Teddy Has An Operation

Teddy Has An Operation

There is something wrong with teddy. Don’t worry teddy, the doctor is going to find out what is wrong. Countdown from ten now teddy. You won’t make it to one because the doctor is putting you to sleep! Now the doctor can begin his operation and teddy will not feel a thing. Now teddy is on drugs. The doctor cuts into teddy’s flesh with his medical instrument. Look! There is teddy’s bon-bon layer, which makes him sweet! The doctor takes a closer look at teddy’s bon-bons. That isn’t a healthy bon-bon teddy. Here is what a healthy bon-bon looks like. The doctor removes the bad bon-bons. Now lets look inside teddy’s play pouch. The doctor says what a mess! More sprinkles please! Teddy sprinkles. Now teddy can play again. But a good doctor looks deeper than that- oh! That he’s a good sign! Teddy’s crotch unicorn is healthy! That means his imagination is healthy, what a good sign teddy. Let’s look at his kidney now. The kidney is what gives teddy patience, with kids. Look at teddy’s kidney crayons, they have gangrene. The doctor puts in nice red healthy crayons. You won’t hate the children now teddy! What is wrong with teddy’s courage? The doctor looks inside teddy’s courage sack. What has happened? What has the doctor discovered? Oh look, teddy is riddled with fear he is afraid look at what fear does to your courage sack! The fear is removed and the doctor replaces it with curiosity. The curiosity will help teddy’s courage. Now the doctor must explore teddy’s heart. That is with his love comes from. Look how big it is! Look how much love teddy has. What has gone wrong? That’s it! What is what happen! Teddy loved a bad boy. What did the bad boy do teddy? Oh teddy… The bad boy broke teddy’s heart’s heart. Don’t worry that doctor will give you a new one, and look here is a new child for your to love. I think we’ve done it! It’s time to seal teddy back up. Just look at the doctor putting teddy back together again. The operation is complete and soon teddy will be all better again. Goodnight teddy. I hope you’ll get will soon.

100 thoughts on “Teddy Has An Operation

  1. Before, I used to think this was really creepy, but now, I’m actually interested about the anatomy (please don’t think I’m a creep I’m learning about the body in school)

  2. *YMCM music plays*I – See that-when i w-as young. I – quet-live it. And now – im – Dis dis discusted *YMCM Musics stops**morgan freeman steps to you and say * this bastard. He ruind the song. Diss like the comment or i will end this all.*mirgan freeman has another sun in his eye balls and go back in the potato

  3. This shouldnt be in education category to be opened by children,!? This sacriligious, gory, manslaughter, how to be sicopathic diy kinda thingy 😵

  4. " teddy is now on drugs"
    old western voice "teddy loved a bod boiii"
    " oh look here is a new child for teddy to love" wtf dude is teddy a pervvvv

  5. I first saw this outside a haunted house in my area. I didn’t catch the whole thing but I thought, “What the crap is going on?” from watching it.

  6. Что за херню, я сейчас посмотрела твою мать? Какого хера, это у меня в рекомендациях?

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