Thatch and Dial: Chapter 1

Thatch and Dial: Chapter 1

[footsteps] It’s time to go and chase my dreams… I’ll
miss you. I’m sure they’ll miss you too. I can’t stay home forever! Right you are! The morning waits for no one lad. Let’s go
and see the world! Thatch? Wait up, Thatch! [Exhaling]
This is the life, my boy! The open road stretching out before us… The sunshine smiling down on our faces! The warm summer breeze caressing our whiskers… Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the hours and hours of walking. It’s worth it though… I would walk a thousand miles to meet my hero! …and I’d walk a thousand miles for all that prize money! [giggles] “Prize money”? Thatch, I’m not interested in that, I just want to meet him– Woah, woah, woah! You’re saying the idea of performing for Elias the Great, AND winning a sackful of gold, holds no interest to you?! Well, of course that would be wonderful, but… this is his farewell performance, I- I’ll never get another chance to thank him for inspiring me! [sighs]
Such a noble youth. [fire crackling] I hope you’ll appreciate the majesty of
my mushroom soup, lad. [yawning] Good thing you know what you’re doing!
Nobody back home ever taught me how to cook. Oh, there’s… [back cracks]
…nothing to it! You just… take a bit of this, add a bit of that… and let all the ingredients just, get cozy together. [guitar plays] You make it sound so easy. [continues playing] I can’t believe by this time tomorrow
we’ll be in the Forest of Findel, performing for a bunch of strangers. [guitar stops] Don’t be nervous! Findel is one of my favorite towns in all of Raenell! Great place to get your feet wet performing. And the forest itself is… [contented sigh] Breathtaking… Eh, good to know I’ll be surrounded by
beautiful trees when I make a – laughing stock of myself…
– Oh, ho ho, come now. I’ve heard you play your mandolin, you’ll be fine! And the song we’re performing? Simple as pie!
Trust me. Everyone will love it! Until now I’ve only ever dreamed
of performing for others… What kind of performer
do you want to be? I… I hadn’t…
really thought about it before… …a “good” one? What do you think makes
a performer “good”? The ability to play all the notes…
in a song… p-perfectly? No, no, no… it’s much more than that. The audience wants passion.
they want to see you enjoying the music! Playing a song perfectly
isn’t “performing”… The audience doesn’t want “perfection”.
They just want to be entertained! But what if I
want to be perfect? [chuckles] Out of all the wondrous, beautiful,
awe-inspiring things you
could hope to be… …why choose something as boring as
“perfect”? Okay… I get it. But can we at least have
one quick rehearsal? – Once I’ve got a belly full of soup… I’m up for anything.
– Great! [pours] And don’t forget who you’ll be
performing with tomorrow! I never can remember his name… Thatch: Traveling Musician
Extraordinaire! I’ll be there backing you up! You’ll have
a wonderful time. And so will the audience!
After all… EVERYBODY loves me! [SLAM]
– I HATE him! [mocking]
Thatch… “Traveling Musician
Extraordinaire” … Ugh… what a joke. – Ha! Too true.
– Uh… yeah! He thinks he’s SO marvelous…
He thinks he’s SO clever… …he’s nothing more than a weak and pathetic fool. – Right you are, boss!
– I, too, agree with that sentiment. Shut… UP!
[CRASH!] If anything, you two are even worse than that bard. You, Clyde. You couldn’t even think your way out
of a paper bag! Assuming you found one large enough
to get trapped in. [chuckles]
It’s a good thing I’ve got you
looking out for me, Rose! [SMACK!] The name is “Rosemary”, you oaf!
I’ve told you a hundred times! [evil giggle] What are you laughing at, Vamos?
Clyde may not have brains, but at least he has brawn. You just…
skulk in the shadows waiting for someone even more pathetic
than yourself to walk by, and then you – snatch a lousy handful of pocket change.
– I’m an opportunist! I’ve got skills and I use them for your
benefit, let me remind you! MY benefit? That’s rich. Weren’t you the one I caught trying to pickpocket me that night? This is the thanks I get for sparing you
after you begged for your life? [disgruntled snort] In any case,
between the three of us, we barely have enough coins to pay for another round. And who do we have to blame for that,
gents…? – Thatch!
– Yeah, him! Thatch! Partially. But you two were the ones he hoodwinked. [slams table]
– Grr… that’s not fair!
– How was we supposed to know? It was a simple, sure bet! [shouting]
HE MADE FOOLS OF THE BOTH OF YOU! Oh, no, we’re not fools, he– He just used tricky language, you know? I ain’t never heard of no one who could do four-hundred push ups… not even me! I should have known that if I left you two dolts alone, unsupervised for ten minutes, that you’d
somehow find a way to lose every penny I’ve worked so hard to steal… But! We can get it back! …and then some!
[laughs] [unimpressed]
How? That famous, frilly musician Elias is
holding a contest in Sero just a few nights from tonight! And…? Well, Thatch ain’t exactly famous,
no matter what he says. His ego is much bigger than his
reputation. [gulps] I’d reckon he’s the sorta guy that’ll do anything to get in the spotlight. – Huh…
– He won’t be able to resist! We’ll find him there, rough him up, and get
back all of the gold he stole from us! Trust me, boss… we’ll get our revenge! You know…
Vengeance isn’t everything. We’ll just take that prize money for ourselves! And if that fool Thatch does show
his face in town… [slllck!] Now, now, now, I’m all for aiming high, but… if I get caught again, it’ll be the
dungeons for all three of us! No! It’s not like you have a choice, though…
do you? [stammering]
– I, I, I l-like this plan…!
– Uh, yeah… Sounds good to me, boss! We’ll be the ones laughing in the end…
And Thatch? No one in Raenell will ever hear from that blasted scoundrel again… [birds chirping] [Thatch]
– We’re not far from town, now. There’s a town somewhere in there? It just looks like a bunch of dark branches leading off into nothingness. Trust me! This road will take us to
dinner and comfy beds. [sighs]
– Okay… [mysterious music] [owl hooting] Here we are, Dial!
Welcome to Findel! Woah!
[grunting] Woah… [DIAL]
This is beautiful! Told you it’d be worth it! Come on… The “Little Creek Inn” is this way.
We’ll stay there, tonight.

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    I just have one one qualm about the voice acting for Rosemary. Her delivery on some of the lines felt flat like they didn't give the correct response for what the line was. But that's just me still love everything else.

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