Straw Nail Art! 6 Creative Nail Art Designs Using a Straw

Straw Nail Art! 6 Creative Nail Art Designs Using a Straw

Today we’re making six gorgeous nail art designs
using a straw! Who would have thought that a straw can work as a great nail art tool?
Here I will show you six adorable and simple designs so grab some straws and let’s begin.
Straws are primarily meant for drinking, but today we’re going to use them for something
else. No, No, No I’ll prove you that you can create many great nail art designs with a
help of a straw. I made five and a bonus one, so if you’re interested how – keep on watching.
Nail care comes first, so protect your nails by applying a base coat. Sometimes I even
apply two layers of base coat to avoid staining. Especially, when I am using darker colors.
This time one layer is enough since I will apply two coats of white polish on all the
nails. OK, now on to the fun part, time to color up these nails!
For our first design we’re making gorgeous palm trees in a sunset. You need a sponge
to create a sunset effect. Apply a stripe of red, then orange and lastly yellow polish.
I applied more yellow compared to the other two colors, as yellow is the lightest and
it could easily get overwhelmed by the two darker shades. Dab the sponge on the nail
to get a lovely gradient! If you don’t get the opaque result in the first try, just wait
for the polish to dry and then apply another layer with the sponge. Now it’s time to take
your straw! Make two cuts along the straw, so that its end splits in two pieces. Then
cut one piece away and you’re left with a great nail art tool, which will help you create
perfect shapes. Dip the end into black polish and make prints on the nail to get palm tree
leaves. I am making one bigger and one baby palm tree. For this one, just cut away a bit
more of the straw circle, leaving about one third. Finally, cut the straw so that you
only have about two millimeters of the circle left. Dip it in black and make a trunk. If
you look at the palm tree trunk closely you will see that it’s not smooth, and this is
exactly the effect that you will get when drawing a line with a straw. Just looking
at this design makes me so excited for summer! In the end apply a layer of the fast drying
top coat to bring the design together and add some shine. I love how warm and beautiful
it looks. Makes me want to go to some beautiful tropical island right now.
Next, we are making an adorable smiley design. This yellow color pops so much more with a
white base under, but you just skip the white if you don’t need it. Cut your straw, leaving
just a couple of millimeters long edge peeking out. Dip it into the polish and dot two little
parallel lines next to each other for the eyes. Now we need to give this buddy a big
happy smile. Cut the straw leaving half of the circle, dip it in the nail polish and
make a print below the eyes. And we have a perfect smiley! I will make another happy
face below. This design works great as an accent nail or you can make all your nails
smile. Each time you will look at your hands, you’ll be reminded that there’s something
to smile about every day. To finish off apply a generous amount of a fast drying top coat.
I think this design is so cute yet so quick and easy to make!
Another easy nail art you can make using a straw is a circle design. I am first applying
two layers of green. Same as with the yellow one, this green polish looks so much better
on top of the white. See how bright it looks!? To make perfect circles with the straw, dip
one end into the polish. I find it the best to roll the straw edge in the polish like
this. Since my background is bright, I am making circles in two darker colors. It seemed
impossible to make perfect circles on the nails before. Using a straw, they are actually
very easy and quick to make. If you dip the straw vertically straight in the polish, sometimes
a bubble of the polish will form inside the straw and you won’t get a perfect circle when
you make a print on the nail. So it is better to roll a straw at less-than-90-degree angle.
This way you get perfect circles, see? When you are happy with the design, apply a top
coat to finish off. I love how I can play with different colors of circles and create
unique designs every time. Next is a colorful geometric design, which
kind of reminds me of school. Draw a wide red stripe across the upper part of your nail.
Then make a parallel green stripe across the bottom part. You can use a nail polish brush
like me or a striper if you have it. Inside these colored stripes draw some exes using
a straw. Cut away about two thirds of the straw circle, so you have one third left.
Dip your straw in some black polish and then make two lines, one on top of another. You
can also make more than two colorful lines with exes for even more exciting look. When
you’re satisfied with your work of art, apply a layer of a fast drying top coat to add some
shine and protection. I love how bright this design is. It really pops out because of the
contrasting colors. This next design must be my favorite! We are
making fluffy pom-poms! Cut the straw so that you have approximately one third of the circle
left. Dip it into corally orange polish and then start making a cute pom pom shape. Straw
will give you precise lines of same size that no striper can. So just keep making stripe
prints to form a fluffy ball of wool. My next pom pom is bright green. Don’t put too much
polish on the straw when you’re making prints. If you do, you may get a big blob on the nail
instead of a precise stripe. Next is the red and finally a minty green pom pom in the upper
corner. To make the pom poms look like they are dancing in the air I am drawing small
pieces of wool around each pom pom. So just make a few orange tiny particles around the
orange pom pom, some green ones around the green one, and so on. In the end apply a layer
of the fast drying top coat to seal in your masterpiece. This design looks so happy, bright
and fluffy! Absolutely cute and adorable. And as a gift I’ll show you another, very
simple and fun straw splatter nail art design. Dip the end of the straw in the polish, place
the straw slightly above the nail and then blow through the straw. Blow as many times
as you want to get interesting splatters all over the nail. I am using three different
colors for a funky result. Remove the tape, apply a top coat and you’re done. I used this
funky design as an accent on my ring finger, but you can manicure all you nails in this
way. Pretty amazing how handy a straw can be in
nail art, don’t you think? Please tell me in the comments which design is your favorite
and I hope you will give this cool technique a try. Please give this video some love if
you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome nail art designs.

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