Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel

Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel

who would deliberately destroy a beautiful sand sculpture that took many hours to create that’s what police in Hawaii want to know an idiotic act of vandalism is captured on surveillance camera a young lady pulls the head off a sand sculpture after straddling the glass barrier at the iconic Royal Hawaiian Resort in Waikiki she also pulls a nose off the sculpture before wobbling off the barrier her friend records the destruction on her cell phone if that’s not enough the Vandal slams a pillow into the sculpture and then throws other items at it the Royal Hawaiian is famous for its pink exterior and his nickname the Pink Palace of the Pacific it also served as the backdrop to several movies including Punch Drunk Love police have identified the Vandal no word on what exact charges she may face the artist behind the sand sculpture has flown to Hawaii to repair the damage [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel

  1. Spoiled little brat did it for the IG (hoping to go famous overnight) instead to get blasted by the whole world. Learn yo limits.

  2. The real story here should be on the technology and materials used to build that barrier! That thing is so solid it'll make Trump proud.

  3. That COW is no lady! She's a disrespectful PATHETIC PARASITE, I hope she gets what's coming to her! Would LOVE to see someone Knock her UGLY head off!🐄🐄

  4. That's so awful….now if someone beat her up by the sand sculpture she would have wanted them to have jail time…put her big butt in jail

  5. What the heck. This is the first time a piece in a while it’s not Chinese tourists destroying art.
    I feel bad for the natives of Hawaii.

  6. This brings back memories from when I was a child. I was leaving the beach after building a large sand castle and turned my head and saw two fat girls destroying it.

    I say this all stems from bad parenting, both mother and father.

  7. She deserves 5 years in prison and should have to pay for the artist's time and money to create it and make the repairs, and she should be banned from every McDonalds and every other fast foods place in the USA.

  8. I can only imagine how bitter you have to be on the inside to see beautiful art and want to destroy it just for the sake of it.

  9. This what this country is coming to no more respect or morals typical millennial thank god I’m Generation X ! 🇺🇸☝🏻

  10. I do this to snowmen. I consider snowmen to be litter. But this lady is clearly a miserable whale and needs to be released back to the sea✨

  11. She needs to worry more about her tiny little shirt coming off, rather than destroying someone else's hard work. Selfish, self-entitled, immature brat! I hope she is punished, and has to pay the fees for the artist to return and repair the damage she caused. Do not give her a slap on the wrist for any reason.

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