Super Power Flush Toilet With Less Water

Super Power Flush Toilet With Less Water

today we’re going to work on a pressure a systolic hi on doesn’t use much water to get Greek Flesch we doing here he is we’re
going to you good water all and obviously the miss handles are like liars took of time I’m think I’m upside X handle me at the time he will make right now I’m I’m me too flush more time to get the year pressure of her okay that one more push released relieve the pressure tank opportunity to work on it without water spleisson explodes and this is the handle mechanism system operates year pressure since judge pushes down on the up slonim wish make quite reach I’m since we do see water build up at the top your let’s make cartridge right here I’m that’s not normal we’re going to do is a with ninety least here sleep package and CDU 1-800 number you can also call hmm I’m manufactured a place marks this is my 6 Leask which you can handle he looks flathead and use it as a driver me we don’t need to disconnect both sides
because once we get slide there just like that and that’s the right to the flush handle this is the year new me cartridge up suck up I just I’m gonna be a actually because it makes yeah get the
year I I tell lock pliers and here ami nest special to love the day to use appear am channel lock pliers we’re going to use the year hammel cited
interesting K I’m as you see we to slide down slots was just gonna slowly turn the cartridge turn it in turn into me get I’m I’m you know whittier pressure system pollack probably the biggest problem you
going to half with a a precious is now you see old renewed coloring are this just shows me that this system has very very hard water and actually date don’t recommend using a pressure cyst on a system that has hot water well obviously because it will where out the cartridge a lot faster than
normal and before I left here at did recommend
that the replaced is tall with standard stand told ok I’m miss need message I’m nights you I’m I’m I’m Outback should be a hard water are if you do your place a business or
home have where your tank is getting all this
debris in build-up are rustic look thank you seen here really should look into having a a water softener installed two-year system to softie water hot water is a very hard planning I’m one other problem I have ran into you in
the pants with the cyst is where the tank actually itself
to scan discount small leak in in decades want to replace the Eagle up precious is tanked which is a not really
year serious thing to do even and week part
about this is they have the 1-800 number model number in all its right there won
a match it up just call the manufacture get the exact
same tank right back in age have any issues here where your putting the a I’m simply in place back in place ok game this is clear I’m actuator and when you do put this in put in school right now to have about act in space between that in net ride
right there because you don’t want the road laying right on top Kors it will
continue to flush so you just wanna have a little Gap’s
audit to have to actually put it down and flesh I’m you my six weeks driving using the driver coming in I’m I’m I’m I’m up 6 way because am flattish Phillips you see me pop down into the driver okayed now slowly term the water the attack and actually learn more well and it let me explain the supply line is actually just a a 3/8 supply line to this particular pressure see arm manufactures the do I’ll recommend that you click a happy ship supply line and place this supply line be happy ball but like I said in this service a game yeah with a standard call the heart because they’re gonna continue to have
problems this this this look it up by now

29 thoughts on “Super Power Flush Toilet With Less Water

  1. Those are good tips — I've been waiting for a video showing what to do with this style of new toilet.

  2. Thank you for the comment. By the way your youtube channel is awesome. You have a lot of good information and diy projects. glade you stop by.

  3. thank you so much for the valuable information . I was intimidated by this project before I watched video . now I think my 12 year old son could do it . once again thanks .

  4. Great video. I didn't see you replace the Phillips screw you removed in the center black thing. One question, you recommend they replace this toilet with a regular toilet because of hard water. Isn't the reason for the power flush is because regular toilets don't have enough flushing power? Also, with the hard water such as this, how often would that valve have to be replaced? Is it expensive? Thanks again.

  5. Yea this water in this area is pretty hurd and can easly wore out the sloan cartride with calsium built up. If this would happen with a standard toilet it would cost less to repair. Yes the flush is great with this Pressure assist, but they do have some great toilet's out that do have good flush without the pressure assist like TOTO, Vorten, American standard champian 4, and there much cheaper to repair and buy. but I do have to say they will be switching toilet's to 1.2 flush will see 🙂

  6. my pressure assisted toilet does have water leaking around carriage like yours. and I see water from leaking of the tank when i open the vacuum breaker. what should i do? and the rest of the parts ok. 

  7. thanks for adding the tip about the hard water….this is the second time that the cartridge in my toilet has been replaced and i'm just now finding out its cause we have very hard water in my area. I will definitely be investing in a standard toilet in the near future now.

  8. Claude. I have a series 503 Sloan flushmate toilet thats been working great for years. It has just now started to keep running once in a while after a flush. I was thinking about a brand new toilet but your video shows how easy it is to work on. I am thinking a new cartidge will solve my problem.

  9. Claude,
    First of all great video, very informative. Thank you for this. I have 3 of these in my home, just bought the house a few months ago. No water softener here, and they seem to work ok. None of them have the topside water leak. But 2 of the 3 seem to flush a little weak. If there happens to be extra "contents" in the bowl, it takes 2 flushes to get it down sometimes. Any ideas of what the problem could be?

  10. I have these in my ballet school and one wont flush! How can i fix the cartridge, which I think is the culprit, without flushing??
    Will it expode?

  11. I have a flushmate lime that for about 10-12 years now. has worked really well. took this nice toilet with us when we moved and now in house without a water softener, noticing a "dirt ring" on bowl. is there just buildup inside the tank?. valve is not leaking yet but think I need to clean it. I do have a whole house water filter.. this tank only one in house with ring. should I clean tank and replace the valve as it is old but still working?

  12. hello I replace a new flush mate in my sloan tank now when I go to flush it just feels like there's  not a strong pressure when I flush sometime it can take 2 flushes to flush it all down. do you know what it could be ? thank you

  13. I would like for the guy that replaced the Sloan flushmate cartridge to show more video details of what he’s doing.

  14. My tank started leaking after 11 years. Called 800-533-3460. The serial no. confirmed that my sloan flushmate tank was in the recall. They are sending me a new tank. A new tank will require no pressure reducer or kit. Great customer service. If you don't let them know that the tank is leaking they will only send you the warranty kit. The tank leaks (sprays) at the back center near the seam.

  15. damn I spent big bucks getting two of these installed, and the plumber didn't once mention that it's not recommended for hard water. Shit.

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