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Hi there, welcome to today’s video where
at last I’m gonna take you around my little studio. It’s not the biggest room
in the world but I think I utilise the space that I have got fairly well so
yeah I think it might be of interest to a few of you out there, hopefully! For
once I’m not gonna be too concerned about any traffic noise going
on outside. To be honest I don’t tend to notice it myself
unless I’m filming. I’ve become a bit more conscious of it but anyway let me
go and take you around my studio. So, first up here is my clay desk which
you’ve no doubt seen loads of times on my videos already but just a bit of a
closer look, and I’ve a few boxes on the side just to keep kind of some clay
essentials. Some liquid fimo there and some tiny cookie cutters and over on
this side, just some sculpey tools – my acrylic roller, an old toothbrush, so
I like to keep the tools I use regularly pretty close to hand so yeah it kind of
all works for me. I use a Mac for all of my computer work which includes my
clay illustrations, posters, etc and here’s my tablet that I use for most
of my illustration work, and some photo editing work. I find it to be a lot
easier on the hands actually than using a mouse for, you know, all of your
computer work, so I thoroughly recommend one of these if you were in the market
for a beginner tablet. So, it probably makes sense to take you around my
shelving unit next so, yep, let’s go and take a look. So, if you haven’t guessed
already, here’s a couple of models of Ian and myself which are definitely in need
of remaking because they’re certainly a few years old now and my style’s changed
a little since then and moving on to these guys. These are all personal pieces
of work that I’ve made at one point or another and generally speaking, once I’ve
done with them, I add them to Etsy so if you’re taken with one, go and take a look
because it’s probably still there. Apart from Elton here because he’s
staying with me, and just some others here. I have to say I really like this
clown that I made and I’m certainly keen to to make a few more of these at some
point. And here’s some other old pieces It’s kind of like a lad’s room in
here and I was really pleased with this sculpt that I made for Sleaford Mods. Let’s see if I can get it out… there we go. I think you can see them now and it was
quite an adventurous piece because it was the first time I made a sofa so
it certainly took a fair amount of time. I’m sad to say there’s a little crack in
there now which isn’t a surprise, you know, it’s been built over some
cardboard boxes, so it’s not the most secure model in the world, but
nonetheless so I really enjoyed it. And just some books down here. I really love
art books and and the little characters here, you probably guessed, aren’t my
own because they’re a completely different style but aren’t they
beautiful? These are by a Japanese artist called Kazumi Okao and I’ll link
below to Gumi-Chan which is the little girl character here. And here we have our
trusty pasta roller which isn’t ideally situated on this IKEA unit but it’s
just been handy, I’ve just got used to it being here because my previous sculpey
machine didn’t have a big enough kind of C grip, or C clamp is it called, here so
yeah I just situated it here and I just kind of got used to it really, but it
doesn’t half make the whole unit shake sometimes when I’m using it. And
moving on, some more art books. I’ve got loads in another room as well
actually, I just really really like being surrounded by them.
And some old projects. Well, I say old project work, it’s actually still current
because it’s an ongoing project and I’ve got a few more of these to make. I’ve made a previous video on what these are so I won’t bore you
with them today, and some more books here. Just moving on, here’s some camera tripods. A yoga mat because you always need a yoga mats in your studio, don’t you? And
just some kind of art bits and bobs here some paints pencils etc and I think
below there are just some envelopes. What’s in here? Just some packing materials bunting. These are just old some cables, not very interesting. A few of my polymer
paintings which I’ve realised should probably go on my wall while they’re
waiting to be sold because it’s probably not the best advert having somebody
else’s work right next to me while I’m doing ‘to-camera’ pieces but yeah,
I’ll have a think about that. It’s so annoying wearing glasses because regardless
of where I move, there’s always a glare So yea, I’d say I’d try and kind of
avoid it but I don’t think I can really So on this shelf I’ve got some of my
polymer paintings and here’s the Mona Lisa. Can you see that alright? Maybe.
I really enjoy doing these. They take quite a long time to do those and I tend
to pop these on Etsy as well once they’re done if you’re interested at any point. Here’s a Velazquez. I think that’s how you pronounce it. And here’s Whistler’s Mother. Here’s Tina by JH Lynch and it’s a
little different to the others because it’s like a 60s and 70s kitsch print and I know we had this in our house while I was growing up and I don’t
doubt that a few others had as well. And lastly, here is the Laughing Cavalier so
probably one of the better known paintings but yeah pretty pleased with
that one that one. It’s super detailed actually it took a fair amount of
time to do. I think that’s it for polymer paintings. Oh, there’s just a few clay tattoos there as well. Just some random bits of cards in here
which I use generally for backgrounds etc for photographing work. That’s
an empty drawer. Ooh, I should be utilising that really. Umm, what else is there? I keep
meaning to use this Milliput clay. For some reason this stuff is really
expensive in the UK and I know it’s really cheap in the US so it’s really
frustrating. So that’s why I’ve kind of not started with it yet but I do need to do maybe a little experimental piece with some Milliput
at some point just some bits and bobs down here. There’s my scanner which is a
fairly bog-standard one, it’s one that everybody has I think, just a Canon. So, here’s one of my prop drawers and it has all sorts of stuff in here. As you’ll
see I really like these ‘Really Useful Boxes’. I’m sure they feature in a lot of
art studios out there because they’re just so handy, and there’s just some
little pieces of food etc that I’ve made in here. Here’s a mini Christmas tree
which will no doubt feature in my studio in the coming weeks. So in here, there’s some various boxes I’ve got, and in the first one here, I don’t know if you can see
particularly well, but there’s just some texture sheets which I’ve reviewed in a
separate video, some mica powders and in here, I won’t open it for obvious
reasons because there’s some teeny tiny little seed beads in there I don’t want
them to go everywhere, just some lace and some other little cut-out tools. It’s
always useful, just picking them up whenever I kind of see them around. *crash* What
was I saying about seed beads? Right, now those are picked up, let’s pack them away, and in here there’s just some
random bits and bobs. I used to do a fair amount of greetings cards but
I’ve just stopped doing them now because I really want to focus
on creating my own stuff really because I was, you know, doing
a lot of fan art really, which is great, you know we all do it, but I’m really
keen just to focus on some kind of more original stuff at some point. This flipping carpet is so disgusting. I
really hate it. It’s certainly not my choice but it was here when we moved in
and to be honest I’ve stamped so much polymer clay inadvertently into the
carpet that it’s really not worth changing it. Ian also uses his space
sometimes so there’s a load of stuff that’s related to his work so we won’t
delve into that today, and on top of my shelves some of the bits and bobs. There’s Morrissey in the bin and also some bits and bobs, pencils, brushes etc. And of course every studio has one of these don’t they? (laughs) Just some more paints and
some coloured pens which are really useful. I use these quite a lot actually
so I was pleased that I got the kit. So now we can look at the other side of the
studio which you’ll see where there isn’t actually a lot happening, and it’s
because of these blasted studio lamps because they take up so much space
and if you’ve got some you’ll know exactly what I mea. It’s a shame
that they can’t kind of be packaged down to nothing really but yeah, they’re
really cumbersome but I can’t be without them really, because they’re
so important for photography. There’s a couple of more drawers here full of
props and I do have some more props kicking around in the loft. You can never
have too many basically, but they’re quite handy spaces. Some old wedding cake
toppers down there, which I don’t tend to make anymore, so I might talk about that
in a different video. And here’s my trusty LightCase which is
really useful for photography for Etsy etc, and I may well do… I don’t know if
you can see it actually, because everything’s really white here isn’t it… but I might
do a review of the LightCase in a separate video because I think it’s a
nifty bit of kit. I’m having to jump around between camera settings so it
probably explains why it keeps going light and dark, so yeah, it’s just a bit
easier to kind of switch between the two just so you can see what I’m doing. So
this is basically how I store my clay, I tend to have kind of a top tier here of
different kinds of clay. I tend to work with Fimo Professional for most of
my stuff so that’s all kind of stored in here. I tend to use a
plastic bag just for each of my blocks of clay just so they’ll keep nice and
clean and beneath that box there’s another box here and that’s just for unused clay so there’s generally Fimo stuff kicking around, a few blocks
of Fimo Effects as well. So, yep, that keeps it all kind of
separate and clean. And this last box just contains a right loads of gubbins really, and yeah
there’s just all sorts in there as you can see, cookie cutters, bits of different
colored wire, clay. I never use Sculpey actually, I used it once and weirdly
I just couldn’t really get on with it but you know we all have our different preferences, it’s always a good thing. So, underneath my desk here I tend to
keep all my packing materials just all in one place.
Just packing peanuts there. I need to order some more actually and packing
boxes, and I just try and shove it under a blanket so, you know, I can just forget
about it really because it’s yeah a bit of an eyesore really. I should
probably mention my desk here because it’s in two parts really, this piece –
I won’t do it now – but you can roll it in and out really which is quite useful. This was from Ikea a good few years ago now but it’s served me well and my
other desk over here which I tend to use for just as a dumping space really but I’d
actually like to get a sit-stand desk in here at some point.
You can’t ever be too careful about your posture or your back so yeah
that’s certainly on the list at some point, and this is an essential for the
winter months. I have constant hot water bottles for my feet which is
always pretty nice and just some various backgrounds I’ve created here over the
years and I’ve kept just in case that I need them for anything else. I need
to probably create a few more of those. That’s pretty much my studio in a
nutshell, it’s not the biggest space as I’ve said, but you know, it’s it served me
well for the last few years and I just find it really relaxing space to work in.
A shame about the traffic noise, you know, but you can’t have
everything, and it’s just really nice to be able to work from home as well. So, I
think that’s it in terms of showing you around. There’s
not a lot else to see but I hope you enjoyed it.
I’ve found it quite interesting making more kind of vlog style footage for a
video, which has been really nice actually. I think it’s something that I’m
keen to do a little more off on my channel. I’m always really drawn to
watching other artists’ studio vlogs etc so yeah it’s something that I’d like to
incorporate little more off, in addition obviously to my creative process
videos tutorials, etc. I just think it’s more interesting to have more kind of
variety content than having a very kind of prescribed thing to do each
and every time, but you I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that
too, because you’re hopefully the folks that are watching it! So yeah I think that’s it for today. Thanks very much for watching. I’d be
really keen to hear what you think of my little working space and, yeah, I’ll see
you soon. Bye bye!

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