Studio Decoupage Shabby Decoupage Box with Gilding Technique

Studio Decoupage Shabby Decoupage Box with Gilding Technique

Gesso the surface of your MDF first and let dry I am cutting them into vertical strip Mark the circumference every 2 cm wide Soak the sponge first so they expand. Then squeeze out all the water Pull out the sponge gently I am using two color . You can use three if you want, but I feel sponge is best with more than 1 color Pat gently on circular direction I am coloring on every other rows I am applying Stamperia Gilding Glue . When the glue dry it will become clear, however very sticky While waiting for glue to dry, I dry brush the pink stripe with white paint for shabby effect I am using Decoupage Glue to adhere the rice paper I live in very humid climate that’s why I am using tweezer so my fingers don’t touch the gilding leaf I am mixing the paint with Heavy Body Paste from Stamperia I am using Prima IOD Mould number 2 to make the focal point I am coloring the mold with same Cherish Chalky Finish I am applying Americana Satin Varnish to protect the paint For the gilding leaves I use special Gilding Varnish from Fimo Stamperia Metallic Wax in Gold for a little dramatic effect on the mold Just use your fingertips, the wax last for many many projects Dab a little bid on the dried paste Sorry no more music but u can aplly the gold wax to some other area

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  1. This is such a detailed video and you've demonstrated it so beautifully! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I loved it

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