STEM: Structures Paper Table (Design Squad) Activity Overview

STEM: Structures Paper Table (Design Squad) Activity Overview

[♪ music ♪]
[Click 2 Science pd] [STEM: Structures
Paper Table (Design Squad)]>>We’re going to try
to build a table with the newspaper
and the masking tape.>>In this activity,
youth explore some of the challenges
engineers face relating to creating structures as they build a table
out of newspaper that must hold weight. Watch as they test and re-test
their original design and reflect on the processes.>>OK, you guys have five minutes. So we are going to test
our structures. OK. Let’s see.
It’s kind of standing up. OK. How are we going to
make the legs stronger?>>We could put more newspaper.>>More newspaper All right.
So let’s try to rework our tables.>>Here’s our trial number two. Very good. OK. So the story book, yes. The chapter book, yes.>>Yes!
>>Oh my goodness! And a dictionary, yes! Ohh! Very good.>>That was really close.
>>That was very close. Eliza, can you come up
and lead our debrief, please?>>How does the shape
of the structure affect the strength
of the structure?>>The square has the sides,
and it has, like, a thing—>>Elevation.
>>Yeah. It’s kind of equal. And the triangle and the circle,
it’s like that, and if you put it like that,
it’s going to go like a scale; and a circle, it’s going to roll around. [♪ music ♪]
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Paper Table (Design Squad)] [Click2SciencePD]
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