Supply Llama Chest (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Supply Llama Chest (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today, we are going to create the Llama Supply Chest from Fortnite. OK, let’s get started. Let’s create the Llama chest from Fortnite together. And this time I decided not to cut the scene where I mix the clay. Instead I will show you how I mix two different kinds, two different colors of clay and that it just is not so much work. I’m just rolling it out like this and it’s way quicker than any other technique and I developed it over the last two years, I think. Some of you already noticed. Some of you already knew that there was another tutorial about the Llama and they wrote it in the comments and this big spoiler was really a mistake. I didn’t do this on purpose, but I think it was funny. In the end screen of my video there could be seen the Llama standing on my desk in the Rex tutorial from Fortnite, as well. And yeah some of you really have those great eyes that hadn’t expected you to find it. Maybe I will hide some future creations as well in the background. So maybe some of you will all also notice this, as well. OK but now let’s talk about the creation about the Llama itself. It is pretty easy to create it if you have a great knife for cutting the clay and use the same technique I am using for modeling. The head is almost finished. I think you will create or maybe need just an hour or two to create and to finish the Llama. Now we will start mixing again different colors. We need a bright blue. The Llama, the architecture of the body of this animal of the chest is with stripes. We have four different colors and now we have purple, the bright blue, the dark blue. Well it’s not really dark, but a bit darker than the other one. And the last color which is missing is this dark purple. And I’m just placing these on top. So I’m just placing the head on top of the thin layer of clay and I’m just cutting it away. I think this creation is not possible without any kind of knife, because it is just with so many straight and sharp edges and I don’t know a way how to create that with my hands and with the fingers. Maybe with the fingernails. I haven’t tried that. So let’s start putting these layers all together and we are building this tiny Llama tower. And just cutting some of the edges as they are a bit crooked. Also on the backside of the Llama and we are about to get started with the details. We will start first to work on some of the… Let’s call them transition gaps between the different colors. So I tried to close them a little bit even more. And after we have finished that we can start working on the details. I start with the head. Just marking the area to small. I’m marking the area where I will put in the white clay for the eyes and these aren’t round shapes. They are a bit egg shape, so I’m using my modeling tool afterwards to make the circle into an egg. Yeah, and of course the iris as well with tiny, tiny black dots. We will place them right in the middle of the egg. And the eyes are finished, so not that complicated. This is one of the reasons why I think this creation is great for beginners. So if you are new to the clay community or just to the Clay Claim community and want to get started, maybe you should give it a try and start with Llama from Fortnite. Just created the teeth. And it already looks so dumb, but somehow I like this character of the Llama. Well in the game it was introduced in season 3 and in the game I really feel sorry for the Llama, because you’re hitting it to crack it open and it isn’t even running away. Yeah, these are the nose holes, so I’m just filling in some black clay to make it look more dark and deep. And after that we use some very thin layers of black clay for these harness. Is it called harness? I’m not sure about that. The body and the neck. Well, there is a tiny gap, and I just used some black clay for the gap in between. Yeah, I used my scalpel for all the texture. I think that most of you know the Llama from the game. So there are these paper things attached to the body or it even looks like as if the whole body is made out of this paper fur. And as I didn’t want to put tiny fur pieces onto the whole creation I just thought it would be way more easy to just draw it with the scalpel and just for highlighting some of these fur stuff things I would just put in some of the thin layers of clay. And I think it looks great! We will now also work on the other side, as well. Again four different colors dark and bright purple and dark and bright blue. Okay, now we will work on the tail as well and this one also looks like as if it was made out of paper. Any kind of fabric. Later I will do some further work on the tail, But for now I will create the saddle, the seat. The saddle chest, which should look like as if it is made out of metal. So I used silver clay for that, mixed in a little bit of black, so that it just looks interesting. and there is this bright grey layer on top, where we will draw the chest after oven hardening. So this is the opening mechanism we are currently creating. I didn’t create the Llama with a lock. That would have been also a great idea. I don’t know why I didn’t create it. And I’m not even sure in the game if there is always a lock to the opening as a mechanism attached. I’m not sure about that. Okay now we will create the four blue legs of the Llama and all you need for that is obviously some blue clay, but also some black because it somehow looks like as if it is the rubber part, so that the legs are attached. No, not attached but just not slippery. I think you get me. Okay, now this is the part of the tail I attached, because I thought it needed some more adjustments. And we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Llama! Well, almost finished Llama. All we have to do is to glue these legs to the body, to the torso. I’m using my super glue for that. It’s very fast drying, so you don’t have any problem with that or that it just takes too long for drying. And what is left of course the drawing on both sides. So we will now draw the chest. Just use a black pen for that. Here we go for the one chest and on the other side it’s basically the same chest, but mirrored. And we have finished with the drawing, as well. Now we will take some transparent polish for some shiny details, for the eyes and also for the chest. And before this tutorial is over, please participate in the poll for the next Fortnite skin. And guys, I guess finally… …that’s it the Llama! I hope you enjoyed the process of creating the Llama. For me it was a lot of fun! Actually I don’t like llamas, because they are spitting it a lot. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Take care guys. See you next week. Bye!

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