Stencils: Paint your own Wallpaper with Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY wall decor.

Stencils: Paint your own Wallpaper with Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY wall decor.

hi I’m Janna and I’m Greg from cutting
edge stencils today we’re going to show you how to create the look of designer
wallpaper using our innovative wall pattern kits it’s so easy anybody can do
it here’s what you’ll need your cutting edge stencil a dense foam roller with
rounded ends a stencil brush latex or acrylic paints large styrofoam plates
low-tech painters tape and paper towels this wall pattern stencil kit includes
three stencils that are applied in layers. Position stencil one from your
kit on the wall and tape it to the surface with a few pieces of low-tack
blue painters tape. Now pour some acrylic or latex paint onto a foam plate. Load
your foam roller by rolling it into the paint a few times until it absorbs most
or all of it Now blot off the excess paint on a
folded paper towel by rolling it back and forth a couple of times.
There should be no visible paint on the roller surface. It should look almost dry.
You can use any water-based paint for stenciling but, crafts acrylics or flat
house paint seem to work best. Roll the stencil with your roller using light to
medium pressure. Make sure the stencil has even paint coverage before removing
it unless you want a faded antique look. Now remove the stencil. Continue
stenciling by repositioning stencil one until all walls are done. Don’t worry
about perfect placement. Our wall pattern kits are designed in such a way so
placement by eye produces great results. You can step back and take a look at
your wall. 10-15 feet away is really a great place for you to stand to
evaluate your placement. If you’re a little bit unsure, rip a little piece of
blue tape. Place them on the wall where you want to do your stencil. Look at it, I
like the placement, I like the spacing. Then as you come up to do your stencil,
remove the blue tape, you’re ready to go. Now you’re ready to stencil the next
design. Stencil number two we recommend a separate foam roller for each color
using the photo included with the kit as reference. Place stencil number two by
eye and repeat the stenciling process until all walls are done.
Now repeat the process for stencil number three until your wall pattern is
complete. To get that real wallpaper look you should have your pattern naturally
cut off at the ceiling and floor. Start by taping off the edge with your
painters tape. Position your stencil so it overlaps the edge. Secure it with tape
and roll it right into the crease. You want to get all the detail of the crease
so use a stencil brush with a little paint and a dabbing motion. Remove the
stencil and complete your second and third layers. The forgiving placement
that these kits allow makes it almost impossible to make a mistake when you
remove the last layer and all of the blue tape you’ll see that it has a great
natural look try experimenting by creating your own patterns and color
combinations by using various elements from our wall pattern kits. These
beautiful wall pattern kits work great for accent walls and as an all over room
finish. Cutting Edge Stencils it’s beautiful made easy.

7 thoughts on “Stencils: Paint your own Wallpaper with Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY wall decor.

  1. Lovely !!! 👏👏👏👏 planning to so some stencil by myself in kitchen … Let's c how it goes … I am excited 😄. Thanks for the video !

  2. mam i am fascinated by ur designs
    but mam i am from India and how can i get these pretty designs of stencils and from where ?

  3. Cutting Edge Stencils has the BEST, high-quality stencils that can be used on any surface! Check out all of our easy to use stencils here:

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