Hi, Sisters, James Charles here and Welcome back to my YouTube channel For today’s video I have something very very crazy and fun planned and that is this: take her swimming on the first date makeup Tutorial now this video is totally inspired by sister Kathleen lights she posted a video about a week ago On her channel where she tested waterproof makeup It was so funny and so freakin cute and i had to do the same thing. A while ago on Twitter it was this huge ugly ass trend for straight boys to post pictures of girls with and without makeup next to each other and be Like take her swimming on the first date. Well, **** sorry try again because we have settings spray and waterproof makeup So i have a ton of products laid out in front of me right here That are all “waterproof” makeup items I am gonna put them on and create a look with them, and then I have a pool party later on today So we’re actually going to go in the water and test these out So if you want to see how these actual “waterproof products” hold up in the water make sure you keep on watching So to start off today I’m going to be priming my face using the Tarte brighter days highlighting moisturizer I actually could not find a waterproof primer, and I’m pretty sure don’t quote me on this I am not Bill Nye the Science Guy, but I’m pretty sure that that’s because most foundations Do have a little bit of water in them so I think using a waterproof primer would probably make the foundation like Coagulate and get all wonky looking on the face. For a foundation today we’re going to be taking a step away from the make up for ever ultra HD foundation stick because that is not waterproof and we’re Going to be using the Mac Pro Longwear a nourishing waterproof foundation, and I got the shade NC 25 I’m not sure if this is going to match me. I am praying that it will because it’s the only shade that I bought so Okay, this could be good I have actually never tried this foundation before and I’ve never actually tried Mac foundations in General besides from the foundation Powder So I’m super excited to see how this wears, but it definitely claims it is a waterproof foundation And I feel like if I was to jump in the water Foundation would be the first thing that would like get all messed up So let’s see how this holds up. It looks good. This is actually really good match Okay You guys know that I do like to make myself look a little bit more tanned with my foundation Just because we’ve had some very very unfortunate pale Situations in the past that we will not be speaking of today, but I’m not going to be doing that today I guess but honestly this is a very very close color match to my neck so we’re just going to roll with it We’re not going to be tan today, I guess we’re just going to use a lot of bronzer later on Now that my base is all on I’m actually loving how my skin looks And I’m going to throw you guys another curveball We will not be using any shape tape today, and I’m gonna be using the makeup forever full coverage concealer And I’m in the shade 1 and this is also Water-proof Waterproof why don’t I just say that so weird so this shade is definitely very very good for highlighting underneath the eyes But I guess the color isn’t necessarily the point of this video It is obviously going to be whether or not it resists under water, so let’s go ahead and apply her as normal The consistency of this concealer is like very very strange. It almost is like a whipped Type of formula, it’s not very like liquidy It’s definitely a lot of thicker But I do like how this is applying so far and I’m excited to see how it blends out in a second oh WOW All right, so I just went ahead and I locked my face in Place using my Kat Von D Lock-it translucent setting powder and now let’s go ahead and move on with the bronzer To bronze my face up today for that summer glow. I’m going to use the tarte Amazonian Clay waterproof bronzer in the Shade Park ave princess I’m applying this to my face using my morphe M 570 and as always you can use code JAMES for 10% off your purchase at morphebrushes.com ooh, I actually really like this bronzer Okay I’m actually really curious to see how the powders are going to hold up in the water This is definitely a powder bronzer, but it does say it’s waterproof so I’m really curious to see like what ingredients or what properties allow it to stay on in the water because normally you’d think like water mixing with a powder would definitely destroy it instantly I did do that video a long time ago on My Instagram page where i dunk my face in the shower Sounds good to me And I makeup actually see it on perfectly and I was not even trying to use waterproof stuff then so my face could say perfectly Exactly the way it is locked in place But we’re going to find out as soon as I get dip my face into a very cool pool and then for blush today I’m going to grab my tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush. Which is also waterproof in the shade SEDUCE for brows today We’re going to pull an oldie, but a goodie, and that is the Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow And I am in the shade Dark Brown It is honestly probably been like a good year or so since I’ve used a dip brow product as opposed to like a brow pencil Because lord knows I used to have some very very scary Sharpie eyebrows and ever since then I’ve been way too nervous to go back to this I’m honestly super scared today, but I’m just going to go really really lightly and start to build it up So we don’t get that like super thick lego brow effect. oh & to do my brows today by the way I’m using my Morphe E29 brush ok thank God this actually is turning out a lot better than I was expecting WOOO! once I have those brows basically shaved out? I’m going to go back in with a little bit more of that makeup forever full coverage concealer just on my Morphe 43 brush and just clean up the bottom of those brows and and since ive said before I don’t have a waterproof primer I am going to use this concealer as well to prime my eyelids for shadow And then to set and lock these rather interesting brows in place I’m going to just use the Anastasia clear brow gel and brush through the hairs So I do have some waterproof eye products that we will get to in a second but obviously there are no waterproof eyeshadows Unfortunately those do not exist just yet, but for today’s look I’m just going to use some single shadows that are all from on a Anastasia Beverly Hills And I think one from colour-Pop as well and my Custom palette right up in here if you guys like me to do a video on this custom palette as well Definitely, let me know because these are like my go-to favorite shades But I’m just going to quickly throw on a look. I’m first gonna grab ABH orange soda at the transition shade I’m going to go for a very very light eye look today with a pop of color on the bottom lash line So I’m just first popping this into the crease to create like a nice blending point for every other shadow that we’re going to use later on. I’m first going to grab the shade blazing on my R 39 brush It is like a burnt orange, but It does have a little bit of red undertones as well And the shadows that I’m going to be using from tarte in a second It’s actually Rose gold so I do want to have a little bit of a mix of a red and orange so the gold tones Match you’ll see what I mean I’m just placing the color on the outer third of my eyelid with this brush And then I’m just going to lightly blend it up into the crease and towards the center of the Lid I’m next gonna grab that same brush and dip into this Mac blush in the shade sketch, obviously This is a blush, but you can use it for eyeshadow as well I haven’t been able to actually find a good like dark Red single shadow that doesn’t have like purple undertones that has just like regular red So if you guys know of one, please let me know, but I’ve been loving this blush to darken up reds And now for the star of the show to cut my crease today I’m gonna be using the tarte Amazonian Clay pot in the shade Rose gold. Oh My God, this is so pretty holy crap Okay, I am so Frickin shook right now because these little clay pots are so pretty and they are actually the one thing aside From the liner that is waterproof in this eye look, so if this entire face comes up in the water I praying that at least these say on because this is so beautiful! for liner today I’m going to quickly throw on a wing using my makeup forever aqua Xl liner I mean the waterproof thing is actually in the title so hopefully this wing will stay on and be on fleek even in the pool for For the lower lash line today, I’m going to grab another one of those tarte Little clay pots And this is in the shade at Crystal Ball And it is just like blue purple iridescent color and I’m so freaking excited to see how this actually looks And I’m just gonna apply this using a pencil brush I’m just going to buff this into the lower lash line for a little pop of color. Oh, wow that’s really pretty So this little pot is definitely very very beautiful, but not as pigmented as the Rose gold one So what I’m going to do is dip in that same brush and dip into the color pop single shadow piece of cake and just use That as a base and layer this shadow over top for a brighter pop Before lashes i am first going to go right in and curl them For lashes today I’m going to pop on the lily lashes in the style, doha these are really really beautiful And I definitely want to do a light and flirty lash, and as for lash glue I actually can’t find a waterproof Lash glue. So im just gonna use my duo one as always We may be hearing some girls screaming in the pool thinking that there’s a spider, when in reality it may just be my floating, missing, lash And then to blend my natural lashes with the fake ones. I’m going to use of course the too faced better than sex Waterproof, Mascara Out of this entire look the thing that I am most Scared about wearing off in the water is going to be the actual Mascara, but this one It does claim it is waterproof, and I know better than sex is a very very good formula It is definitely like one of those staple makeup items that are an all time favorite So I’m hoping that this one will last in the water. alright guys, and that is one a waterproof already complete I’m going to go ahead and quickly do the other one off-camera And then I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the look AND we get to take a dip! Alright! so now that the eyes are both done and complete our next step is going to be of course the glow and Unfortunately highlighter was the one thing that I could not find a waterproof version of today So I’m going to using the OFRA x Nikkietutorials Collab in her shade everglow this highlighter is so bomb if you use code JAMES for 30% of all over products this collection is sold Out but they have a ton of other amazing highlighters on their site So last and final step of this look is obviously going to be the lips and I thought I had a lot of waterproof Lipsticks, but apparently all the ones that I thought are waterproof were actually just 24-hour long wearing formulas So not technically waterproof, but they should last hopefully in the water I don’t really know how this is going to work out But I apologize for that and the one I’m gonna be using today is the OFRA liquid lipstick in the shade Sao Paulo this is just a beautiful nude pink shade and our last and final step is going to be to lock this entire face in place and hopefully create a barrier between the skin and the Water using our urban decay all nighter setting spray as you guys know this stuff Is very very long wearing and long-lasting. It’ll keep any makeup on so hopefully that includes in the pool Alright guys, so this would be waterproof makeup Look, I’ll complete I absolutely love how this turned out and all these products actually look really really bomb So I’m so excited to actually put them to the test I’m gonna head out right now because I’m running very very late, but I’ll see you guys in a few short seconds, all right So the pool parties didn’t exactly work out because sister James is 18 And they’re being really really difficult for no reason at all about letting me in, whatever. Me & sister Cassie are about to have have our own pool party on the rooftop so lets get wet All right, so i’ve been swimming around for quite a while now I can definitely see on this eye that the eyelash is about a fly off But it is time for the big reveal sister Maggie, could I please have my mirror? Oh God, i’m so scared! *gasps* It looks so good! Oh, you’re kidding. This sister right here has definitely come un-glued and the liner is also gone, which is surprising considering this liner was the makeup forever aqua xl liner and it is supposed to be waterproof, but it is definitely pretty much gone except for the wing she’s still ready to cut a bitch and she is on Fleek! (; As for the actual eyeshadow the pressed pot pigmets from tarte are looking still really really pretty and glittery But the red eyeshadow and orange eyeshadow that were from the Anastasia single Shadows obviously are pretty much gone now But they were not waterproof to begin with so not mad about it My brows are definitely still here too – they look pretty pretty on fleek and even the brow gel kind of held up the brow hairs Are definitely in place and they feel crusty which is good because that’s what brow gels are supposed to do harden them and lock them into place similar to a hairspray So I’m definitely not mad at the brow gel either the blue on the lower lashline I don’t know if you can see because of the shadows of the sun, also looks bomb now for the part that we actually all Care about the concealer, the foundation, the bronzer, and the highlight all the face products. As for the actual foundation, I am honestly so Beyond impressed my skin looks really really bomb I’m only cracking in a few places one of them being my smile lines But you guys know that I’ve said this in every video. I always get really bad cracks there. the only place where you can definitely start to see the foundation wearing off hard core is on the nose But I’m really not that surprised because Lord knows my nose. It’s definitely a hard spot for me. Out of everything I honestly think I’m probably most impressed with the bronzer and the blush now you guys saw in the tutorial earlier They were both complete Powders so I’m honestly so shook at the fact that they still have to complete pigment on my face. The contour bronzer is definatley still there and my Blush is looking nice and pink and Rosy as well So definitely a major plus to tarte on that honestly all the tarte products that we try say they claim They’re waterproof pretty much stayed completely amazing underneath the water so I am so shook right now Alright sisters and that is all that i have for you today for this waterproof makeup tutorial! For the most part I’m honestly so impressed with a lot of these products They definitely still look very very beautiful on the skin Even after dunking my face in the water for a very very long time doing lots of a back strokes , front strokes, front flips, hand stands , and everything in the book obviously some products held up much better than others, but overall I am super impressed Let’s definitely keep in mind – this is the full face of liquids, creams, and powders being dunked into a full on pool I’m so happy with these results The reason for this video is obviously for the whole take her swimming on the first day thing which is literally the most Ridiculous message ever just a PSA for everyone out there We were makeup to Impress ourselves And to feel beautiful and confident not to impress you if you can’t love your boyfriend or girlfriend the exact same amount when they have full glam on or not a drop of makeup you need to find somebody new and if you are the asshole that’s going to have that type of ignorant Mindset, just Keep it in the back of your head. We have a whole lot of waterproof products that could last us through that first date! If you guys enjoyed today’s video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and once again major shout out to kathleen Lights for this original idea! If you haven’t already make sure to click that big red subscribe button down below and then click the notification bell as well so you can be notified. I post three videos a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays & I’d love to have you with Joined the sisterhood if You’d like to follow me on my makeup journey. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They’re both just James Charles and my snapchat for behind the scenes & stuff is James Charles with an extra ‘S” after Charles. This week’s shout out Goes to sister and Enzo, thank you guys for always following & supporting babe You know I love you And if you would like to be next weeks sister shout out, don’t forget to re-tweet my video links when they go live on my Twitter All right babes. Thank you so much for watching. I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one. BAIIIII *gasps*


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