Tape Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using a Scotch Tape!

Tape Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Using a Scotch Tape!

Hey guys! Scotch tape can be used in many
different ways. I’m going to show you how to use scotch tape in nail art. My boyfriend
for example, he uses scotch tape to shut me up when I’m talking too much. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways,
these are the designs we are making today: heart, bow, tiles, strawberry and pastel lines.
So take out your polishes and scotch tape and let’s begin! Nail art can be loads of
fun and much easier to perfect with a help of a tape! It allows us to create perfect
shapes and lines, which is great, especially if you’re a bit clumsy like me. Today we are
making five totally different nail art designs, and all of them are made with a help of a
scotch tape! First things first: Applying a base coat is
very important if you want your nails to stay healthy and beautiful. Strong colors can stain
your nails and base coat also prevents your nails from being in direct contact with those
nasty chemicals used in colored polishes. Let’s start with this adorable heart design.
Apply 2 coats of any base color of your choice. I am using a very light pink. Since I am making
red hearts, a light or a super dark base will create the strongest contrast. Now it’s time
to use some tape. Cut a small piece like me and fold it in half. Don’t fold it perfectly
as you will have to unfold it later. So it’s better to do it a bit more diagonally. Draw
half of a heart on the edge where the tape is folded and cut it out with scissors. You
can create many different designs this way, star, butterfly, flower anything symmetrical! Unfold the tape and you get a hole with a
shape of a heart. Place it on the middle of your nail and make sure the heart edges are
firmly sticked to get those precise sharp lines.
I want my heart to have a gentle ombre effect, so I am taking a cosmetic sponge and applying
a stripe of red and a light pink. Make sure the two colors overlap in the middle for a
beautiful gradient. Tap the color on the nail; I am making two coats for a higher pigmentation.
Carefully remove the tape and you are left with this beautiful heart. You don’t have
to use a sponge for this design if you want to create a heart with just one solid color.
Finish the design with a fast drying top coat. I painted all my nails on my other hand with
this technique. I love it because it is super cute yet extremely easy and fast to make.
Let’s move on to the strawberry design! Start off with any green polish you own and apply
two coats of it all over your nail for a nice opaque result. First we are making a strawberry
leaf. Take a piece of the scotch tape and cut out a zig-zag shape like me. It’s better
to make each triangle a bit different so it looks more realistic. Stick the tape on the
upper part of the nail, where you want the strawberry leaf to appear. On the rest of
the nail apply a red nail polish. Make sure it is pigmented enough to cover the green
with just one coat. Quickly remove the tape and voila you get
a beautiful red strawberry. Now, draw on small yellow stripes for that little extra. You
can use a striper or a toothpick for this. I created this striper myself and you can
find a DIY tutorial on my channel. Since my yellow polish is not that pigmented, I went
over each stripe twice for a brighter result. Seal in your design with a fast drying top
coat. How adorable is this design, right?! I am totally in love with it!
For the third design we are making these cool color blocking tiles. Let’s start off with
two coats of white for the base color. Having a good white nail polish is very important
if you like making different nail art designs. I use it the most out of all polishes, since
it makes a perfect base and any polish on top looks much brighter. Cut 3 narrow stripes
of tape and stick one along the middle of your nail and two on the sides like me. This
way your tiles will be separated with precise white lines. Now chose two colors for the
tiles, I went for two different blue shades — a lighter and a darker one. I am applying
the colors using a piece of sponge, but you can just use a nail polish brush instead.
I find that sometimes a brush can apply too thick layer of polish that dries quickly making
it difficult to remove the tape afterwards. But if you just use a thin coat it should
work fine. When all the parts are covered in colors, carefully remove the tape and you
are left with this cool tiles effect on your nail. For even more interesting nail art,
you can use more than two colors for the tiles. Remove any polish from your skin with a q-tip
soaked in acetone. Finally go over with a fast drying top coat which will bring your
design together and make sure that it’ll last longer without chipping. I think this design
is really unique and so cool, since you can have loads of fun by switching up different
colors for the tiles. Next, I am making this cute bow design. You
can use a striper if you are precise enough, but I find it way easier by using a tape.
Apply two coats of any polish you want to begin with. Since this is a very girly and
delicate nail art I went for a light pink. Take a piece of a tape, stick it on a flat
surface and draw a shape of a bow. I really like this tape since I can draw on it with
a pencil, which allows me to sketch the design and even correct it if I make a mistake.
Now it’s time to cut the bow out. First, I cut it in halves like so. This makes it really
easy to cut out the rest of the shape. Small nail scissors work best for cutting such small
and delicate pieces like these loops and tiny little straps, which form a bow. When you’re
done cutting, stick the tape to your nail. I want my bow detail to be more towards the
tip. Leave some space between each half of the bow to get a nice stripe across the nail.
Again, I am using a sponge to apply a black color for the bow. Dip the sponge into polish
and tap on the nail with it a few times. Then quickly remove the tape and you get a perfect
bow. You can create any sorts of shapes this way! And this is why a tape is such an awesome
tool in nail art! Finally, I am applying two dots of light pink with a striper to finish
up the bow design. Apply a layer of top coat and this sweet girly design is complete.
Last, but definitely not least is this pastel stripes design. It is so simple and easy to
create, but it looks absolutely adorable. Apply two coats of light pink to begin with.
Cut four fairly narrow stripes of scotch tape and stick them along the nail so that the
stripes are parallel one to another. Make sure that the spaces between them are of similar
width. I like to stick the two side stripes first and then the middle ones. I am creating
the gradient stripes using pink and minty green polish. For gradient effect we need
to apply these colors on a piece of a beauty sponge. Tap it on the nail trying to cover
the whole nail surface and then quickly remove the tape stripes. Look how lovely this manicure
turned out. Finish the design with a layer of a fast drying top coat and we’re done.
I enjoyed so much playing with a scotch tape and creating these beautiful nail art designs.
It’s amazing how many different creations you can pull of with the help of a tape.I
think my favorite designs are tiles and pastel stripes. What are yours? If you want to see
more nail art ideas check out my galaxy and toothpick designs. Also don’t forget to share
your recreations with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bye, bye!

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  1. disliked your video and they're shooting a video someone to dislike their video I'm so sorry for you Sarah

  2. disliked your video and they're shooting a video someone to dislike their video I'm so sorry for you Sarah

  3. This is great for begginers like me!!๐Ÿ˜i love ur videos so much like really and i love ur nails my mom thought they were acrylic but i told her no its her natural nail and she was like oooooo ok hahahahah i laghed so much hah๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Thank you for all the nail art you did .You are a life safer all the time.All the nail art you did
    Is pretty smart and pretty.now I know why you
    are a diy ARTIST.Talk to you later bye

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  6. I am really glad with your nail art but your camera don't have colour clearity so the light pink looks like white

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