Tar Heels Wine Bottle DIY | Decoupage With Fabric | Wine Bottle Crafts

Tar Heels Wine Bottle DIY | Decoupage With Fabric | Wine Bottle Crafts

Hi, my crafty fam! Today I’ll be showing you one more way you
can make these sports themed bottles that make awesome gifts. I’ve already made a baseball and football
themed bottle. I’ll leave the link to those in the description
box below or click on the I, at the top right-hand corner of this video. They can be made for any sport, football,
baseball, basketball, soccer or tennis! You can customize them to fit whatever team,
the sports fan in your life, is always rooting for! Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Tar Heels Wine Bottle DIY | Decoupage With
Fabric Let’s get started As usual, I’ll be painting the whole bottle
with matte white acrylic paint. Once that was dry, I gave it two coats of
the blue paint letting it dry in between each coat. While the bottle is drying you can start prepping
the fabric that you’ll be decoupaging onto the bottle. Pour some paint onto the fabric and spread
it until you’ve painted the whole thing. Give the bottle a coat of mod podge to protect
the paint. Let all of that dry and then it’s time to
measure cut and decoupage the fabric onto the bottle. Because the fabric is so stiff, it makes it
really easy to decoupage on. Using the scrap pieces of the fabric, I decoupaged
all of the team designs onto it. I did this so that the designs have a raised
look, this is one of those preferred things. You can just decoupage them straight onto
the bottle if you’d like. You can also use anything to give it the raised
look. It doesn’t have to be the fabric. Craft foam and felt will work as well or even
cardstock paper. Again it’s just to give it a raised effect. Let them dry, cut them out
and decoupaged them onto the bottle as you see here. measure, cut and glue the ribbon all the way
around. Do the same to the bottom and on the sides. I then did the same thing to the neck I printed out the cute little tar heels foot
at 15% size painted them in cut them out and prepped them the same way I did the decals. Decoupage those onto each side of the neck. Lastly, I took the top of the wine stopper
off, made a hole in the ball and glued the wine stopper into it. and there you have it my crafty fam, another
way to make these cool sports bottles. This one is the easiest one by far. It was hard to match that paint to the team
color but I think I got it as close as I could. Again, these can be customized to fit whatever
team you’d like and you can use whatever materials you want. Also, high five to all of you who’ve sent
me pictures of your recreations. My crafty fam has some serious talent! You guys are awesome! Keep crafting and keep sharing them with us. I don’t think you know how much motivation
that gives me and as always remember to have fun, be creative and make a mess! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to thumbs it up as it helps the growth of the channel and to show your support. If you’re new to my channel I hope you consider
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no need to cry!

21 thoughts on “Tar Heels Wine Bottle DIY | Decoupage With Fabric | Wine Bottle Crafts

  1. Wow ! These are so cute. You are very talented! What is the white material you put under the decals?
    You have an amazing story. I am so proud of you for being strong and beating your addiction. I know its a daily struggle. Please continue doing what you are doing and helping others.

  2. I like it!! Gotta make some.
    Personally not a sports fan but I'm married to one heck of a sports fan. Its SERIOUS! LOL!
    Football, Basketball, Baseball, MMA, Golf, etc;
    TFS ☺

  3. Bonjour! C'est trop bien fait!! 😀 Really good. Had a ball watching this as I know I wont be able to make it as good…lol. the little feet 😉 All the best, Sunshine

  4. Hi I know this is an old video,but love the idea. my question is did you also use fabric for the team decals?

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