Stampin’ Up! Gourd Goodness + Painted Autumn Designer Series Paper

Stampin’ Up! Gourd Goodness + Painted Autumn Designer Series Paper

hey guys it’s Kara from
thanks for joining me today today I have this absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving
thankful card to show you I wish y’all could see it in person it is just it is
probably one of the prettiest cards I have ever made and I have to give credit
to I don’t know her name I’ll have to find it but she’s a Stampin Up
demonstrator in Canada I saw this on Pinterest and I more or less cased it
but it is just stunning the dimension I don’t know if y’all will be able to lips
there we go the dimension on this card is amazing and but it’s just absolutely
beautiful and it’s just so pretty it’s using the Gourd Goodness stamp set that
you can find in our holiday catalog it’s on page 50 along with the Painted
Autumn Designer Series Paper collection that you can page that you can find on
page 49 this is part of the Painted Autumn Suite. this paper is just stunning
I think I’ll have to get another package before before Thanksgiving but I wanted
to show you how I made this this is just a note card size card so it’s a five and
a half three and a half by five and here’s all the supplies that you will
need to make this so here’s the Gourd Goodness stamp set on the inks the the
nature do they call that the Touches of Nature Elements so I’ll have all this
posted on my blog along with the pdf instruction sheet so for any reason if
you if I go too fast you can always refer to today’s blog post and you can
find all the information there so why don’t we get started and I really hope
you enjoy this card as much as I did making it
alright so I’ve got everything that we’re going to need right here in my
little packet so the first thing that I’ve done is I have cut a piece of early
espresso cardstock seven inches by five and we’re going to score this at three
and a half and I’m using our Simply Scored Scoring
Tool so three and a half and when we do that that makes our note card size card
so we can fold this and furnish the score line with our bone folder the next
thing I’ve done is cut a piece of the painted autumn designer series paper
this measures three and three quarters by four and seven eighths and I just
wanted just a tiny little border showing of the Early Espresso so it’s just gonna
look like that so we can go ahead and attach that with some SNAIL and this
collection is one of the papers that’s on sale so during the month of October
when you purchase three of these select designer series paper
collections that are on sale you can get one free so this is one of them alright
so the next thing that I’ve done is cut another piece of the designer series
paper in the same collection so this is the Early Espresso and Very Vanilla
chevron pattern you can see that’s what it looks like on the back I’ve cut this
an inch wide and three and three-eighths inches long it matches perfectly the
same width of this designer series paper we’re gonna use this in just a second
but why don’t we go ahead and do our stamping at this off to the side the two
colors that you will need for today’s project is Tangerine Tango and Garden
Green and I’m pulling these colors from the designer series paper you’re also
going to need the following stamps you’re going to need this stamp right
here and then really whichever of the tops that you prefer I went with this
little short guy right here and then we’re going to use the why thank you
as our sentiment so got these already up on blocks and I wanted to show you I do
recommend using our Stampin Pierce mat this image I wanted to show you the
impression that I got the first time that I stamped this when I was making my
sample card I was just doing some experimenting and this is what it looked
like when I stamped at the very first time and I’m not sure if it’s gonna come
across on video but it’s very splotchy and not it’s not unusual with
photopolymer stamps these stamps is sometimes you know especially with this
almost like a solid image like this house like a clear coating on it
so what I like to do is to take an eraser I just used my well first all I
cleaned it and then I just use this an adhesive remover and I just ran over it
quite a few times and then washed it or cleaned it again and then I was able to
get a better impression with with this with this card so if you ever have
issues with your photopolymer stamps kind of being spotted like that
give that little tip a try and I’m almost a hundred percent positive that
your results will be satisfactory all right so I’m inking this up he’s in
tangerine tango I’m gonna stamp this again that was a little it’s a little
splotchy err than I was expecting so I went ahead and cleaned my stamp really
well and let’s see if we get a better impression this time okay that’s a lot
better okay so now I’m going to do the stems and I’ve chosen to stamp them in
garden green and I’m just going to come right above the pumpkin the pumpkins I
should say and with the photopolymer I was able to stamp those perfectly okay
so weird oh and you know what let’s go ahead and stamp our sentiment and both
of these are just scratched pieces of very vanilla card stock I just keep it
like a little been laying around so I just grabbed scraps for stuff like this
okay and then we’re gonna stamp the white thank you and garden green and I’m
just gonna cut this out by hand okay just in a thin strip I’m also gonna do
some fussy cutting and you’re gonna wonder what am i up to I did actually
cut it a card yesterday and again today but this is actually really easy you
know images like this or you know fairly easy to cut out most important thing is
to have a sharp pair of scissors I like to use our paper snips and when you
fussy cut the most that the other important thing to do is to turn the
paper and not the scissors if you turn the paper and keep the scissors still
for the most part you should get good results so let me go ahead and cut this
out and then we’ll move on to the next step okay I try my best to keep the border
somewhat even you can see some of the borders are a little bit thicker so you
can always go back and you know kind of make them even if that doesn’t bother
you then maybe this step you can just eliminate but I’m gonna try to make it
even all the way around I think that’s good I’m not gonna do anymore I may mess
it up and then this I’m just gonna cut it out just with my scissors just
straight on I just want this to be a thin banner or not a banner but just a
thin little piece so like so and it looks like I need a
straighten this up just a tad there we go okay and I’m just gonna use
a mini glue dot to adhere this on to the pumpkin and this just kind of hangs over
just a little bit or hangs off I should say something like that okay all right
now the next item that we’re going to do is I have taken the five-eighths inch
burlap ribbon which you can also find in our holiday catalog it’s in this painted
autumn sweet as well it’s right here on page 49 what I’ve done let’s see how
long is this this is about seven inches long and what I’m going to do is fold it
like this to make like a little ruffle and I know we no longer have our
handheld stapler but that’s what I used to staple the ribbon together so if you
don’t have this just use a regular stapler and I think you should be good
so the way I did this is I cut on both ends at an angle and I’m just gonna fold
it over and each of these is gonna look different so I’m just folding it over
and I’m stapling it kind of at the top and I’m just gonna come and do this
again and I think you know as I do this more I’m getting a little bit better
about it so you can kind of see like here how I did it this one I think it’s
going to be spaced a little bit better just because I’m more familiar with what
I’m doing it’s really easy because this ribbon is
really easy to work with okay and then one last time or actually you know what
I think I’m just let me do one let me see if I can do like a really small one
there we go now this is going to make the card a
little bulky so that’s where the card kind of gets its bulk from but don’t be
afraid of that because it really really really makes it pretty okay and so we
can kind of manipulate this ribbon because it’s you know as you can see it
kind of curls up but I’m gonna I want to make it straight and you can use tear
and tape adhesive if you’d like I’m going to use our multi-purpose liquid
glue so you do have to let it dry and I’m gonna put quite a bit down here
because I really want it to grab and so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let it
sit you know probably for a good you know 10-15 minutes but this should
really let it set up and the other thing I’m going to do to make sure that this
doesn’t move around is I’m gonna put quite a few acrylic blocks on top of
this so just put something heavy down on it where it will set up and then like I
said you know probably for a good 10 15 minutes and then we’ll come back and
finish the card alright so that should be plenty of time so it may still be a
little bit wet but we can move forward so what we’re gonna do next is we’re
gonna build up this piece of designer series paper because this is bulky we
don’t want to just attach it here because this will be kind of floppy so
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use our foam adhesive strips and I’m just going
to put adhesive on both sides and then just at the top and I found this to be
an ideal adhesive for this just because I feel like this is just so it just
gives the the strip just a really nice base you can use your stampin
dimensionals but like I said I just really like how this just gives it it
can you know just a really strong base like all the way across
makes sense I don’t know I kind of feel like I’m rambling okay and then just one
more piece okay so now what we can do is just go
and take off the backing and this should be about the same height as the ribbon
and we’re just going to come in here and kind of hide you know try to hide the
the staples if the staples show it’s it’s okay so it’s gonna look something
like that make sure it’s straight across that
looks good okay and then what we’re going to do next is we’re going to use
the touches of nature element and I’m going to use this piece right here and
you can see how it’s you know it really pretty wood stain on the front but on
the back it’s white and so that’s the color that’s what I want to show and I’m
gonna go ahead and use our multi-purpose glue again and I’m just gonna put a
couple of dots just on a few places because this is gonna kind of hang off
and I’m gonna put it about right there and see I move this over just a tad and
with the glue being wet you’re able to move this around and the glue does dry
clear which is nice okay that looks about right okay the next thing you’re
gonna do is just give one of our delicate white doilies um I have you
know very rarely do I use an entire one or entire doily so I always like keep
the little scraps and so this is perfect so I’m just going to cut off just this
little part of it and I’m going to use some snail and then I’m going to attach
the doily at the bottom and this just gives this piece just a little bit of
interest so I’m going to line it up on my grid mat and then just come in here
and just grab it just like so okay and then
that’s just gonna go right about there but what we need to do next is we need
to build up this part of the die-cut or this part of the pumpkin and again you
can use the foam adhesive strips but for this I find it easier to use stampin
dimensionals so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put three layers of
dimensionals so two more on top of right here and that should be high enough to
be at the same height as this part of our card so like I said at the beginning
it is a quite dimensional card but it is so pretty I hope I would love to know if
y’all try this and tell me what you think because I just that just the color
combination is just everything about this card is just so pretty in person
and I hope that it translates on video okay so you can see how thick that is so
let me make sure that’s if that looks good and now what I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna put a little bit of glue right here just to make sure that this
doesn’t move just because this cart is so thick I just don’t want it to have
the possibility of they’ve fallen apart okay and there we have it
it is all done so let me bring in my first cards that you can see it’s you
know each card is gonna be a little bit different especially with the ribbon the
little ruffles that you make and how you position everything but just stunning I
this this just makes me so happy I just love the chocolate brown the early
espresso color the garden green the tangerine tango everything about it just
makes me so happy so again that was using the gourd goodness stamp set from
our holiday catalog along with the painted autumn designer series paper and
like I said this is part of our buy three get one free of paper sale that’s
going on all month long alright guys well I hope you liked today’s project if
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youtube channel alright guys if you have any questions over any of the items that
I use today please feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to
answer your questions thanks guys have a great day bye

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  1. Very Nice Kara I will try this card I was looking for a great Idea for holiday cards. I am just starting mi fall cards but see know fall lol thank you. Starbright Homemade cards.

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