Stickley Arts and Crafts Are Classics

Stickley Arts and Crafts Are Classics

I’m a renovation contractor in London, Ontario,
and a lot of what we like to do is the Arts and Crafts Style, changing homes to an Arts
and Crafts Style. People are not really aware of it, people like it when they see it, but
they don’t really know what it’s all about until they actually get an opportunity to
experience it. And living in a couple of Arts and Crafts homes, prior to the home that we
are in now, we have now renovated an 1923 home, and it’s made in 1923 Arts and Crafts
[style], so we’ve changed everything to make it Arts and Crafts. Now with that, has
to come furniture. So we have now got seven pieces of Stickley furniture that we have
purchased new for our home. It just absolutely fits perfectly in an Arts and Crafts style.
Manderley Manor has been great; as far as dealing with them they’ve been very accommodating,
they remember us when we come back here, which I’m really quite amazed — but the product
is just what we’re looking for, it’s consistent. Being a contractor, I have a lot of clients;
I have sent people to Manderley Manor in order to purchase furniture for their own home.
People are always looking for that unique item, and they [at Manderley Manor] do have
it, yet it’s also very classic — it’s something that will never go out of style.
And that’s what I’m always trying to promote for my clients: purchase the things that are
more Period that you’ll always be able to use.

7 thoughts on “Stickley Arts and Crafts Are Classics

  1. I can say that you have a wonderful furniture designs here, I like the designs and the quality as well.

  2. It's a good idea that you made your designs classics, it will definitely fit to our traditional house design.

  3. What's the name of this guy's business? I tried to look up "London Ontario" "Renovation Contractor" and "Arts & Crafts" but all I got were links to phone book listing of a 1980's store that sold craft supplies, I think. What stores in British Columbia specialize in Arts&crafts decor? Are there any interior designers in BC who specialize in A&C?

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