Super Easy Fun Fold Card

Super Easy Fun Fold Card

let me recap that what is this
Wednesday August 7 coffee and a card a later today I’ll be announcing my
holiday catalog designer series paper shares I just got to get the blogpost
done this is how they’ll come it’s just like the annual catalog that I did
earlier this summer we cannot take payment yet though we’re not allowed to
take payment until seven days before the catalog goes live so I’ll be sharing the
link for you to register and then when we’re allowed to accept money I will
send you the link to pay so I’m just taking pre-orders later today and I’ll
have all the details on my website we are making a super easy fun fold card
that’s the only name I could come up with maybe if you guys have seen this
card before you can let me know what the real name of it is we are using basic
black and this measures eleven by four and a quarter we’re using oh I have a
couple extra don’t know why okay we’re using two pieces of the monster bash
designer series paper you’re gonna love this paper this year and they both start
out at 4 inches but then the top or the bottom piece measures 1 and 3/4 and the
top piece measures three and a quarter so that’s 4 by 1 and 3/4 four by three
and a quarter a piece of pumpkin pie that measures five by five and a quarter
by four and then another piece that we’re going to emboss with a new
embossing folder and then some whisper white for our greeting okay so we’re
going to get the simply scored scoring tool and we’re gonna score this where is
it I’m gonna score it at 2 I can’t see my measurements okay so two and seven
and a half you do want your bone folder for this project I’m looking for mine okay so I’m going to fold this and then
fold this okay that’s how it looks I’m gonna move this paper out of the way I
don’t want to destroy it okay so then the designer series paper
this piece is going to go up here and then whichever one measures the right
this is the right one this was the piece that was left over so we don’t need that
so I’m gonna take my liquid glue and you just want to make sure that you put
these so that the bats are going in the right direction okay yep that one was upside down oh goodness gracious look what I just did
go sometimes I scare myself oh well I’ll let it dry and then I’ll
take the adhesive remover okay so that’s how it works now we’re going to take
well let’s go ahead and stamp I’m using memento ink and the stamp set that I’m
using is spooktacular bash this will be available September 4th when the holiday
catalog goes live the coordinating dies are the ornate frames you can see I’ve
already been using them a ton so we’re going to be using this one on this
project today and we’re going to be using this greeting and this greeting
for our project okay so we move that aside this is where I’m going to stamp
this one there’s that one then we’re going to stamp this one for the inside oh I had it upside down not that it
matters though I haven’t attached it yet okay got my little sponge dauber here
and I’m gonna take basic gray ink and I’m gonna sponge this layer a quick and
dirty sponge okay we’ll set that aside for a couple minutes we’re going to use
that again okay so what we’re going to do is get the big shot and we’re going
to emboss this layer and we’re going to cut this layer out I need to tidy up for
a second because when I get the big shot things start moving around so okay we’re
going to use the Big Shot platform and we’re going to emboss this so we need
two cutting pads this is the stylish scroll embossing folder it too is in the
holiday catalog that goes live on September 4th okay there’s that piece
now we’re going to switch out the Big Shot platform and get the magnetic
platform oh I forgot to mention to check candy 35
now let’s get all these pieces back in here don’t need that dude well let’s see
is that dry yet heck no it’s not that’s okay we’ll go
ahead and add this layer I think that’s the first time I’ve really messed up on
the liquid glue in a while though in front of y’all
I mean I’ve I’ve done so behind the scenes okay so this is going in here I
forced myself to use a color on the inside I oftentimes we’ll use whisper
white but I decided to use pumpkin pie okay we’re going to take this piece that
I embossed and we’re going to cut out a circle using the two and a quarter
circle punch and we’re going to sponge the edges oh wow I have a friend that
her son’s birthday is on Halloween that’s so cool
although it’s kind of like my son has his birthday sometimes it’s on
Thanksgiving Day and sometimes it’s not sometimes people that have birthdays on
holidays kind of get shortchanged when it comes time for challah you know you
know what I’m saying yeah their birthdays are not really celebrated
because in the holiday is okay so I’m only applying adhesive to the top part
of this pumpkin pie layer okay and then this is going to get attached
here and I’m just going to use my liquid glue again and then I’m going to take
the Munster Bosch enamel shapes and I’m going to pick this up and add it right
down here okay so super simple right what time is
it yeah I made this card in 13 minutes but that’s it so it opens up just like
that and if I hadn’t gotten extra glue on there let me show you the one I made
this morning so here’s the original super simple but it’s different I like
it okay we all have a great day and I’ll be live again on next Monday yep y’all
have a great day thank you bye

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  1. Another beautiful card, Tfs I love the products you used everytime, do you have any especial sales anytime? Thanks in advance

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