Studio Decoupage Under Glass Decoupage Gilding on Plate

Studio Decoupage Under Glass Decoupage Gilding on Plate

Calambour Rice Paper Botanical series DGR308 Clean your plate with rubbing alcohol Arrange the rice paper first Beacon fast finish decoupage glue the best for glass I glue the flat part first and cut rice paper so they don’t wrinkle Cut the rice paper on the edge on non flat surface If you don’t cut it will wrinkle Gesso the rice paper first to make it brighter from inside I am using old Kalit Lace Rice paper. They create beautifull texture Now apply Stamperia Gilding Glue When it dries, the glue will turn clear. Don’t stick paper or gold leaf when it’s wet I use glove to stick gold leaf Indonesia is very humid so I don’t want my sweaty hand to transfer oil or sweat to the gold leaf I only apply gold leaf on the lace paper . If you stick gold leaf on rice paper you can’t see it on the other side You can use the same glue to seal the gold leaf if you don’t have gilding varnish Don’t put this plate in dish washing machine Now we will paint so the background look nicer. wait at least one day for the sealer to completely dry Thanks for watching this easy tutorial

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  1. Hi I am in USA…can you pls tell me which decoupage glue…varnish…and gold leaf to use and where to buy

    I have modpodge

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