Surface Tension and Dish Soap Experiment

Surface Tension and Dish Soap Experiment

I am going to put this cutter blade with
this folded wire. You can do it with a fork. And now the same with this needle. I am going to add a bit of dishwashing
liquid. It is a soap or better said it is a detergent. I dissolve it in water and pour with care
not to splah. Almost instantly. Soaps and detergents reduce surface tension.
That makes water penetrate too much easier in the clothes when washing, apart from removing oil.

8 thoughts on “Surface Tension and Dish Soap Experiment

  1. Triste no tener una camara de slow motion para verlo vien despacio. Hahora la pregunta del trillon es como se ase todo lo contrario?? para incrementar la tension de la superficie??? 

  2. I figured out when I was a child that if I put a drop of dish soap onto pond water, the water skeeters (water striders) would fall in!

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