hello guys good morning and welcome to a
studio vlog I have a different foundation on today and it’s a lot
darker than I think it needs to be sorry about that but today I am going to do
some more things for my print shop so what have I got on my list actually I want to
make some stickers I need to print some stickers for the packages let me show
you so I was testing out one of the packages and I have these little
stickers here that just say soul and fire on it’s just the logo and I want to print
out a bunch of those so I’ve got them ready I’m just gonna use my little
brother label printer actually let’s put you up here so yeah I ordered the
test prints for the prints and they should be arriving tomorrow fingers
crossed I hope they do so when they arrive tomorrow I will be doing some
more product photography which I actually really enjoyed so I’ll be doing
more flat lays like I did in I think it was the last studio vlog I’m not sure
and then I need to add the photos from that to my website oh I also want to
film an Instagram TV today whilst I make a little postcard thing so you know when
you order something a lot of the time you get a little card to say thank you
like thanks for shopping with us here’s our website etc etc I want to make that
little card so I have some kind of light colored paper and I’m gonna print on it
in just black ink I’m gonna make them myself because the paper is recycled so
I’m going to be kind of like eco-friendly so I’m gonna use the
recycled paper and then make little postcards to include in the orders oh my
god as well look what I got yesterday so I thought I could send out some little
like press packets to my friends I thought right let’s do some little press
boxes for my pals because obviously a lot of brands do that and I thought it’d
be nice little way to get some exposure I just think it’s gonna be fun to make
them up so I have these boxes here which are like super thin they are made to like
fit through your letterbox and they’re like made to the Royal
Mail’s specifications I ordered I didn’t want this many but this is the least
they will ship in a package so I ended up with a hundred flat pack
versions of that box I struggled to make the box yesterday – my mom’s, ow just whacked myself in the face to my mom’s amusement but um I wanted to use these
specifically because these are I’ll just read it 100% biodegradable 100% percent
sustainable 100% recyclable plastic free using eco-friendly ink so
yeah I want to make sure that everything I’m doing is eco-friendly and
sustainable so that’s why I ordered these and that’s why I could only get
them in a hundred literally look at this box sorry about the noise by the way the
neighbors are doing some work of some sort yeah I now have this huge box in
my office full of like flat packed boxes I don’t have anywhere to put it
it’s literally look at the size of it compared to my Alex drawers so it’s
wider and longer than my Alex drawers and I don’t have anywhere for it to go so
it’s just staying there at the minute but to go in there is I’ve ordered some
tissue paper and I obviously wanted to do those stickers because I want to
stick the tissue paper down with those and what else did I order
oh I ordered some tape I’ve sourced some like eco-friendly tape and yeah so now
all I’m really waiting for is the prints to arrive tomorrow and then I can update
the website and then I think I can actually release everything for
pre-order so the plan is to kind of release everything for pre-order so I
can get an idea of which print’s the most popular which ones people want how many
people need you know rather than ordering like hundreds of every print –
then end it with like extra stock that I’m not going to sell because obviously
I want to stay eco-friendly I only want to order it in when I need to why are
they drilling but for now I’m gonna set up this Instagram TV I’ve never filmed
one before so I’m not really sure what to do but I figure I just turned my
camera around to like this way so I’m gonna do that I’ll put you on a
time-lapse so you can see what I’m up to and hopefully this drilling stops soon
it’s very inconvenient all right I have just filmed the
Instagram TV which will already be on my Instagram if you haven’t already seen it
but I’ve just made these and I’m so happy with them so I hand kind of wrote
out this quote and I test printed it on this old card you can see it’s yellow
because it’s old it’s like thinner card so I test printed it on those and then
actually printed it on the recycled card that I got for Soul & fire and yeah I
love this I think it’s so cute like something simple that is a little bit
extra like it’s the thank you card but also is an extra print as well so what
I’m gonna do I’ve ordered a stamp for the back where I can just stamp on it
that it says soul and fire and then the website and then if I do want to write
something on it I can but yeah I actually really really like that bit of
context this is actually my favorite quote so it says be fearless in the
pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and that is where the name for my shop
came from rather than soul on fire it’s soul and fire so yeah this is why I’ve
written this quote on the thank-you card and that’s also why soul on fire is
called what it is because it’s been my favorite quote for ages and for those of
you that have been here for a while you’ll know that the be fearless bit on the top
line is on my original merch and on my hoodies and stuff so this quote is where
all that came from so I thought it was quite a nice little nod to that but yeah
I’m gonna take an Instagram photo now I think because I have a feeling that
Instagram TV is gonna choose a cover photo
for the video and I don’t really want it to be of nothing so I’m gonna move my
tripod and try and take an Instagram photo of me kind of mid doing this I
actually really enjoy doing it all I’m well happy with this I’ve tried to
write this quote out so many times and it just never seemed to look right
but this one I’m happy with I’ve decided I’m gonna order a guillotine
like a little a full sized guillotine thing they’re like seven pound on Amazon
I wonder if they could do same-day delivery that would be very helpful
alright I’m sat right next to my printer and I’m gonna feed the card into
the printer to print more of those little note cards because I know it
won’t be able to take many of them before it spits them back out or breaks
so I’m gonna have to sit here and kind of mind it as it prints all right I
don’t know how but we managed to get this many sheets of it so I see I feel
like I’d printed out like maybe 30 sheets and every 10 sheets it seemed to
get stuck so I’ve stopped for now actually might pin 1 on my wall bit of
shameless self promo I put these up earlier to film the Instagram TV I
actually really like how they look here so maybe I’ll add this one I’m actually
back on a chair my back is killing from sitting on the floor doing that I don’t
know how long I was doing it but it felt a long time I’m now gonna print the
stickers and all I need to do is plug in my little printer so this is the label
printer I have I’ll link it in the description if you would like to check
it out and I just have the USB kind of looped behind
wait that’s not the USB this is the USB I’ve already plugged it in in it at the
moment ists loaded with circle sticker paper and if I go into the
little app that comes with which is this there is my design and all I’m gonna do
is how many 100 there’s a thousand on the label thing so let’s do 100 you know
when you go to the arcade and wind loads of tickets that’s what this feels like some washi tape to stop it from
unraveling there we go pretty sure I mentioned it earlier but
I’ve ordered like a stamp of this so I can stamp it on the back of the prints
and the photos not the photos and the thank you
slip basically it’s gonna be effectively like one of these like a rubber stamp
that is custom made I do have all this equipment that is able to make stamps as
you can see I’ve made a Bee before and like different shapes and stuff I did a
lot of this kind of thing for uni but I have never done writing and I know it
won’t look right so I’ve ordered them hopefully they will arrive by I think
like Wednesday next week which is what date is Wednesday Wednesday is the 11th I’m
thinking I could release the shop like open the shop officially on the
Friday so this coming Friday for you guys let me just work out it’s Friday
the 13th am I superstitious enough to not do
that I don’t know but yeah I think by like Wednesday next week
I will have I will have my shop pretty much set up and going for now because
I’m back on my desk thank God cause my back’s still sore I am just looking at
my to-do list I use Evernote or all of my lists and stuff that I do for like
either YouTube video brand work planning my soul and fire stuff so I have a to do folder for Soul & Fire let’s just have a
look this is my list I’ve just done print circle stickers I did write make
and print recycle stickers but I’ve ordered a stamp so that so I don’t need
those anymore make thank-you card yes yes I need to cut thank-you card but
I need to do that with a guillotine so thank-you card I can do that tomorrow
and then order new prints but I’ve got to wait until the pre-orders have done
so I’m gonna just get rid of that because I don’t need to do that yeah I
suppose I could do the welcome email so if you click on my soul on fire website
right now it’s just a bit of like a placement placeholder page but if you
put your email address in there it adds you to my customer base and then once I
have setup this email you can get welcome emails or you will get a welcome
email that has a 10% discount code so if you’re interested in shopping with us
/ me you can head over to the website now put your email in there and
then you’ll get a welcome email with a discount code on it and I’ll just keep
that set up if you’re watching this vlog at a later date you can put your email
address in on the website and you’ll still get the discount code because I’m
just going to keep that running and also if you sign up you will be the first to know
when the website goes live because I’m gonna send a hooray we’re live email too
so yeah don’t worry I won’t spam you because it takes time and a lot of
thought to create emails and they’re not my strongpoint I feel like in the future
I would like to get someone in to help me do that but for now it’s just me so
yeah there’s not many emails that will be going out at all because I find them
really hard to do alright let’s create this welcome email woa why’s it gone so dark I’ve spent some
time creating this little welcome email thing so if you have subscribed up to
the Soul and Fire email list you will hopefully get that soon if you haven’t
yet but yeah I think that’s todays day of work done tomorrow I’m going to cut
those thank-you cards up and hopefully I’m going to take those flatlay
images well I’m actually going to cut this into two separate vlogs because I
feel like I’ve bubbled on a lot so watch this space for the next studio vlog I
hope you enjoyed this if you got to the very end let me know down in the
comments below where your favorite place to shop it is currently mine is actually
depop I’m very much enjoying shopping for second-hand clothes and I feel like
I should do a haul soon but yeah thanks for watching the video and I’ll see you
soon for another one

14 thoughts on “STICKERS, NEW DESIGNS & A BIG DELIVERY | Studio Vlog

  1. Love your vlogs so much alice. My Nanny dog recently pass away and she really upset over it cause juke (his name ) was her best friend like my heart broken when Nanny told me 💔. I'm starting back at uni on Wednesday execited about it but nervous . Any tips for 2nd year tv and media production student?.

  2. I'd love a depop haul! Obviously my favourite place to shop is primark- especially rn as their wintery stuff is back in. Bought so many boots recently oops

  3. Hey Alice, I love your videos. Just a quick question, what paper would you recommend to use for the prints? Keep up the good work because you inspire me a lot.

  4. We have the same printer as you they are so bad I had to go to my friends at 10pm the night before my 7 1/2 hour practical chef exam to print off my recipes because mine failed 😂😫

  5. take your flat pack boxes out the box and store them vertically down the side of your wardrobe/drawers so you can easily just side a few out when you need to! great video as always gal xx

  6. Hey Alice! Love your videos. I was wondering if at some point you could uploead a behind the scenes of how to set up your own online shop? Like how the whole discount code, listing, and all of that stuff goes, and if you use squarespace or if you make the website from scratch. Thanks!

  7. This vlog made me realise where you got the inspiration for your brand name from!! I love these studio vlogs so much, they make me so motivated and I just love watching them! My favourite place to shop atm is probably Monki, but I’m trying to go more sustainable and would love to see a secondhand haul!

  8. Please make more of these videos!! So useful and also motivational. I’m starting uni on Monday doing interior design and honestly want to start up a shop!!! Love the style of them too 🤩 keep it up xxx

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