Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 14 – Full Episode – 13th September, 2019

Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 14 – Full Episode – 13th September, 2019

Aren’t You watching
too many daily soaps these days? Here, I am trying everything
to make her leave the city and she is requesting me
to find a house for her. What satisfaction do you get by
creating new obstacles for me? Don’t I have feelings?
Don’t I feel bad? Lord Krishna,
she is a nice girl. I don’t have any problem
with her. But whenever she gets
close to Alok it makes my blood boil. It makes me go crazy and I forget
about right or wrong I just feel like strangling her. Sorry. But You can understand
what I mean, right? Tara deserves all the happiness
in the world. She should get married
into a good family. May she achieve
all the success in life. But in South Delhi, okay? She should leave Agra. Now You forgive me. Okay? Bye. “What will become of you,
Alia?” Rohan. Rohan, what are you doing here? Rohan. Rohan.. Let’s go.. Give me your book. Let’s go. Get up.
Come on. Let’s go. Go.
Smash! The first match
of the tournament is against Mumbai’s
Peterson School. They are last year’s
champions. They are last year’s champions.
This year, we will be. Play the game calmly. And don’t get nervous.
Okay? Why do you come here
every year to get insulted? Do something.
Leave the tournament and take your kids to Chowpatty. Treat them to ‘Bhel Puri’. We have brought
Agra’s famous ‘Petha’, sir. Once Neeti and Vikas
win the tournament then I myself will feed you
the sweets. Pal, this was just a trailer. During the match I’ll hit more dangerous shots. Oh, didn’t you bring
your helmets from Agra? Actually, we should have. It would have been useful
for you two after losing to hide your faces. ‘Staff Room’ Alia, what do you think? Will all the teachers agree
with you and sign the application
against Tara? We will have to convince them. I need everybody’s signature
on this paper. Hello, Nandan. Mr. Gopal here. You have to win the match.
Understood? I understood, Mr. Gopal. But the kids here
are very hyper. They play really well. Sometimes they hit
outside the court. We too lose points. What are you doing there? Cheer them up. Motivate them.
Shout out slogans! That’s what Mr. Alok
has been doing. What?
– Come on, Vikas! Come on, Neeti! Come on, Neeti!
Come on, Vikas! Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti!
– Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti! Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti!
– Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti! Listen..
– Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti! Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti!
– I need to discuss something important.
– Go, Vikas! Go, Neeti! It’s about Ms. Tara. What is it? Well.. Ms Tara..
– I got it. You are here to talk
about Natraj Showroom, right? What? That’s the latest news.
Don’t you know about it? What is it? The guy who owns
the Natraj Sari Centre.. Is it in Sadar?
– Yes. He’s getting his son enrolled
in our school in the middle of the term.
– But why? He said that it’s all
because of Ms. Tara! He said that because of the new
English teacher there’s been a huge improvement.
Everyone speaks in English. The principal is overjoyed. You’re right. Things have changed
since Ms. Tara has arrived. Everything is good. There’s improvement everywhere. Without English hour, English!
Well done, Bhadoriya! All thanks
to Ms. Tara’s company. Yesterday, I spoke in English
while buying vegetables. What! – I said
to the vegetable vendor.. ‘Hey, vegetable vendor,
250 grams of ladies’ fingers’ ‘for this beautiful man.’ It sounds great. But what does it mean?
– Okra! Soon, you’ll start singing
in English as well. “Every night..” They are completely enamoured
by Tara. How will you convince them
to sign against Tara? I know where to start. There’s one person
who’ll surely sign this. Come on. Come on.. Kids, Jyoti will recite
a Hindi poem before us. Come on, dear. Sir, I cannot understand
the meaning. Jyoti, if you speak in English I will oust you from the class. Use the word ‘interpretation’
instead. Let me explain. He’s the perfect candidate.
He despises English language. He’ll take us one step closer
to our goal. Kids, ‘The Dawn of Freedom’. I will complete this poem
during the next class. Come on..
Mr. Chaturvedi! Yes.
– We were waiting for you. No English. We were waiting for you.
– Yes. Why is that?
– We want you to sign this. No..
Is this the blood donation form? I feel very giddy
after donating blood. Please forgive me, Ms. Alia.
– No. This is not a blood donation
form. – Then? This is something else. ‘Simon, go back.’
– What? – It’s an application. It’s an application
for the replacement of Ms. Tara. It’s an application letter
for substitution of Ms. Tara. The principal has
said that if all the teachers sign this petition he will hire Mr. Sahay
instead of Ms. Tara. You have always been
against English. So, please sign it
and Ms. Tara will get fired. You wanted this, right? Yes!
Exactly. He agreed so quickly! Give me the pen.
– No! I meant to say all the teachers are noble. What do you mean? I mean, I have a problem
with English language. I don’t have a problem
with the English teacher. If English language
is being banned in this school then I will be the first person
to sign that application. But I will not sign
an application to get Ms. Tara expelled. I will not commit such a sin. Ms. Alia, please forgive me.
– Mr. Chaturvedi! Please listen to me.
What.. Alia, we had high hopes
but he flatly refused. Nobody has signed this yet. Sir, is it necessary
to play ahead? Let’s go back to Agra
by Bareilly Express. We can’t go back like this. That’s what I meant. Since we’ve come to Mumbai let’s hang out for a day or two
and then leave. I meant, we can’t leave
this tournament in between. Yes, Alia. Alok, how’s it going? I don’t know what to say. We are losing all the games. Same here.
– What? Nothing.. You tell me. Wait a minute, Alia.
Just hold on. – Okay. What happened? We won’t be able to play. Let’s go back, sir. Here everyone plays
better than us. You want to return? Fine. Let’s go back. But before leaving.. Hand over this sweet box to St. Peterson’s coach,
Mr. Thapar. I had promised him that
after winning the tournament Vikas and Neeti
would feed him sweets. Do mention that we are leaving
the tournament in between. So that he enjoys it even more. Agra’s ‘Petha’
is anyway very famous. It will become more famous now. Hold it. Go! Go. You don’t want to go? What happened?
You can’t gather courage? Then hold this racket!
Go and play. You think that they are playing
badminton with you? They are playing
mind games with you. Your natural game is
much better than theirs. I have seen you both undergoing
training since one year. Stay focussed. Don’t lose your confidence. Don’t think that they
are better than you. They have better clothes
and shoes than you but to win a match, you don’t
need good clothes or shoes. You need to play well. Keep one thing in mind. A person doesn’t lose
until he accepts defeat. It’s okay if you lose
the tournament but if you lose courage today then you will lose everything. Keep this, sir. We will offer him sweets but after winning
the tournament. Good. Very good. Yes. Sir.. ‘Auditorium’ Alia, how will you
convince them to sign? All of them will refuse. Your husband is also not
going to come back from Dubai. What are you saying? You believe that he
will return, right? Yes.
– Then, it’s done. That’s what’s important. A person doesn’t lose until he accepts defeat. All right? Come. Shalini!
Come.. In front of her, just express
assent to everything I say. Shalini. Alia.
– Yes. We need your sign on this. This is a proposal to bring
Mr. Sahay to replace Ms. Tara as the English teacher. Okay. Which school? Our school. What about Tara,
English teacher? That’s what, I’m saying. Mr. Sahay will be hired
instead of Tara. Aren’t you able to understand? She’s a dimwit. Who are you talking about? Sign it! She’s such a nice lady.
Why do you want her to leave? Did I say that she is bad? Alia, Tara is very good. She’s so good
that nowadays children keep chanting her name. Really? They are the ones who used to
chant Ms. Shalini’s name, is it? Correct. I don’t know what spell
she has cast on the children. You are right. I think, it depends
on the subject. It’s obvious, English will
overpower Art and Crafts, right? No, I think it depends
on the teacher. What do you mean? I mean..
Whatever it is. Tara is really glamorous. Anyway, nowadays
children love glamour. Am I right?
– That’s not true. Do you think
I am not glamourous? And listen,
I’m students’ favourite teacher. Really?
– Yes. Tell me, children! Who’s your favourite teacher? Ms. Tara. Rabiya, let’s go
and inform Mr. Sahay. Nothing can be done here. When she’s not able
to sustain here how will he survive? He’s almost 60 years old. Let’s go.
– Okay. Wait a second. Where do I need to sign?
– H-Here, on this. Take it. Come on! Yes!
What a confidence! Ms. Alia, didn’t I tell you? I don’t have any problem
with the teacher. I have problem
with the English language. There you go again! Don’t you have any problem
with Tara? Not at all. All right, don’t sign it. You will have a problem
when you’d lose your job. Right.
Then you can share the feelings of regret
in pure Hindi. Sorry, I didn’t understand. Mr. Chaturvedi,
you need to feel it. This school didn’t
just bring an English teacher but a reform,
on the pretext of Tara. You have no idea
what all is going to change. What do you mean?
– I mean didn’t you notice the principal? How he agrees to everything
she says? Ever since she came here he started English hours. Just wait around three months.
You will see what else is going to happen. What do you mean? You speak in Hindi.
But after few days you will have to pay fine.
– Really? – Yes. Soon, English will become
compulsory here. Really?
– Yes. You already know the position
of vice principal is vacant, right? If by mistake.. What if by mistake the principal appoints Tara
as the vice principal? Then, Hindi will
no longer be a subject here. Not by mistake,
I am 100 percent sure she will be the vice principal. Alia, I have heard about it.
– Really? Then we should give him
Pappu’s phone number. Who is Pappu?
– He’s an agent. For you, he can easily book
a ticket to Patna. – What? But he’s from Bhilai.
– Right. I see. So he will book one to Bhilai.
Give him his number. What’s this? Why are you
talking about Patna and Bhilai? I am not going anywhere. I will stay here
and teach Hindi. When Tara will eliminate
Hindi subject from the school will you teach yourself
looking in the mirror? And if you want to do that
then please go back to Bhilai. Please write down the number.
91792.. What are you saying?
– It’s the agent’s number. Did you forget about Bhilai? What rubbish is this?
I am not going anywhere. I don’t want to go back
to Bhilai. I will not go there. Nobody wants to leave. People get fired. That’s right,
he’ll have to exit. They will fire him. That’s enough. I will put an end to reforms
in this school. Tell me,
where do I need to sign? Here, on this. Come on! Yes! Ms. Tara? – Yes.
– But she’ll have to leave.. Shalini has signed it. She has signed it! Really?
– Yes. What are you thinking? It seems, Shalini’s
and his thinking don’t match. So sad! How will they be together
if their mindset is different? Oh, come on, Ms. Rabiya!
You must be kidding, right? Ms. Alia, give me the paper.
Come on. When Ms. Shalini has signed it,
who can stop me? Come on, give me the pen. I signed it. Yes! Yes!
– Sir! Now I need
only one more signature for majority vote.
– Yes. So, who all are left? Alok, GK
and the chemistry teacher. Alok has gone to Mumbai.
So, we have GK. Right? Yes, so now..
– Look at GK! No, he doesn’t look like
he will sign against Tara. Yes. Now only
the chemistry teacher is left. But he didn’t come
to school today. So what?
We’ll visit his house. I’ll get this last signature
anyhow. Let’s go. Yay..
Hurray.. Nandan, we have
reached the final! Yes! But sir,
Thapar’s team is in the final. If they play
with such confidence they will trounce that team!
– Yes!

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