Sunset in Sand Dunes of Arniston

While scouting for a good location in the
morning, I used my drone, and I believe there are some good opportunities at sunset here
because the sunset is gonna happen there behind me. Ok. So, sand dunes it is… I am on top of the world now, only to find
out, that in the sand dunes, its foot prints everywhere. So that’s bad news. But if I were
to show you here, now the sunset is gonna be in that direction. The clouds although
they are quite a lot, I just need a little bit of a window, for some spectacular light.
But if you look here, these patterns are just stunning, and with a little bit of light,
and shadows, they will pop. Ok, so I am moving to another spot now, and
I am trying to walk on the side, so that if I come back here, and want to take some photos,
I at least have some place where there are no foot prints. I think I found a nice composition. Now I know, why people walk on the easy paths.
I can’t because I will be walking on my composition aaarrggghh. So the good news is that we have got plenty
time. So I am gonna take a few test shots to see how things look. And if things don’t
look good, I will change my position. So it is gonna be a little bit of a tricky
sunset. And the reason is that the horizon is not straight. There are gonna be a lot
of shadows when the sun goes down. So I will have to make sure that the foreground which
is the sand dune, some tree roots, and the background which is the sun, are in harmony
with each other. And in the middle-ground, we have got this sand dune going up with green
bush. Wish me luck! Ok so I have taken a test shot. This is the
result of test shot while the sun is still up. So we took a test shot, I really like the
texture in the foreground and I like the wavy sand dunes in the middle-ground. Now its time
to put a soft grad on, and just remember, I use this
thing to clean my lens and filters. So let
me show you how it works. So basically, instead of using a micro fiber cloth, I just take
the dirt off like this. So I save myself more scratching on the filter if there is sand
on it. ok. Then, I have got a lens pen. Ok, so this is the name I remember. I don’t know
what it’s called but my son calls it a fisho-fisho. So let’s call it a fisho-fisho for the time
being. So after doing the fisho-fisho, blowing the air, I use this brush ok. And I clean
any dust particles on the filter. Just remember with landscape photography its
always hit and a miss. So if I were to show you, this is the valley I was talking about.
I can see right through to the sun. If I were to show you here, just a little bit of light
makes the sand glow. And the patterns become quite visible. With landscape photography,
I was saying, its always hit or a miss. Because, we don’t know how the clouds are gonna behave
in the next 30 minutes. So I am just hoping that the clouds will behave after 30 minutes
and there will still be a little bit of a window and because of that window, when the
sun goes down the light reflects onto the clouds and we can get some nice colours and
nice composition. Otherwise, it will turn into a big disappointment. Okie, dokie, so the light has become quite
soft on the clouds now. The sun hasn’t set yet, but the sun has gone behind the dunes
now. So there is good news and bad news. The good news is that clouds are looking promising
and I am sure we will have some beautiful colour on the clouds. This side behind me
is quite grey and there is no gap in the sky. Where as the other side has got some patterns
and blue streak through the clouds is showing. So we are going to have a mixture of photos
at the moment. The bad news is that we have almost no golden light left on the sand. Ok,
we will have to make sure that we expose the sand in a nice fashion so that the sand looks
nice and the clouds also look nice. I have got a soft graduated ND filter on. I do not
need a hard one, because the light is not so strong on the clouds. So as the sun goes
down more, the light will become soft and this place will be quite dark. I really do
not think that I will even need a graduated soft ND filter later on.

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