Taiwan Circling Swirl Variation, Cold Process Soap Making, (Technique Video #5)

Taiwan Circling Swirl Variation, Cold Process Soap Making, (Technique Video #5)

Hi this is Teri from Tree Marine Soapworks. Today I’m going to be showing you this soap. It’s a variation on Taiwan
Circling Swirl. So let’s get started with the colors. First we have a half a
teaspoon of Groovy Green Mica and this is used at a rate of one teaspoon per
pound of oils and it gives you a light green color. And that’s what I was going
for for this tutorial today. And I’m using a palette knife and a sheet of
plexiglass to mix my colors. Next we have 1/4 of a teaspoon and 1/8 of a teaspoon
of Rainforest Green Mica you can see I’m just diluting it with a little bit
of olive oil, just enough to get it wet Next we have 1/4 of a teaspoon of
Ravishing Red Mica and 1/16 of a teaspoon of Purple Reign Mica. A lot of
people ask me why I mix my colors this way. For one, it’s to get all the little
specks of colorant out, but also I have an art background and I had this palette
knife from college, and I just love using it. It’s just one of my favorite tools.
next we have 1/2 a teaspoon of Purple Reign Mica and just a .15cc scoop
of Ultramarine Blue. Oxides and Ultramarines can be a little more
difficult to get the specs out of. That’s why this one I took a little bit more
care to get all the specks out of it. All these colorants that I’m using today
are from Elements Bath and Body. Next I have 1/4 of a teaspoon of Smooth
Coconut Carbon also known as Activated Charcoal. And I just mixed this in order
to use to darken some of the other colors that I used, so I’m not gonna use
the whole thing, I just wanted a little for darkening. Next we’re measuring
fragrance. Today I’m using Cranberry Salsa
It’s from Rustic Escentuals and it’s a really nice fragrance. It behaves well
and cold process soap. And here I already melted my oils and I’m straining my lye
solution into my oils. Today I’m soaping at 90 degrees but I usually soap
anywhere from 85 to 95 degrees. Okay, I weighed this bowl before I
started so I know the amount. And now I’m going to weigh the bowl and the contents in the bowl and then I will subtract off the weight of the bowl, so I’ll have the
weight of my batter. I had planned to divide it up by
percentages, so I figure out all my percentages before I stick blend, so that
I don’t have to work against time, so now I know how much I’m gonna pour off
individually. I have just stick blended this until emulsion and now I’m ready to
separate the batter according to the percentage that I’ve figured out earlier.
So this first one is for the light green and it’s 25% of the batter. And then we
have 15% of the batter for the white batter, and 20% of the batter for the
dark green. Next, we have 15% of the batter for the red purple. And at last we
have 25% of the batter for the blue purple Okay, now it’s time to add our colorants
to our separated batter so for the white, that’s the only one I haven’t covered
yet. The white I used 1 teaspoon plus a little bit of dispersed Titanium Dioxide
and I always have that pre dispersed and I disperse that at a rate of one
part titanium dioxide to 3 parts of oil and I always use olive oil. And now we
just mix it all in and make sure everything’s evenly disbursed. Okay, now it’s time to add the fragrance.
And I just figured out the percentages of fragrance ahead of time, so I know
what I’m adding to each one of them, and you don’t have to do this this way again,
it’s up to you you can eyeball it if you want. It’ll come out just fine
but I always use the exact amount of grams. Okay, next get your mold ready, and also
we’re going to be putting two of these colors into squeeze bottles. So I’m
getting my liner’s ready and putting them in the squeeze bottles, and for this
one it would be the white and the pink that are going to go in the squeeze
bottles. For this one you want a fairly light trace and in these. You don’t want
a heavy tracer it just won’t move like it should to make the swirls. In my last video that was Taiwan
Circling Swirl, it was my video Technique number 3, I showed the difference
between a skewer in a skinny stick, that was wider than a skewer or a chopstick.
For this one I decided to do it even bigger, the skinny stick was a little bit less than 1/4 of an inch. This popsicle stick
is 3/8 of an inch, and I think I might even go bigger to a tongue
depressor which is 5/8 of an inch. Okay now the batter is ready, and first
I’m going to be pouring the pink and white batter into the squeeze bottles. Now I’m just situating the colors
where I want them. And I hold the dividers down while I pour so it doesn’t
seep underneath to the other side. And just add a little at a time and then I’m
just adding and squeezing in the other color is just wherever I want them. And I think next time I do this I’m
going to put little extensions on the squeeze bottles, so that I can get down
deeper because the white and the pink didn’t go down that far, and
you’ll see when I split the soap and a half that the whites in
pinks didn’t get as far down in. So the top layer looks good but then the
middle’s not so much. It’s got more of just the green in purple. Okay, now it’s time to remove the
dividers, and then I just add a little bit more color at the ends word that I
didn’t get it before. Go ahead and tap down your mole to
release any air bubbles. And now it’s time to start swirling. So you insert
your popsicle stick parallel to the bottom on top of the mold and just do
your swirl. This is the fun part! I like the results of using an even bigger
stick for this time. So I think I’m gonna go go ahead and use the tongue depressor next time; I want to try it. I might make the lines a little further apart, but I
think it’ll really drag and it’ll look pretty cool. I’m not crazy about how the
soap looks at the end, especially when you go around in this next step you turn your stick 90 degrees and go around to the mold. I just
only needed to do it twice than this one because of the whiter stick. But I’m not
crazy about how it looks in the end so I’m gonna try something different next
time. I covered this soap and I put it through
gel and I leave it undisturbed for 48 hours. Some places don’t have to do that
but I found here, in Indiana it’s just too humid and I think the humidity
causes soda ash if you uncover it earlier, so for me it works to leave it
cover it up for two days. And now it’s time to split the loaf horizontally. I
use this wire soap cutter from Bramble Berry and you see I had cardboard
underneath there. I have two pieces that I use just to make it a little higher to
make that proper thickness that I want. And I have to cut a little off the top
so I can fit it in my boxes. So I have these two. That’s the top and then there’s the
middle, that’s the more green and purple one. And I was going to cut these through
both at the same time but I accidentally left one of my cardboard pieces in there,
so I had to cut this… see it wouldn’t go through there; I had to cut it and then
then mark it again and cut the bottom layer. And now all that’s left is beveling the soap. And I just used an old-fashioned vegetable peeler for this. Thank you so much for watching and if
you like my videos and you would like to see more like this, just hit the
subscribe button, and if you’d like to receive notifications you can hit the
bell button, if you want and I appreciate you watching, and I look forward to
showing you more of my techniques. ❤

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  1. I absolutely love this soap, it's so pretty! I have to say, I adore watching soapmaking – I'd love to try it myself but eh… bedbound and I feel like it's probably not a wise move to mess with hot lye while in bed and having (very) limited strength and mobility… though I guess there are ways I could cover everything with plastic to make it safer…. anyway. It's not something that I feel like I can actually get to try right now, plus I'm in the UK and the only real references I've seen for products are US based stores so far but maybe one day! But what I LOVE about watching you make soap is how perfectly methodical you are about the process. Probably because I'm autistic and very, very methodical and orderly, I find it always bothers me a little to watch people just eyeballing volumes, especially when it comes to adding in things like colour and perfumes/fragrance oils/essential oils etc, or just dumping dry powdered colours into the batter and I love-love-love watching you carefully measure your oils, complete with dropper bottles at the end so you don't go over (because OMG that would drive me crazy when I used to be baking), watching you carefully weigh out your batter and FOs and so on, as well as the pre-mixing of your colourants using the plexiglass to make sure there are no clumps. It makes my obsessive, compulsive, autistic heart extremely happy. 🙂 I also love that you write out the recipe and steps every time and keep it for comparison, that just… Yes, makes me very happy indeed. So thank you – for being so detail oriented as well as making such gorgeous soaps and taking the time to share them. I can't wait to see more videos from you.

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  17. Thank you for watching, liking, subscribing, and sharing! 💕🌳

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