Sticky Atmospheric Watercolor

Sticky Atmospheric Watercolor

Hey everybody! In today’s tutorial I’m
going to do something I call sticky atmospheric watercolor. I love the look
of atmospheric watercolor – the way the edges of images sort of fade out into
the paper and I came up with a really neat technique for how to get that look.
Today I’ll be using the technique with the Stitched Leaves mini kit by Gina K.
Designs which is stunning! You can use it for fall and all year! It has these
beautiful leaf images that have little stitching marks on them and of course it
comes with these stunning dies. The word dies are just spectacular as you will
see. So to start the technique I’m using my
favorite Fabriano cold press watercolor paper. I use the 5×7 pads and I
just cut each sheet in half for my card fronts. I’m inking the solid leaf images up in Versamark and I really squealed when
I thought of this technique! You have to push pretty hard on those leaves you’ll
see me actually kind of moving my table a little bit because I’m doing CPR – but
when you do this you’ll be able to see the Versamark making contact with the
paper through that clear stamp and so you’ll know you’re getting good
Versamark coverage because that’s kind of hard to do on watercolor paper. So once I have the images in Versamark
I’m going to take the Paper Artsy Infusions watercolor powder and sprinkle
it over the Versamarked images. So if you think about the way you normally use
embossing powder – I thought you know what? I can use powdered watercolor the same
way and what I was hoping would happen was I would get the watercolor in the
shape of this stamp that I was using because the powder would adhere to that
Versamark, and it worked so beautifully that I made like ten cards after I did
this! But what you want to do is shake off the excess powder and then make sure
you have enough, and I didn’t have enough over here. There is a balance – I did make
a few where I had too much powder on there and those just kind of turned into
a mess. You just basically want to barely be able to see the outline of the image
like you can here. You can pat it down a little bit with your finger or
spread it out, I’m using Rusty car, Golden Sands, Slime
and Terracotta here and these are beautiful colors together. So just thump the extra off and if you
need to just get a little bit off with your finger – a little extra – you can. Now here’s the magic – take your mister and lightly mist and watch the images
appear and the more you mist, the more you’ll get the atmospheric effect at the
edges of the images where the color wanders on to the card and gives you
sort of a grunge 90s look. You can add more water and
you get some fun effects that way as well, I wanted it to sort of keep it
shape because I will be stamping the layering images on top of these but it’s
a really beautiful technique just for doing what I’m doing here, which is
making a beautiful sort of abstract image from a crisp solid stamp image. So the top layer of these stamps are
these delicate stitched images that I will just place on top of the leaves and
I will put those in my Misti, but you can see how the image there’s a
little bleed out underneath it that’s going to look so cool
in contrast with that really precise line of those top images. Now as I watched this video I was
thinking why did you take so much time to line these up when the edges are kind
of fuzzy anyway but old habits die hard so
I just tried to get him as as perfect as I could but you really don’t need to
worry about that, that’s just muscle memory happening to me there. 🙂
That second one shifted a little bit which is completely fine. Now I like to
just rub my finger over it a little bit – you will find with Infusions they have
that walnut stain in them and sometimes you can have a little crystal left on
the paper and I just wanted that to kind of be out of the way when I was stamping
butyou don’t have to do that. I’m using versafine just because i
need kind of a thicker bodied ink to get down into the texture of the watercolor
paper, and I’m doing a lot of CPR here.
CPR stamping is when you smash on the lid of your Misti like you are saving
someone’s life – it’s completely unnecessary most of the time so I don’t
encourage it but I was trying to really smash down into my my paper here. My
Misti is used to to getting revived all the time 🙂 So to stamp the last leaf I’m going to
need to move the cardstock up to the top corner of my mini Misti
because that leaf is actually hanging off the edge – you won’t be able to see
the stem of that one and the papers warped just a
teeny-weeny bit at the bottom but once you have your stamp stuck on the lid it
doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll probably have to over stamp
this one a couple of times as well just to get it nice and crisp
and then I’ll be able to show you how you can also do this in a really cool
springy color scheme and get a full year’s worth of cards out of what you would consider to be a fall image in the set.
So take a look at that – you can see some colors separating – that beautiful pink
and the green and the golds are just beautiful – it looks like upstate New York
to me. I added the dies here you can see the lavender and blue combination that I
did in the list of colors is below this video as well as on my blog. Thanks so
much for watching!

30 thoughts on “Sticky Atmospheric Watercolor

  1. Absolutely amazing technique!!! I'm new to watercolor power so it was really interesting to watch it. And I love your use of the term CPR stamping! Love you!!!

  2. You are a GENIUS!!! I love this technique and am eager to give this a whirl with my powdered watercolors. Beautiful card – thanks for such a great video. XOXOX

  3. These cards are absolutely gorgeous, Lydia and I love the different color combinations. Thanks so much for the inspiration and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ~HUGS~

  4. Gorgeous cards, Lydia! Thanks so much for sharing this technique with us!
    Keeping you and your fellow Texans in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  5. OMG!!! These are beyond beautiful! I'm a huge fan of abstract art! I had seen incredible pictures like this, but I didn't know it was called atmospheric! I've learned so much in this few minute video! I can't wait to try this technique! I'm so excited! Thank you, thank you for sharing your creativity, knowledge and talent! You've made me an instant fan!

  6. Wow!!! That is fabulous! I'm going to try this. I got some colorburst powders and so far all I made was mud. Lol. I decided to wait and try it again later. Of couse, I'm totally in love with the lavender one. I have many of the gina k colors. I'm going to lurk around your blog and find out if that is lulu lavender cardstock. Lol. Hugs, treen.

  7. Gorgeous! Love the lavender and blue one with the white embossing. Thank you for sharing with us. This technique looks fun. =)

  8. I can use my Brusho for this-how wonderful. Was sorta at a loss with them, except for backgrounds. Love this card!!! & Gina's stamp set! Glad to find your blog-thanks!

  9. Lydia, would Brushos work as well for this technique? LOVE this card and the purplish-blue one, and the kit looks awesome!! 🙂

  10. You always do such interesting videos and this one's particularly interesting – beautiful effects. I'm not familiar with the Paper Artsy Infusions, but do you think you could do the same thing with Ken Oliver's Color Burst or similar?

  11. Your cards are stunning and so unique from anything I've seen before. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, Lydia!

  12. I had wondered if this technique would work and glad to see it does! Lovely card. Glad I found you, having watched the gel print master board, which was excellent.

  13. Beautiful. I have brusho I guess I can use them for this effect. Do you have a tutorial for the second card you show at the end? How did you do the background? Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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