STAR WARS PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES – WARRANTY | Tie Fighter

STAR WARS PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES – WARRANTY | Tie Fighter

Hi everyone,
Thank you very much for supporting all of my channels. To celebrate my 50 thousand subscribers.
I decided to create a new, special paper airplane just for you, and I got inspiration from Star
Wars movie. Finally, I came up with the Tie Fighter. I believe that you have see a similar
model to this plane somewhere else because I am not the first one who try to create the
Tie Fighter. However, if you go through the tutorial, you will see the differences between
this plane and other planes. And this paper plane flies very well indoor, so why not start
now! To to make Tie Fighter, you need a (sheet of ) regular printing paper. You can use U.S
letter size or A4 paper. Either o the papers will be fine for this model. Now let’s start!
First step, I will fold the paper in half. Next unfold the paper. Now let’s fold the
paper in half again. Start from the top edge, fold to the bottom edge. Now, I will flip
the paper over, and fold the paper in half. Now, lets turn the paper this way. On the
following step, I will fold the paper in half one more time. Next, you can see that I have
2 parts of the paper. I will open that pocket, and you can see the edge on the top! I’ll
will match it to the crease on the bottom. Then repeat the same fold for the opposite
side. Fold this layer to a side, and repeat the same fold. Open the pocket, push the top
edge down, and now fold this layer to the left side. Next step, I start from the tip,
fold it to the bottom edge. Now, unfold this triangle shape. Start from the tip, fold it
to the crease we just made, and now fold the whole part on the top down. Next fold the
paper in half. make sure that all edges are lined up. Now, estimate about 1/2in along
this edge, and same thing for this side. This is very simple. Keep in mind that when you
fold the wings down ( or you fold this part of the paper down) the paper might be shipped
a little bit, but it is Ok. It is not a very big deal. And I repeat the same fold for the
other side. It is easier if I put the paper down, and I will match this edge to the edge
on the other side. And now, I am going to create the stabilizers for all of the wings.
basically, we have 4 wings. 1 wing on the top, 1 wing on the bottom, and same thing
for the other side. I will estimate about 1/2 in from this corner along this edge, and
I will fold this side of the wing toward the center crease (or toward the center). Now,
you will fold the same thing for the other side of the wing. To make it easy, just fold
the paper like this, and make sure all of the wings are lined up. And repeat the same
fold for the other wings. I fold this part first, and just fold it down. Same thing for
the other wing. Now you can unfold (open) the wings. Unfold the stabilizers. Pull the
stabilizers of the other side out. And here you go! This is the Tie Fighter. Before you
throw the plane, make sure that you create the elevators to help the plane fly well.
Very simple! Just pinch the end of the wing up — same thing for the other side to make
the pinch elevators for both side. When you finish that part, you can throw the plane,
but make sure that you hold the plane at the right place. Let’s feel it. Feel the top and
bottom. You can feel that the center of the plane right here. Hold it at the center of
the plane, and throw it lightly. Do not throw it too hard. You need to learn how to throw
the plane first before you can actually fly it. Your fist throw might not be successful.
The plane might crash down quickly, but when you learn the (right) angle of the plane,
it will fly very well. Keep in mind that you need to throw it at an appropriate power,
too. If you throw it to hard the plane will crash. If you throw with to light the plane
will not fly at all. And if the plane flies well for you, why not give the video a thumb
up. Share the tutorial with your friends, and subscribe to my channel. Make sure that
you subscribe to my other channel, too, the Paper Artland channel. It is specialized on
origami and nothing else. And finally, thank you for watching and see you next time. Bye

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