Welcome to the Aqua Smart Studios! Joining us today is Diver the Duck! And the champion himself, Splasher the Frog! How did you become a hero? Splasher the Frog! Do you understand your mission? Yes, chief! Get out there on the waterways and help to save some lives! Yes, sir! Super safe life jacket? Check! And, of course, my superhero sunglasses! Heh heh! Ha ha! Lesson #1: Learn to Swim! There they are – fishing. Joe has a bite! Charlie’s rushing to get the net! Oh no! Joe’s fallen in the water! He doesn’t know how to swim! He’s in real danger of drowning! Joe and Charlie are enjoying a wonderful day on their boat. Joe’s turning around. Oh no! Charlie didn’t duck and he’s been hit with the paddle! He’s in the water! He’s knocked out. Wear a life jacket! Wear me, baby! All day long! He’s floating down the river. Look out for that rock! *bonk!* ARGGGGH! There’s another one! *bonk!* OHHHHH! And one more! *bonk!* That has gotta hurt! There goes Joe into the water! He can’t get back to the dock! Oh no! Charlie’s jumping in to help him! Joe’s panicking and pulling Charlie underwater. Now they’re both in danger! Here’s Joe! Jumping into the water without looking for danger! Oh, he hit his head on a log! Now HE’S jumping in without knowing what’s under the water! Ew, he landed in a bunch of garbage! And here’s Joe! He’s still not looking! *bonk!* He hit Charlie! And here comes Charlie again! *bonk!* If you move around too much, the boat’ll rock and turn over! I told ya so! Joe’s grabbed on to the boat! What’s Charlie doing? Oh no! He’s decided to swim for help! Bad idea, Charlie! Here comes help for Joe! Where’s Charlie? Oh… he’s gone… Joe’s putting in some alcohol… then some drugs… *boom!* Bring it on! Hahahaha! We are ready! Yeah!

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