10 thoughts on “Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover Demo – SWI-38101

  1. I think he is doing it wrong. Use it on the back first to pull up the folded ends. Then go to the front and remove the now loosened staple.
    If you start from the front the tightness of the staple pulls the remover tips down into the paper and risks tearing it.

  2. This is wrong since it requires an unnecessarily large extra force that risks tearing the paper.

    Step 1 — Use staple remover on back side in order to straighten prongs.
    Step 2 — Use staple remover on front side and effortlessly remove staple.

  3. Actually he, like everyone else I know, is doing it wrong! You are supposed to grab the staple from the other side via the curved prong ends ends. This straightens the staple prongs WITHOUT damaging the paper! Once the prongs are straightened the whole staple can be easily pulled out without using ANY tools.

  4. lol- I just see people tearing the crap out of their paper when they use these, causing the copy machines and scanners to malfunction as paper is stuck so I wanted to see "what the 'right' way" was!

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