Sunlight Art: Painting With A Magnifying Glass

Sunlight Art: Painting With A Magnifying Glass

My name is Michael Papadakis, and I
create sunlight art. I got into sunlight art because I was tired of traditional painting, and I love being outside. My process usually begins with
sketching. And then I decide where I’m gonna be
creating the piece of artwork. I always bring a pair of very dark shaded welding goggles. I wear protective clothing. I use different sized lenses and mirrors to collect the light. The bigger the lens,
the more light you can collect. There’s a couple of factors that are most
important. One of them is patience, and the other is fluidity. I’m not standing
still when I create. I’m always moving. I’m always trying to keep that focal
point from spreading and creating too big of an unintended burn. My goals for creating sunlight art is to tell a story in a very different manner, in a very bright way. Being here in Gatlinburg has been such an inspiration. I’m really grateful to be able to create this artwork in its natural environment.

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  1. This is amazing! I love the new book..picked it up yesterday at the Eat A Cricket Get A Ticket Event at the Ripleys Museum in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

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