Super Simple Pot Holders ✂️ Free Pattern + Tutorial | SEWING REPORT

Super Simple Pot Holders ✂️ Free Pattern + Tutorial | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and hey are you at a beginner level with your sewing well today’s project will be
perfect for you we are making these super simple pot holders they are
quilted and also they’re a great scrap Buster if you’ve got lots of fabric you
are trying to use up I saw this project with a fabric I’ve had for like five
years they are cotton and steel very fun and coordinating prints and you can also
make lots of different variations these make great gifts if you’re looking for
something to take to a housewarming party or hey if you want to try to do
some handmade holidays do some DIY Christmas gifts these are perfect or
maybe you just want to make some kitchen basics for yourself that’s okay too
let’s get started this project is fat quarter friendly so bust out two pieces
of quilting cotton eighteen by 22 inches he’ll also need quilt batting and insel
bright thermal poly insulating material of the same dimensions I’m making two
pot holders at a time so you’ll be seeing most of the steps twice if you
want to do the same you’ll need four fat quarters hopefully this will help you if
you want to see a technique repeated make a stacked layer in this order
fabric adding insulate the other piece of fabric use safety pins or standard
pins to keep your sandwich together it’s going to be a pretty thick bundle
here so I’m quilting with a 40 weight cotton thread and a 3.5 stitch length
and I’m using a walking foot this helps prevent shifting of the layers and I
find the quilting just looks better overall because this fabric has a
pattern I used that to determine my quilting for this print I followed the
rows to create a diagonal diamond design if your fabric doesn’t have a pattern
conducive for quilting you can use a quilting guide bar for evenly spaced
rows you could also mark them out using disappearing ink why am i quilting
before cutting out my pattern pieces because quilting will alter and distort
your original fabric and batting sandwich and I want the final pieces to
be accurate and not wonky plus it’s easier to quilt larger simpler areas and
then cut them down later my other print also had a pattern to
follow along for quilting so I did a similar diamond layout here first I
stitched in the middle gap between the dots then for the diagonal i stitched every
eighth dot I counted you’ll end up with quilted fabric that
can then be cut up and used to sew it onto constructing the actual potholder
cut out the pattern which is available for free at cylinder port comm and trace
around it with a marking pen pattern weights will keep the template in place then fold the pattern at the line and
trace the bottom larger portion cut out your pieces with sharp fabric
scissors I chose to fussy cut the sides with the larger feature prints such as
the horses to bind the edges you’ll need bias tape there are lots of options here
you can either make your own or you can use pre-purchased bias tape which is
what I’m doing a three-yard roll will net to potholders
line up the tape with the pocket edge and cut to size unfold it align the raw
edges and sew down just inside that first crease since the layers are thick
that will give you more room to work with when folding over to the other side
press the tape away with an iron flip over and press the quilt sandwich to
compress the layers to help it fit better inside the binding now fold over
the tape and press in place you can use a little glue to secure it I prefer
Elmer’s washable school glue and hitting it with a dry iron take it to the sewing machine and edge
stitch about an eighth of an inch in on the side that’s glued down line up bias
tape around the perimeter of the whole piece and cut a few inches longer than
you anticipate meeting also cut a piece about 15 inches for the loops edge
stitch that piece on the open side to close it up find the halfway point and cut it to
make two loops place the pocket piece over the main piece and align the loop
at the top for an added touch I sewed on a personalized selling report label to
the middle of the pocket based the loop and pocket on to the main
piece with a seam allowance smaller than a quarter inch which is what you’ll be
using for the bias tape now it’s time to bind the potholders for
a neat finish fold in the tape diagonally and line it up with the edge
of the main piece stitch down on the back of the potholder just like you did
with the pocket piece when you get to the starting point
overlap the binding by about an inch and a half trim the excess and fold it over to the
front side using wonder clips to secure work the fabric on that beginning and
point so it’s folded in and under put a clip on that section in particular there
are quite a few different methods to handle this seam this is just one way
I’m showing here edge stitch all the way around on the front side adverb AK these are actually gonna be
gifts for a friend of mine but I do have a few notes you can put your hoop on
either side I just chose to put mine on the front so that when I am you know
taking things out of the oven there is not a loop on the side that’s touching
the pan or whatever else I’m doing also you don’t have to put the pocket on you
can just make a hot pad and omit this part saving you a little extra work so
you can do lots of different things but this is the first time I have designed a
free pattern I know I used Adobe Illustrator I was very proud of myself
and this pattern slash template is available at my website sewing report
com if you do end up making a few of these I would love to see your photos
feel free to tag me on instagram at sewing report and use this hashtag super
simple pot holders and i will be doing the same I’m looking forward to seeing
all of your mix thank you guys so much for watching and if you do like sewing
crafts and DIY projects feel free to subscribe to this channel the sewing
report I upload videos on pretty much all of those things I’m Jennifer Moore
and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Awesome! Love your sewing tutorials. Any practical and small projects are a thumbs up. Thank you for sharing your talent with us 🙂

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