Tesla Pox – Insider (Video Oficial)

Tesla Pox – Insider (Video Oficial)

Making music is something special
everything feels completely different it’s like if we were expressing with our instruments
what the four of us are feeling at the moment we are creating the music we want, and enjoy and I don’t know… you can scream, you can laugh, and cry at the same time and be in a state of encountered feelings that makes you… like… create a song that can express those feelings as a whole in spite of having no lyrics. I think the four of us… are going through the same specific moment in our lives in which we are taking the same path we have a very strong commitment towards a dream we are trying to reach and that is reflected in our music when composing we all contribute with the song writing in a very pleasant environment of freedom. For me, Tesla is freedom, there are no rules we compose whatever we want according to what we are picturing in that moment it is a sharing of what each of us have lived… listened to, and felt we get together and share all that and we create something out of it. I think that is something like… very unique besides, this is the music I want to listen to it’s the music with which I dream about, and I would like to be surrounded by it always. I feel like a kid again I think we all are children we all have that childish spirit that remains and I think that’s awesome because… it’s like if we got together to play with our toys which in this case are our instruments and with them we create fond stories which I think are fucking great, and we make music that I personally love and… and that’s pretty awesome.

12 thoughts on “Tesla Pox – Insider (Video Oficial)

  1. Excelente, me gusto el estilo y la idea que traen, Eva que chingon ver a ex compañeros de secundaria sobresaliendo, te deseo mucho exito en tu carrera musical!

  2. Los escuche en el MOD este año, y suenan super chido, me encantaron, que chido que existan bandas de post rock de Guadalajara. Exito

  3. Está bien chingón, como siempre la música es lo mejor, suena a revolución, sobresale la creatividad y la pasión, éxito se ve mucha fusión en el grupo, en hora buena.  

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