STUDIO VLOG πŸ›  // Building a New Desk & Designing for a Non-Profit

STUDIO VLOG πŸ›  // Building a New Desk & Designing for a Non-Profit

(upbeat music) So I’m building a new desk! Molly here is helping me…
(cardboard ripping) and it’s gonna be a nightmare to put together! (cardboard ripping loudly) (laughter) (laughter) This is rad as f*ck, dude. – That is a big f*cking desk.
– Oh my god, awesome. Okay. I am done here. (slide projector) (calming beats) So it’s my first day working at my brand new desk! Previously I’d had the same desk since… sixth grade, or even earlier than that? And it just was not enough space; I like having a lot of space to kind of
spread out, and… it helps me think better? And also I have a lot of different tools
that I like to be able to just grab, right in front of me. So. This is absolutely a gamechanger. So what I did to build this thing,
of course with help from my friends, was I bought two IKEA ALEX drawers, and one slab of hard wood from Home Depot. What people usually do when they build this desk is they also buy the wood from IKEA. They get an unfinished solid wood countertop, because finished ones are really expensive. But the reason I got this from Home Depot
is because they had a 72-inch workbench top,
and that actually comes finished, so I didn’t have to do anything,
which is great because I don’t have a workspace to sand and finish wood, and I just wanted something I could
open up and get right to work on. The price is able to be so cheap
because it uses smaller pieces of wood that have these finger-like attachments. It doesn’t look like a countertop; it’s a workbench. But I’m doing work on it, so works for me. I’m currently recovering from a pretty bad illness. I had a cold all last week,
but it hit me way harder than usual, and I’m a freelancer, so I don’t get sick days. Things are just due when they’re due,
so I have been struggling so much. But finally, I am on the upswing, and I am starting to work on a new project that I’m really excited to share with you guys. If you follow my channel,
you know that I love activism; I’m super passionate about doing things
that make an actual social impact, and up ’til now, I’ve mostly only been able
to do that through school projects. I hadn’t gotten any post-college client work yet, doing things like that. And I haven’t been able to share that work
with you all because I signed an NDA. But in summary, I’ve been doing
a lot of ecommerce stuff, so taking a brand that already exists, and adapting it to websites like Amazon and Wayfair. It’s really great experience I can
definitely apply in the future, because I would like to sell my own stuff, as well. But my life has been missing something,
and finally… (drumroll) I have a non-profit client! I have started working with SIECUS, which is an organization that advocates
for “sex ed for social change.” They are all-inclusive and care a lot about everybody having access to the same accurate information, which I am all about.
That is what my thesis was about! They need my help because they are rebranding. This is their current logo, at the time of recording, and this is their new logo—that I did not design. They provided this to me to work with. So my job is to update the rest of their branding to match this new look that they’re going for. So the first part of that project has been working on social media graphics! I thought it’d be fun to share some of my
process with you, so I’m gonna take you along with
me on that journey. Also, I am currently accepting clients,
so if you would like to work with me, please contact me at my website, There should be a contact form on there,
or you can email me; that information is all in the video description. Let’s get into it! So this is the current SIECUS website,
and this is kind of a generic stock image. This is their Twitter.
My original plan for this was to come up with a bunch of vibrant illustrations, but we did not have time for that,
so I had to simplify it a lot. So, this is the first graphic that I came up with, which eventually got revised to this. Since we are very limited on time and budget,
I am trying to use a style that’s really quick to execute, so I came up with
this motif of ripped paper. I think it’s also kind of reminiscent of
grassroots activism, y’know like, DIY protest signs, everything like that, and also kinda goes with that swish
that they have in their logo. This Sharpie underline also carries that tone, which I did by taking a sheet of paper and drawing
lines on it with Sharpie, and scanning it in. The second social media graphic
I came up with was this one. They prefer the full color logo to be in the image, so that got updated to this. Since the full color wouldn’t work with
the green background, I worked in a white background. And then the third one is just this nice graphic with some permanent marker underline
on construction paper. Very straightforward. Today, what I am wrapping up is the banner image for their website, and social media,
and also an email announcement. I’ve actually been kinda stuck on this one, because originally they wanted… “a visual representation of young, diverse,
excited people advocating…” but I don’t have any original images to work with; I just have free stock photos, and I don’t have time to do custom illustrations. I am on a budget of like 8 hours to get all of this done. So what I have been working with, has been… this kind of idea. I’m brainstorming this for Facebook specifically. On Facebook, there are these cutoff areas, depending on if you’re viewing it on desktop or mobile. I was having trouble getting something like this to work, because it’s not centered. So when it’s cropped, it’ll be cropped in like this, which would not look amazing. So I moved on to something more centered, and I do like this, but also I feel like it needs…
something. So I am kind of modifying this other graphic I did to fit the banner. So I’m gonna jump over to Photoshop and make this background transparent. (chill beats) (laptop fans)
Wow, my computer is having an absolute heart attack over this, oof. Every time I try something drastically different, I make a duplicate, in case I wanna
go back to what I was doing before. Also, I’m in InDesign. The reason I use InDesign— honestly, it’s just personal preference. I think it’s easier to save versions ‘cos
you can just duplicate, and it’s also easier to make sure
all of the type is lined up correctly. I have been having this issue with InDesign
where it exports things at the wrong size, so like, I have this saved to an exact dimension,
but when I export it to a jpeg, it’ll blow it up like 5 times. So when I’m done with an image,
I have to drop it in Photoshop to resize it, BUT, I still prefer InDesign, like dramatically. (muttering) Yeah, what am I doing?
Maybe a version of this… with this on the bottom…? I hate this. I do not like that at all. Okay. I don’t like recording my design process,
‘cos things look really ugly until suddenly they don’t. I think I’m gonna tidy this up a little bit and then send it off for some feedback
from the client. Maybe they’ll really like this direction,
maybe they’ll think it’s great, maybe they’ll want me to do something
totally different. Having that input will be extremely helpful. (slide projector) (silly upbeat music) So, we came to the humane society
for some stress relief, because I think it’s super important to… not burn out, y’know, take care of yourself. But we have this curse where we can’t
come in here without adopting a cat, apparently, and I really want this cat. I’ve already named him in my head.
His name’s Alfred. It’s short for Alfredo. (whispering) Yeah? Aw, he’s purring. I finally got feedback from the client,
and it turns out, I was totally overthinking it. I was trying to design something that could
also work as a Facebook banner, but it turns out, they just wanted something
for the top of their website; they didn’t want it to have any words on it because
they have an area on the top of the website where they type in something,
with a call-to-action button. Since the type on their website is centered,
what I ended up doing was taking my original idea of the paper kinda
slashed with a photo on the side and just centering it so there’s one on each side. For one of them, I used a stock photo,
and for the other I used a photo of my roommate, Quinn,
from Pride a few years ago. They also sent me the final version of the logo,
which looks like this! So I just took that new logo and swapped it
into the designs I’d already created, and that was it! Project done! I hope you guys found it interesting
and not painfully boring. I think watching people make art is really fun,
so I thought I’d give it a shot myself. If you like my work and want to see more,
feel free to subscribe, and also check out my Instagram,
where I post lots more art! That’s all I have to say today,
so I will see you in the next video.

4 thoughts on “STUDIO VLOG πŸ›  // Building a New Desk & Designing for a Non-Profit

  1. I've wanted to make a proper studio vlog for a very long time now, so I'm excited to finally share this with you all! What aspects of my work/life would you enjoy seeing in future vlogs? Let me know below! 🌟

    Time stamps:
    0:00 – Building my new IKEA desk
    2:09 – Planning & getting to work
    5:00 – Introducing my new non-profit client
    6:05 – Creating social media & web graphics (process work)
    9:48 – Meeting cats at the humane society
    11:06 – Project wrap-up

  2. i really enjoyed this!
    so neat to see what it’s like actually being a graphic designer!
    and that desk idea is genius! i might have to do that someday…
    also i aspire to one day have this many cats, cause cats is life πŸ™‚

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