Hello, friends, and welcome back to the channel
for the video tutorial for the grand finale for our Sands adventures! Today we have a longer presentation to go
through, 2 promotions along with several chain quests and upgrades. The first promotion that we’re gonna be talking
about is the “Craft workshops” promotion. You’re going to receive this promotion as
soon as you are done with the promotion for the Egyptian port, it doesn’t matter the result,
it doesn’t matter whether you failed the promotion or not, as soon as the time for the Egyptian
port expires, you will get this one. You have 14 days to complete the challenge
and the rewards for it are the Tearoom, that gives coins and candies, 30 superbucks and
4 packs of 45 energy. As you can see here, the first requirement
on the list is upgrading the Trader Tent to level 4. This is actually the starting point for this
promotion and the starting point for a series of upgrades for the buildings in the Sands
area. I will show you what I’m talking about. Together with this update you will see that
2 new buildings appeared on the map, those are the Tailor’s Tent and the Carpenter’s
Tent. Both of them can be built by completing a
chain quest for them, but in order to get the chain quest to pop up, you will have to
make a series of updates on the older buildings. I will list them now on the screen for you
and you can also find them on the printable that is available on our forum and, of course,
you can also find the information in the game, if you follow the building hints one by one. So the necessary upgrades are: first of all,
Trader Tent to level 4. I have already done these upgrades. After upgrading the Trader Tent to level 4
you will have to upgrade the Apprentice’s Workbench No 1 to level 2 and, as you can
see, some new recipes appeared as soon as the update is done. After that, Jeweller’s stall level 3 and Glassblower’s
stall to level 2. As soon as you are done with these upgrades,
you will get the chain quests for the Tailor’s Tent. I have already opened it and added it on the
to-do list. I will go ahead and complete the chain quests
for these 2 new buildings and also close the “Craft workshops” promotion for myself and
then I will show you what’s next. Ok, now I completed the 2 chain quests and
now I have access to everything that I need for the “Craft workshops” promotion: the luxurious
fabrics we can get from the Apprentice’s workbench no 1, the one that we have just upgraded to
level 2. The Carved trunks we can get from the Carpenter’s
Tent. This new element, the ebony block, you can
get by completing regular orders in the Trader’s Tent. Send 11 Caravans from the Trading Oasis, this
you know what to do by now, and we will also have to remove 8 columns. They require one Pathfinder tool and 2 Traveler
maps each. And also at this point I would like to make
a note: if you decide to buy land north east of the new tents, you will discover the building
site for the Museum of the East. You can built this building by completing
a chain quest in 8 stages and it will give you coins every 6 hours and it will also drop
all the items that the Museum in the City center drops. After the time for the Tearoom promotion expires
for you, you will get the “Grand Finale” promotion, this is the end of our Sands adventures. You will also have 14 days for this challenge
and the rewards for it are the Emir’s Palace, what is really cool about this building is
that it will drop needed items, much like our castles and like our Art gallery, and
you will also get 30 superbucks and 4 packs of 45 energy as additional rewards. As you can see, the starting point for this
promotion is another upgrade on the Trader Tent, and it will unlock a series of upgrades,
we will have to find a way to produce these items listed here, such as 4 chests of jewels
and sultan quilts and we will go together through the chain of upgrades, but you can
also find them on the forum and in the game. So, as I already mentioned, the first upgrade
is Trader Tent level 5, after that upgrading the Apprentice’s Workbench No 2 to level 2. Next is building Apprentice’s Workbench No
3 and upgrading it to level 2. Jeweller’s stall to level 4. Glassblower’s stall to level 3. Tailor tent to level 2. And last, but not least, the Carpenter tent
to level 2. The upgrade on the Carpenter tent will actually
unlock the chain quest for the Lost City. This one. The Lost City can be built by completing the
chain quest for it, it is a chain quest in 15 steps and I highly recommend going for
it because it’s really a magnificent new map building, you can check it out in our community
post, but it also has awesome animations and I also recommend reading all the cool stories
that go along with it. Our tutorial ends here, of course let us know
if you have any additional questions, I wish you good luck with these quests and I hope
you enjoyed our Sands adventures, have a nice day, enjoy SuperCity and I’ll see you all
next time! Bye Bye! Support this video by liking, sharing and
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  1. it sounds great except the Traders tent is not offering the items i need to make the items offered in the other tents or the cargo port. and when i do get that item, there is a substantial amount of items i need. i usually dont get the items for the special timed quest in the traders tent. 18 sushi's, 15 seafood…are some items for example. but like i said, i rarely get the bundle of bricks to make the tool box, or the basket of parts. i know the items i do get will probably be useful later on in the game, but i should be receiving the items i need now, the programmers should have the computer set for where the player is at in the game with there quest separately so that player receives what they need, not have the computer set for all players and release the items all at once at a certain time and date. and being on a low income budget, spending my own US dollars is next to …I dont think so.

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