STANDING PAPER CRANE – ENGLISH – Amazing Paper Sculptor!

STANDING PAPER CRANE – ENGLISH – Amazing Paper Sculptor!

This is a wonderful standing 3D paper crane
you can make and enjoy the peace and calm that it symbolizes. You just need an A4 sheet
of paper. Print it out from our website or from the link below this video. Fold it from
the middle and cut along the solid lines. Cranes are amazing birds, traditionally a
symbol of luck in japan. They were popularized as peace symbols by the story of Sadako. Sadako
died as the result of the atomic bomb that exploded above Hiroshima. In her last illness
she started folding paper cranes. this story was made famous by the book Sadako and the
Thousand paper cranes. Cranes are also intriguing because some of the species like the Siberian
crane can travel more than 2500 kms to escape the winters of Siberia. Unfortunately, the
human wars have also destroyed their path and there is no more Siberian crane in India
now. Now once we’ve cut across the solid lines, fold the neck of this crane along the line
made by the wings. Fold it on both sides, open the crane, fold the neck back and then
bring it back in front and the amazing bird is almost ready to stand. Fold the wings and
now take the scissor and put in the middle of the legs and push it a little bit. This
will turn the legs at an angle and make the model stand. Fold a little bit of paper at
the base, cut along the middle and fold these on the same sides and this makes the stand
of the crane. Fold the little wings so that they can flap, make the eyes and the wonderful
peaceful crane is ready. You can fold thousands of these cranes, just like Sadako did inspired
by Japanese saying that one who folded a thousand paper cranes was always granted a wish. So
enjoy the book and fold the crane.

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  1. Best video! I love that you added a story. You might consider doing this again. Explaining the principal the way the scientist discovered it as well!

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