Studio Decoupage Tutorial with 3D Air Dry Clay and Americana Gel Stain

I am using a letterbox made from pinewood. It comes with natural grain motif Americana Gel Stain in Maple, Oak and Walnut Choose whichever gel stain you like I prefer to apply directly to surface. Minimize paint waste WIth long stroke, drag the brush to the end Using and old rag we will wipe gel stain excess I splattered some stain using Maple stain Dry with heat gun or you can leave it aside for a while Drag with rag to remove excess Repeat the same process as before on other surface area I am using Calambour Rice Paper Sun Flower in PAU09 If air dry clay is not new, you need to warm it by kneading it in your hand otherwise it will break Am using acyrillic roller because it will not make the clay stick Using Americana Matte Decoupage Glue to adhere the rice paper to the clay I am quite lazy, so I just use Tim Holtz non stick scissors to cut. Its a very nice scissors I am gessoing the back of rice paper because this will go for the background layer. I gesso so the color will not dissolve with dark background I am coloring the stem of the flowers so the white won’t shown Now I am applying Glue Gun to the back of the Clayed Sun Flower. When dries glue gun doesn’t absorb inside the clay Thus creating a nice lifted volume for the sun flower Lay the sunflower and overlap. This will create more natural composition I am using Cadence Welcome Stencil MU52 Using Americana New Premium Texture Medium with palette knife Using Americana High Gloss Varnish to create shine Using Americana Twinkle Writer in Crystal

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