the side of my dream thought it would be the I thought i’ll never find my place lift that way did not, to i didn’t know i was napping i was not i don’t know julian i don’t know where the pulleys are but you’re standing on the x-factor stage we’re both up here holies that bullied us they’re at home watching us on tv I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done in support of anti-bullying i really do appreciate it that’s so special So jillian stay strong do you think doing this tonight there was a mother by owner sign me oh and i remember is your hawkins who’s the help or leave in shock new i travel 50 thank you tommy but you didn’t want to But, he is puppies he collected me up our grandpa you would manton flings it piece by piece see little dogs that you burned in me at six years old you know He never walks away he never asks for money it takes care of me He loves me piggies puppies you store my things that a man could be kind and a father He’ll never break ever things he loved he smashes you scored my thing little man the man could be kind and the father should that was all right you’re a force to be reckoned with i never like cry about this stuff and it’s not Even about me but when you’re talking about your parents and that song was for him like my dad like Picking me up when i was dating stuff so that’s i’ve had i have the same thing like my parents i don’t ever talk about Them but i’m nothing without them, so just related, to you on that level so anyways you’re awesome thank you so what caitlyn i think 15 years ago i was on a show in america and a girl came in and told me she wants to be a star and hadn’t had a break and her name was kelly clarkson Then she went on to win american idol for a moment there when i heard you singing the soul it was like going back 15 years I think you’re the best singer we’ve had something about gee you’ve just won is all over it We have to vote louie caitlyn He’s got three guesses i Have to say something do you know why sometimes people get bullied it’s because they’re good cuz you’re good singing you know on and off flat as a little child but couple years back went to an ed sheeran gig yeah i saw him just standing there on the stage just with his guitar i just wanted to be that i wanted to be him and Do what he’s doing But you know with him it’s all about the songs you know that i mean i write songs myself So could we hear one of your songs you can yeah i’ve got, i’ve got a Song i wrote for my brother who passed away when i was when i was on the young And it’s just a song that you know means everything to me and only only my mum has ever heard it so do you want to perform it i can do i feel like i’m ready it’s entirely your choice christian i feel like i’m ready to be sure yeah all right take your time good i would do anything just to be to you so you can imagine what we could have done my dream or it could have been making paper planes till the sun goes down nothing holding your hand the shoe squeezing onto my hold on time we said never let go remember building castles out of all that Go just To knock him down See it’s changed now you’re not around i’m not the same but i hope you proud i wish a little face was still around with that cheesy smile and then little chubby cheeks imagine all the mischief we get up to imagine noise tag-team one plus two imagine all the good bad and happy times imagine all the time out know each step crimes stay here play watch tv we couldn’t watch we go to school break the rules play hopscotch and climb trees chase speeds just backed off and fight fight fight fight over brothers stuff and sneak haleh play football till the sun goes my thunder buddy i will keep you safe as she goes off, to sleep beth bombers and counting sheep off to sleep night night baby brother sleep until we meet again stay safe my friend and i will keep you in my thoughts to the very end My little charlie choppy in the sky with a smile my little thunder buddy i will see you in a while Not a rainy day but stars come out to play oh i miss you mr. I want, to be with you my friends just wish we could be together oh, thank you for sharing that with us christine nick honestly christian on the first song i didn’t know if i got you and then you wrote that second song and i was right there all the way and you got me thank you for that louie yeah christian it was a very honest audition i think you were very i think your burgers yeah, very beautiful song very beautiful i like you in-law You’re very pure and what you do it has a great charm to it you, know what christian he was very brave to share that song with us because he is so personal i don’t know how you did that But i think it was important that you did to actually because it told me and asked who you were as an artist and actually is a person and you’ve got a real talent i think you’re great with lyrics And i like you louie christian i’m saying yes sharon it’s a yes for me Nick, i’m so happy, to say yes christian guess what You go for you like you thank you minute we get attacked He did great where’s mum and dad mum dad it’s beautiful you should be very proud Congratulations what up guys nice to meet you take cake it’s nice to meet you it was real he was real yeah actually really good with lyrics anyway really so relatable and endearing lovely to meet you simon saying he appreciated one of my own songs means the world come on How are you i’m good how are you I’m all right thank you are you the last door dish you need tonight i am the last one today okay Been a long day right it has been a long day but i’m ready you know but this if you ever watch the x factor before it often goes it’s the end of a long day and our last contestant is silently waiting in the wings yeah and you know what happens then yeah it either goes very good or very bad yeah whatever soon So tell me about you So i’m 21 i went from billingham and teesside yeah i’m a car mechanic yeah and then obviously i sing a little bit as well and you live on your own i live with my mom okay just me my mum yeah, she’s my rock sir and what are you gonna sing i’m gonna sing jealous by labyrinth and tell me why you’ve chosen that song And it means a lot to me for a different reason i think – how labyrinth wrote it which is I lost my best friend a couple years ago and i kind of interpret the lyrics in a completely different way i lost my best friend two years ago he was only 18 at the time and we were really really close we did everything together we got a call saying We had to call the hospital because, he wasn’t gonna last the day and i know that was tough on josh? so the lyrics kind of say i’m jealous that you’re happy without me and i kind of see it in the sense that i’m jealous that He’s not happy in heaven that he’s moved on to a better place and that i can still be with him well best of luck josh thank you oh yes it’s closer than what his happy own shattering cuz i wish you the cookie and i told you when you love me There’s no? but i always thought you come back tell me you found heartbreaking misery It’s hard for me to say i’m jealous All the way you’re happy without me i told you But i always thought you come back to me oh you break me it’s And it’s hard for me to say and you know what josh on his seat wow that was the most captivated athlete in all the auditions very much you really touched me i believed every word you son Don’t wanna love you i love a whole galaxy oh, sh? well john we share nicholas oh josh, that really got me right in the heart i was completely transfixed like i know i didn’t want it to end thank you josh, i’m gonna kick this off with very emotional yes also you gotta guess for me josh yes dresses I appreciate So that isn’t proud you did do in proverbs all you did i don’t know what to do Do i go to us with all my soul The troubles come and? my heart burdened be then I am steve and waiting and the silence but you you come sit awhile with me you Raise, me up so i can stand you raise me up to walk on stormy seas strong your shoulders you raise me up to more than i can be you race me So i can stand chase you you are gunstar me see I am strong when i am on your shoulders you raise me up to more than i can be cheers see strong i’m on your shoulders grace we are it’s more than i can be

100 thoughts on “SUPER EMOTIONAL Auditions Have X Factor Judges In TEARS! *CRYING JUDGES*

  1. Simon had just lost his mom prior to this season… Touching and moving even if you haven't experienced the loss of a loved one…Excellent.

  2. lek hbb l subtitles metel wejak ya hmar mazelak hal2ad hmar w ma bta3rf tarjem leh la tn2eber tarjem ya hmar wlk 3ama b albak shou hmar

  3. I loved how she (sorry I'm bad with names) put her hand on his shoulder, just to let him know that she was there for him, you can't do anything for somebody who is grieving, just letting the person know that you are there for them is the best you can do

  4. What a performance.. OHH WOW. Everybody on here was a star.. The last guy from Thailand just tore me apart. What raw talent. Cheers from Chris in a genocide brutal country… South Africa

  5. i love when Simon opens up and shows his soft side. It makes me so happy❤ You know it's gotta be special if he gets emotional

  6. Josh made me think about something. We all have one life what can end any second, make your life unforgettable. Help other people and spread smiles. We can do this, together! <3

  7. Seasons 1 through 5.……. Simon wouldn't have put him through because of his look. I love Simon, but i n the beginning, it was more about the look for him than the talent. I remember what he said to Jennifer Hudson, and many others. He told Jennifer Hudson that she'd never make it, and first year after being kicked off Idol, she won an Oscar.

  8. The female from the 2nd performance blurred her emotions with her voice too much. I even with headphones couldn't make out most of what she was singing.

  9. When did Demi said "the bully that bullied us they're watching it"
    I felt it cause I was bullied until I cried myself to sleep,cutting my wrist deep deep and watching blood run like rivers
    I was admitted in the hospital cause I lost 25% of my blood and my Mom was the one who found
    me I wanna tell her in sorry because she's so paranoid she don't even want me to go to bed by my self and I'm 14

  10. The man that sang the song for his brother… Just to give an example of how powerful that was, Simon (who usually has a comment for everything) Couldn't hardly speak. He was struggling.

  11. The guy who sang for his brother broke my heart because my sister lost her twin 6weeks after they were born and I weren’t even born then I was born 6years after but I really wish I could’ve met her stay safe Sophie and fly high 😭😭😭👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻16.02.01

  12. I know it's sad but the real reason is they are saying emotional stories to let the judges select them and to impress them…otherwise every human being have emotions stories like them..all the contestants can say thier lost friends or lost relatives stories like them..I honestly don't appreciate people saying emotional stories in x factor..

  13. His brothers song made me cry so hard. Before he even started I cried.just imagining the pain he went through, I have a brother myself, I could never imagine losing him because he means so much to me.

  14. You know you've done good when you get the other contestants cheering you on, and, the judges crying (Andrea Faustini).

  15. Why is 1st guy so impressive? He is just screaming, melodramatic, and over performing. I think he sucks personally. Why are they crying as again the performance is awful.

  16. Girl 2. Totally out of tune. FLAT!!!! Maybe this recording is damaged? Otherwise it’s terrible. Guy 3. Loved his song but sadly he disappeared didn’t he?

  17. Girl 3. She had no control over her vibrato. Either off or on way to fast speed. Guy4. Black guy. Yeah who wouldn’t cry!!!

  18. 0:00 I’m not gonna cry
    00:1 Still not crying
    0:02 That’s not a tear, it’s… a water drop from somewhere
    0:03 Damn I’m crying

  19. Contestant:sing about their thoughts of being bullied

    Me:hold my bag and pen don't forget to hold my project

    I'll,just take a live

  20. I wish youd have left in thier stories and especially the judges talking to them after… All of these are 1000x more emotional and powerful if you know thier stories. And then what the judges say to them!!

  21. Eu acho tao lindo essas pessoas que tem um dom apaixonante, Eu admiro muito ! O mundo te m um lugar para seu Dom, uma hora chegara.

  22. The guy who sing Jealous ALWAYS makes me cry omfg. He sings it about his best friend and it reminds me of my mom who passed away a few years ago.

  23. The last one in this list, Keng from Thailand, is singing with the angels now, may we all be graced to hear him again one day.

  24. Number 4 hit me so hard….I lost my oldest brother when I was 8 and he was 17…he was my hero and after almost 20 years I still wonder what he would be up to now a days…he introduced me to South Park and other shows far beyond my years. I imagine he would have made me an aunt in high school and by now I would have had multiple nieces/nephews from him.

  25. i don't understand what they talk but the boy singing with feelings I'm crying heavy feeling has no language 😢😢😢😢

  26. sya sangat2 ikut terharu dn sedih dnger lagu ny sngat mnyentuh,krna g tau artinya😂😂😂😂
    i from indonesia😭😭😭😭
    i dont no speak english

  27. Josh Daniel's "Jealous" made me think of my nana who passed back in 2012. I relate to Simon's emotions. Now I just wanna hide in a corner 😭

  28. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Ya que hacéis la traducción en español, a ver si os lo trabajáis mejor porque vaya mierda de traducción.
    Unas grandes voces , emocionan , pero no estaría nada mal saber que cuentan sus historias.

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