want to make your Sentinel attack. We all get a text of opportunity. I ruin a tool. It’s a fail you do as well. Yeah. And spiritual weapon does not get an, this is not going to remind, I don’t know. Oh no. All right. Slipped away. That finishes. It’s turn. It is now. Hazel’s turd Hazel is it just gives him, he can save or anything. No, it’s the next term. That’s why you so cruel. Okay. Paralyzed macaroni. Your para Lowe’s, Terri, you Lionel’s turn Lynell is going to continue to wail upon buddy as he is the closest to it in this maddening mind control, uh, that is going to be a [inaudible] 16 to hit. No, you turn back and just slap the blade to the side. You can see the red burning in Lionel’s eyes. No impact breaking my heart, man. I know, I know. All right, the finishes Lionel’s turn Damien Europe. Okay. Actually at the end of Lionel’s turn, I think that back, um, Cox, Lulu is going to go ahead and take a duck technical attack on let’s say Tarian Oh no. Well, it’s because you’re so shiny. Is that within five feet of you though? So are you thankful that you should, uh, that’s going to be on your [inaudible] has advantage on it. Okay. Two 25. Sure. You suffer Tarion uh, 19 points of Bush India image make it and I believe you automatically fail this strength saving through. You’re paralyzed yet, so you are also grappled by its tentacle. Okay. All right. Brings us to all right, so now it is Damien, sir. All right. So, uh, I’m going to use second wind or bonus action to regain some health. Nice. Which is a D can I borrow a D 10? Yeah. With Al Alabbar on deck. All right. A heel. 11 points. Hey man, it’s sexy to be taken out of the fight for a couple of rounds, doesn’t it? Yeah. Oh boy. Okay. Not to you. You have to move into the water to get to him. Can I jump on him if you want to try. All right, I’m going to move in the water. Alright, so you Wade into the pool of dark liquid. That is this pond here. Getting into base to base. They’d go for it. I’m gonna try to climb him. I’m gonna try to get on him because why the fuck not sure? Make an athletics check for me. Yeah. No, they have an advantage of because of your giant. I have been banished macaroni dissolved to the side, seeing it 13 to slippery. Ah, the, the, the water off the ducks, you know, feathered. So this is all weird. It’s like, it’s not holding under water. It’s slippery. It’s coming off of his back. Well, uh, so you can’t climb him, but you do still have your actions this term. All right. So since I’m down there, I will, uh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna slice and dice. Go for it. Yeah. Uh, 18 plus 26 that hits flaming tongues stiletto anytime, 1520 points of damage. Nice. Crushing it. I took the bonus action and moved. I tried to climb and I did that. That’s probably it. I probably can’t tell you, sir, that your movement is done. Action search. I’m gonna try again. Not a fighter is this group. Yeah. Would this be flaming tone or the way healer [inaudible] 22. Yay. All right, so nine 15, 18 points of damage, some sort of consultation check for the, for the duck. Nope. Nope, that doesn’t happen. Sorry. Alrighty. That finishes, uh, Damien’s turn Albury. You’re up. How close am I to the duck or you’re about five feet from it. So I can just want to take my five feet up and I’m going to take two reckless attacks. Okay. Go for it. You’ve got this giant green veiny duck, but right in front of you. I don’t have a pun for that. Uh, yeah. I thought you didn’t. 2222 hits right in the road. Starting to look hurt. By the way, you can see like certain to bleed from different areas of the wounds. The slash marks are there to show across it looking to hurt 27 points of damage. Then I’m going to take another tack. What have you done? Tell yeah, that definitely hits, yeah. 14 points of damage. Yeah. Bonus action to disengage and move out of its reach. Okay. I can move 40 I can move 35 35 that’ll put you right there. Alrighty. To finish this year, go at the end of your turn. It’s going to go ahead and use the legendary action to a, we’ll say technical slam buddy must protect buddy 26 26 to hit to hit. Oh yeah, that hits 16 points. If there’s any damage, biggest strength saving, throw for me please. I’ll use indomitable. Okay. Oh that’s good. Oh, for sure. Alrighty now buddy, what are you doing? Uh, so buddy is still looking at the half work, who keeps trying to whale him from behind and says hurt, turns away and starts to walk towards the duck and steps away from lion L. all right. Lionel, not get a reaction because it’s slowed garden’s Lara. No. Uh, and then he will take two swipes with his giant Terri club. Uh, the first is a 27 and the second is a 21. Uh, so that is uh, 11 and 11, so 22 bludgeoning damage total. And then he starts going and whatever he drank [inaudible] and he just starts puking fire out onto the dock on the potion of fire breathing. That is a deck save 13. Okay. Nobody roots for me. Total of 18, 18. So nine points of fire damage, nine points of fire damage. Yeah. And he buddies really wheezing, FYI. Gotcha. Alrighty. And if you’re turning, only any of us were able to move. Yeah, that’s the end. Yeah. Hold on. All right. Uh, end of your transcripts is final legendary actually. Your tentacles slam against you again, buddy. There we go. Thank you for the support. That’s going to be a 19 to hit buddy. 20 points of blood. You need the image? No. Okay. All right. So it is now fuck filibuster. Wait, wait, wait. Can I use my cloud room two to two? That’s the thing I was trying to use earlier. What’s it dude? It’s a, it’s a, so you, you, you, when a creature you can see with it was even 30 feet, 30 feet of you is hit by an attack roll. You can use your reaction to invoke the rune and caused that attack to target a different creature within 30 feet of you show is Lionel within 30 feet. Lionel is, yeah. So about loyalty and my family. You switch sides or die. All right. 20 damage that you did not take buddy [inaudible] Twain damage you did not take cause instead of when Lionel Gayheart or Chada some, um, already so on it’s turn, it’s going to go ahead and ah, that’s handle’s missing it up. It’s going to attack you again buddy. Because he has said no to kick go anywhere. He chose that feed. He knew what he was getting himself into 27. Yes. That just barely hits. Very good. So, hello, that is 22 points of watching damage. Second attack on you, buddy. No, on mighty ducks. We can do. No, that is uh, 18 points of what you need. [inaudible] hi boy. Are you still up buddy? [inaudible] no. [inaudible] remember, you can detect his thoughts. I, I wanted to do that 20 minutes ago, but it’s a willing creature and I don’t think that duck Gulu is willing. It’s going to attempt to move out of your Millie range. Go ahead, make your Sentinel go for it. Perfect. It’s now going to make a tentacle attack against you. Tarion cause you’re a paralyzed when you’re within five fetus and auto crit. If it hits says 24 24 points of damage, the 2040, hit sure against him. Alright. He didn’t move out of your Miller range. Oh, that’s me. 30 points of bludgeoning damage and make us shrink. Stayed and go for me. Are you still, you’re still grappling. All right. And then it’s going to make a one against, against tomorrow for one. Why did you keep thinking? My name is Marlene. That’s going to be an advantage. 19 hit. Oh no, it doesn’t cause I’m hasted. Huh? That’s the twenties my IC is still go even though I’m paralyzed. Yeah. The spell is still going. In a weird way. She’s the fastest paralyzed. I feel like we’ve encountered this once before in our gaming where someone was like unconscious and hasted. Weird stuff, man. Weird stuff. Sure. Yeah. As it goes to strike towards you as you’re paralyzed, I don’t fucking know. Doesn’t make any sense, but there you have it. What kind of Genasi are you? It’s not to say, yeah, you toot a little and it’s just enough of an air buffer from all the muscle constraining of being in this paralyzed state just to flex it out of the way. Cool. I feel much better though. I’ve been holding it in for a while. Good, good. Well that’s the end of its turn. Hazel, you’re up. Am I not paralyzed anymore? Ization has faded. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, thank God. So in the track that I wrote recording, there’s going to be about six seconds of me going and then subtle, but suddenly I need you to make a concentration check for me for that haste five. Oh wait, what? Oh, I’m a war caster. Yep. 16 plus six 22 you’re fine. Cause that would’ve, that would’ve removed the haste. These domains, the tech misses you some fucking house. Alright. Here’s what you’re doing. Derrington luck. Apparently. Oh, daring timber grade brigade, the militia, the duck continues to demolish the duck and distractions dominate and collude. Ian, the mating call of quacks. Lou Lou’s distant lover [inaudible] from advancing dementia. He can hear the calling of his [inaudible] cast dissonant to whispers. Yeah, saving throat is Oh, wisdom 17 and thus Boley was invented. It’s Canon 23. Well, [inaudible] you still take half of three D six psychic damage. Oh, that’s not too shabby. 13 I haven’t seen hat. All right. Six, six points of psychic damage. Apparently this duck not as horny as you hoped. I thought this dog box, we’ve all made that mistake, especially days. He’s not DTD. Alrighty. Uh, Hazel, do you wanna move or stay put? Nope, I’m great. Alrighty. Um, um, hang on. Wait, who’s looking rough? Which one of my teammates look like they are in need of assistance? Ah, buddy. Buddy buddies right here. You and with great resolve. You see the great girl buddy get his second wind as he takes a deep breath and lunges with incredible resolve and you get a healing word. You can cast two spells and around and he gets I Bardi Akins. Marie Sheehan is what I meant to say. Yes. You get one D 10 fix it in your turn. Hazel? Yes. All right. And if he turns and he’s legendary, actually do a tech buddy. Ah, you have Barney against murmuration 27 to hit. Oh, that is 17 points of bludgeoning damage. Oh boy. Okay. How many employees do you have? Why are you keeping track? No, I just feel like it’s been a lot. 111 well how many left? I’m the tank. Yeah, it’s working first time. [inaudible] when you’re up. How many left? Nine [inaudible] possible to get on the other side of doc Fulu where I’m flanking him. Or you could move to this side. That’s Damien. You would too. Unfortunately. No, there’s not enough space. Can I hop up and over him? Can I try some monk shit? Sure. Make an acrobatics check. This is going to be a relatively high DC. Uh, what is this acrobatics you said that would be a 28 [inaudible] up and over blue on the opposite side still hasted so I get advantage on my attacks. Yes you do. Cause you’re flunking with, with Damien. Damien. All right, cool. I’m going to spin my fucking glaze. Ooh, okay. 17 plus 10 I think that hits all right. Four plus six. So that’s 10 damage, but I’m gonna use my key points to turn that into a weight chip balls. I’m to try to sign, strike him. Does that strike that is a 25 all right, cool. Then I’m gonna unarmored attack him and I’m gonna use my key points to make it a tune book. My calm, my fangs are the fire snake. Okay. Okay, cool. [inaudible]. Oh yeah, there’s 18 plus eight, adding. It’s the hits gonna roll damage. Cool. Oh Whoa. I’m ready to render. Very deliberate. Every who don’t. All right, so that’s 10 points. That’s another eight points of higher damage there. And I’m going to use another key point. I love these key points. Uh, do flurry of blows. Alrighty. Natural 2014 plus eight, that hits and the second one, uh, 11 plus eight to 19, both it, it’s damage for each of those. Just bludgeoning the hell out of this mutant duck. 1122 four is 26, 86. All right, and you have an additional time for me. So I’m gonna pop both and this is still flame strikes. One more time. I can’t do [inaudible]. I understand when my hit then it’s more of a puck. It’s a wait for this. I could make it a vis of unbroken air since it’s another attack. Unbroken. It’s a, it’s an extra action which you can use for wildlife and attack. Let me double check here. Oh, I don’t know what this is, but I’m very excited. I don’t know how this works. I don’t understand how, what actually can only be used to take the attack one weapon attack only action dash. Disengage. Hide or use an object. So it would not be able to be used to this. Let’s do it. Pop. Huh? [inaudible] I don’t think fair enough. What is it again? It’s 1212 does not hit unfortunately, but that was a good round of damage. Very good run macaroni. Not paralyzed in the morale. I run up behind bottle 30 feet. That’s about as far as you can get there. As you’re waiting in the water. I will use my births of teleport. [inaudible] the buddy 15 feet behind. Buddle okay, so like over here like portray him between me and fuck a duck. Okay. It’s putting buddy between the two of you. Yeah, you got it. And I will uh, cure runes at fifth level. [inaudible] ship is magic. Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible] can me destroy this fucking duck? That’s my job. All right. And if your turn is going to use another stove, my spiritual weapon up, don’t hit them with a bonus action. You just use a bonus action to do a teleportation. He did. So now you cannot, isn’t it? Is that it was wonderful. All right. And you turn, it’s going to use another, the, and your action to Tek you with a tentacle that’s going to be a 29 to hit. You suffer 20 points of blood. You need to image and make a strength saving. Throw Jada foster. [inaudible] [inaudible] there’s like a whole set of abilities against the grappled creature and all you motherfuckers keep rolling out of grapple. Sip. [inaudible] it’s your turn. Dude. Are you doing, I want to finish this. Come on Terry. Observe pupils. How a man with fabulously expensive weapons fight fights. I will a bonus action cast branding smite at fourth level on my own weapon and I will swing my rod of mercurial form down. And as it swings down, it turns into a sword and I will hit it with the sword, uh, with which causes hold on, uh, twice 23 to hit that hits. So that is a, okay. Okay. Seven points plus four D six from the spell. I’m on, uh, that makes it 29 points. Plus, I will use arcane jolt to put in another 46 [inaudible] that’s really good. Another 18 on top of that [inaudible] for my second attack. [inaudible] 22 to hit. Uh, I don’t think I can use the spell twice, right? That doesn’t work. Uh, and so I’ll just roll the D eight that is another six points of damage. Plus I’ll pump in my last archangels. [inaudible] they’re 18 points of damage. How do you want to do it? [inaudible] [inaudible] slashed through it once with my sword, but then I pause for the second strike until Dodie comes, comes closer. And I say, Dodi draw this. [inaudible] and Hazel recorded and I call out [inaudible] sharing my sword into it. [inaudible] your blade pierces the outside of crock. Fulu a second time, the blade itself sinks in deep. You feel like the radiating heat from this strange rock that has embedded itself and mutated it and as the arcane force verse than like a dull FID, like a, like a depth chart. You watched the Duck’s eyes go wide. Look the stay Puft marshmallow man at the moment that crossed the streams and completely explodes into a spray of green sludge that coats the entirety of the inside of this cavern. All of you are head to toe, are now dripping with a similar like Dole green ooze. This is like, this is, we’re talking early nineties Nickelodeon. [inaudible] yes. Oh, I wonder what the secret of the [inaudible] [inaudible] Lionel, Lionel, can you hear me lying? Is it you? Yeah, I’m real sorry man. Um, well I don’t even know what happened there. I couldn’t even do anything. And a duck left me. Can I get your breakfast? [inaudible] you’re pretty [inaudible] Oh, you suppose we gotta do now you think we got to get the, it had a weird stone in its ass. So yes, we should reclaim that for the strange woman who hired us for this task. Whatever it is, the stone has passed. [inaudible] I must say I’ve fought with literally the greatest adventurers of our lifetime. Action. Please. Sorry. Of our lifetime. And yet today I feel a special kinship with you. People waiting on sound. I don’t know if it’s within my rights to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway. Today you are full members of the Derrington brigade and also honorary members of Vox, Marcus [inaudible]. If you ever meet any of the actual members though, just maybe don’t mention that part to them. I don’t know if I have that right. I do have the right to have sex with anyone in that group though. It has been established. Let’s just keep that between us. Um, do you still want those all on the record? Oh, please delete that. [inaudible] grabbed the wax cylinder. I’d throw it into [inaudible]. I’m proud to have fought alongside of all of you. Al bear, Pharaoh and Hazel Damien, buddy macaroni, Samsonite [inaudible]. You’ve taught me what honor is and I feel like I’ve taught you something as well. Let us return with our spoils. Find the lady, get our 10,000 gold and give it away. He’s a certain way. The entire new cylinder. Let’s go. [inaudible] as you all manage to harness up the stone, that’s the fallen meteor. You begin to hand the leather rains to buddy to carry it out and Lionel goes, no, no, let me take it. Who’s thing killed a lot of my brethren today? I’m going to honor all those tiny souls with my walk of remembrance. Imagine he’s walking feet out. Yeah, lucky does. Hey Lionel. Yeah. What’s up? What do you say? I’m sorry. And duck [inaudible] as the cruise solidly makes their [inaudible] March back to DIA stop. They deliver the awkward payload to do lawn retrieved the money they were owed and returned victorious to the Derrington estate Doty. I’ll need you to write out everything that happened so that I can record it on a wax cylinder for my first ever audio book. [inaudible] sorry. We are going to be rich. We’ll give away all the money, but yeah, that concludes the thrilling adventures of Tarion Derrington and the Tarion Derrington adventure brigade. No, that concludes but one adventure. [inaudible] but that’s a tale for another time. [inaudible] you all so much for coming to this insanity. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] so much for being incredible hosts here in Austin. Thank you all so much for coming out and joining us for this crazy adventure. Don’t forget, we love you very much. And is it Thursday at [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].

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    3:52:55 DuckTales jokes > bear jokes

    3:55:10 Can confirm: it is not

    3:58:00 Matt was hiding his duck noises the whole time

    4:01:00 Sam asks what we’ve all been wondering

    4:10:35 Damion is all about family

    4:11:10 Sentinel frustration

    4:13:35 Unconscious haste

    4:15:35 The first Foley artist, canon

    4:26:35 HDYWTDT

    4:29:25 Stone has passed

    4:30:10 Tary’s rights are unclear

    4:32:05 Honoring the fallen

    4:33:55 That concludes this adventure

    The in-game start date for the episode was some point in 826. Sam’s jersey says “69”

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. I love how Marisha is back at it with fucking up her spell descriptions. Its like she reads the first 5 words of a spell, ignores the remaining paragraph and thats it.
    Never change Marisha. Never change.

  3. 14:40 "The famed group of legendary heroes known as Fox Mocking."
    I had to clean noodle soup off my screen, thank you subtitles.

  4. This was rather ehh as far as one shots go. Had it's moments, but I was fast forwarding thru some parts and it felt like it was longer than it actually was.

  5. Quackthullu… its so cheesy its perfect ^^ PS that was probably a lot of pidgeon droppings in the theater. I dont envy cleanup crew…

  6. Damien is secretly the love child of the owlbear and one of his greatest foes whom ran the criminal underground… he is not the hero the shire requires but he is the one that showed up…..

  7. I love that Tarry has accepted the "hazing" as a legitimate way to sort out possible candidates for the Brigade. But PvP in D&D is boring as hell.

  8. mah sweet boi Buddy tanked the hell outta that duck and Tary getting the Final Blow makes a perfect ending.
    Poor Matt never get to use the full potential of Duckthulu

  9. So much weirdness, so much fun! If only Lionel had been there in person. Cannot wait for the next exciting installment of the Darrington brigade!

  10. Mutant wolf regrows lost leg in a mere second
    Buddy: Ooooooh… you're prettyyyyyy.

    I absolutely lost my shit. XD

  11. Marisa, Liam, and Sam are now on a list for not hugging/pat on the back Brian for the intro. But Sam get a break for being in cowboys gear.

  12. unrelated but at 2:39:38 when liam said "The Wolf Between Him and The Hole" i couldnt help but think that sounds like the title of a sufjan stevens song

  13. Liam seems to always want to be in a pair. First the twins, then Nott and Galeb duo, now he's teaming up with Travis. Liam has a clear playing style.

  14. Marisha had the most obnoxious, grating character I've ever seen. And I thought Reini was bad. Other than that, this show was terrific.

  15. 1:32:06
    Sam: would anyone like to say a blessing before our meal? No religious people here?
    Fjord, a cleric: silence

  16. i swear these one shot characters they come up with sometimes feel like they all had a wake and bake type of session and all group chatted each other hilarious ideas

  17. Beware, beware The Owlbear
    His mighty claw and beak!
    If you be villainous and foul
    He'll make you taste defeat!
    Beware, beware The Owlbear,
    His wrath so pure and just!
    Be you fiend or ruffian
    He'll pommel you to dust!

  18. Holy crap Marisha! you have always been gorgeous but, daaaaaaammmmn girl, those victory rolls! lol great one shot guys!

  19. I greatly appreciate the ones that made the subtitles, because sometimes my English fails me… but damn there are some big errors there

  20. I love how Laura is so harsh and angry all the time. Questioning Matt at every turn and getting pissed off at every little thing. She is such a cute little firecracker 🙂

  21. Are there any other fans of 1940s starlets (like Katherine Hepburn) who immediately recognized the hair and accent that Marisha is doing? 😀 The radio play really helps set the tone. She's incredible! Since Kristen Wiig is no longer on SNL doing her hepburn, Marisha could easily step up.

  22. I love the owlbear. With bad rolls and some miscommunication he became an extremely incompetent batman parody. Overall their characters are perfect for comedic one shots, I would love to see more of them.

  23. I am Liam,laughing so hard I'm crying through this whole damn thing. Even "Night Before Critmas" didn't make me laugh this hard.

  24. They messed up Heroism… It is just temporary hitpoints at the beginning of each turn. It won't "heal" you every turn, just tops up your temp hit points. It won't even create more than 4 temp hit points.

  25. Finally a Barbarogue in action. Even if he didn't have too much luck in this particular game, it's a woefully underutilized combo…

  26. I will never not grin like an idiot at their vaguely befuddled nerd joy when coming on stage and seeing a house like this.

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